8 Video Promotion Ideas To Help Your Videos Standout From The Crowd

Creating good video content with exciting footage and good editing is only one half of the story. Getting the video out to the targeted audience is the other half. Uploading the video online will not make it an instant hit as there are millions of videos. To make your video standout from the rest, you need to have a good promotional strategy.

8 Promotional Tips for Video Content

1. Make a video collaboration

Working together with friends is always an exciting time. Invite friends with their own channels and social media following to work together. Choose content that interests both of you so that you can make a great video. You can promote the video together on your channels and social media accounts. Tag each other in the video and encourage your followers/subscribers to watch and share. 

These video collabs are a great way to rein in more viewers as they generate curiosity. Work with each other’s teams during the collaboration and get everyone on board to promote the video. Get established influencers to promote your video for an added reach.

2. Promo Video

Creating hype and building excitement among the viewers is the goal of a promo video. A promo video features a few important shots that highlight the video. A well edited promo or trailer helps to create a buzz for the video. Filmmakers usually opt for this kind of promotion for their movies. This is a very successful model of video promotion, when done in the right way. 

For a professional trailer, use a good promo video maker to make things easy. Choose a video maker that has built-in templates and lots of editing options to get the best result. There are many video makers available online that you can make your promo video on. Choose the best promo video maker after comparing features that each one offers.

3. Social Media

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter support videos. These popular social media sites offer many options for uploading and sharing videos. You can upload your video on all your social media accounts for better promotion. This will help you to reach out to a wider audience as your contacts can share/like with others. Post the video on your social media instead of a link to YouTube. 

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This will encourage visitors to watch the video without leaving the page. Also make sure that you create a Share option for your viewers. This will allow them to share the video on their feed and/or with others in their network. You can also promote your video on social media by using the Live Video option. This is a great feature that allows the video creator and viewers to interact with each other live.

4. SEO

Using the right SEO for your video content is crucial for its promotion. Having the right video footage is not the only thing you should look out for. Choose the right keywords for your video content and include them in the description. Follow the trending topics and try to create keywords that work best for your video. 

Create the right #hashtags after making sure that they relate to the video content. Use the same keywords and #hashtags when posting the video across all social media. This will help to direct more views to your video. Using the keywords when transcribing helps the video to pop up on SERP.

5. YouTube

Most creators neglect YouTube as they feel uploading on social media is enough. But, this is not the right approach as they lose out on a valuable opportunity by doing so. YouTube is the most popular site for posting videos, with millions of subscribers. An easy way to make your video a success is to post it in your YouTube channel. 

This will allow your existing subscribers to see and share the video with their contacts. To promote the video, create a link and share it with your contacts, send emails and post it on your social media. You can engage your subscribers by going Live and promoting your video.

6. Contacts List

To make your video standout from the rest, you have to reach a wider audience. Tapping into personal contacts is a great way to promote your video to a wider audience. Shoot an email to your contacts and send them your video to get their feedback. If your video content appeals to them, then they will share it with their network. In this way, your video will gain popularity among your contacts, and they will promote it for you.

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7. Advertise

Posting an advertisement online is great for promoting your video. The promo video or trailer can be used as an advertisement to grab eyeballs. You can advertise your video on social media sites, YouTube and even Google. For a successful promotion, make sure that you select the right platform. Your advertisement should reach your intended audience to get the desired result. You can also reach out to your network and advertise your video on their blogs/channels. 

This will allow you to tap in to their subscribers and promote your video to them. There are different types of ad formats that you can choose from. It is ideal to choose the ad format depending on your video content and audience. Most ad campaigns on Google and YouTube levy charges based on the number of views. This system makes these ad campaigns affordable for all.

8. Contests

Promotional contests and giveaways have been a marketing trick for ages. This well tested formula works well online too as you can use it for video promotion. There are many ways in which you can engage your audience and run a successful contest. With a good contest, you can get your followers to promote your video by sharing it within their network.

An attractive giveaway at the end of the contest works like a charm in such contests. These kinds of promotional contests attract a lot of new followers on the lookout for new content. Promotional contests that have a clear CTA give the desired result to the creator. Video creators should hold up their end of the bargain after the contest ends. Winners and participants of the contest will turn into loyal subscribers. Free promotion and increased subscriber base are hallmarks of a good contest strategy.


There is no set formula to make your video a raging hit among the audience. Choose good content and promote your videos with a lot of patience to get the desired result.