Legal “Doping” to Boost Your Brain Activity Before Exams

Description: How to find legal “doping” to boost your brain activity before exams? Here are the key tricks to help you improve your skills and pass your exams.

Exams are a real nightmare for many students. The fact is that stress and fear of the unknown negatively affect the psyche of many people. Some students even think that exams are part of a worldwide conspiracy and groundless process of violence against people. At the same time, most fears are just personal phobias that have nothing to do with reality.

However, people often try to protect themselves from problems and find a “magic pill” to remember all the exams’ topics, terms, and aspects. But is there legal doping to boost your brain activity before exams? Unfortunately, you won’t take your medicine and become the smartest student in college. At the same time, several options will help you worry less.


Chocolate is the perfect doping for students, as even a couple of bites will help you get a serotonin boost. Choose dark chocolate because it allows you to activate the thought process and concentrate on topics better. However, you should not eat a lot of chocolate, as this product is very high in calories. Buy one bar and eat it before you start studying for your exams. But no one prevents you from repeating the same trick during tests or other activities. Think of it as a way to quickly calm down and get positive emotions.

Fish and Seafood

The main problem of students is the increased level of cortisol (hormone of fear) before exams. To quickly concentrate on the educational process and remember all the important information, you need a lot of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. That is why you should eat more fish and seafood. Buy fish steaks, squid, or octopus and boil them. Such doping is ideal for blocking the production of cortisol and will help you increase your concentration and mental activity.

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The Placebo Effect

Sometimes the placebo effect is the perfect way to deal with stress and one of the few ways to boost your brain activity. Let’s say you have some ritual, product, or hobby that helps you adapt to the educational process more easily and quickly. There is nothing wrong with using self-hypnosis as a source of benefit. Listen to music, eat your favorite foods, do weird student rituals, or take your vitamins.

Some freshmen think that vitamin C is a legal brain booster. If you believe in such legends, you can eat a couple of capsules. They usually resemble classic medicines but are orange in color. In addition, they are harmless in small doses. As you can see, any activity aimed at self-hypnosis can become legal doping for you.

At the same time, you must understand that all tricks with a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe, or gold coins in your pocket are just a placebo. Good grades and constant self-monitoring is a more effective way to reduce exam anxiety. Do not forget that you should write your assignments well to reduce risks and count on the loyalty of professors. That is why you can use the so-called “order essay” option. Delegate your papers to a reliable writing service if you’re not sure you can handle all the requirements. You do not need to look for a magic pill to become mega smart. Fast assistance with the most troublesome assignments is just one click away and everyone can use it. So, there is no more need to feel exhausted because of the enormous workload and pull an all-nighter because there is a perfect option to use. Moreover, such a decision will help you not only boost your brain activity but help you reach a balance. 

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Interval Sleep During the Day

And here is another life hack that will help you boost your brain and prepare better for exams. The fact is that the human brain reacts to sleep like computers to restart the operating system. There is a so-called “reset option,” and your brain thinks you have had enough sleep and are ready for a new day. The main problem of most first-year students is the lack of self-discipline, inattention during classes, and the inability to meet deadlines.

Even delegating papers is more far-sighted and strategically correct than searching for vitamins, drugs, and stimulants. Unfortunately, students are not immediately aware that the educational process is closely related to self-discipline. That is why you should start by controlling your every move and not rely solely on any “boosters.”

Final Words

All of the above options are a legal way to calm down and concentrate on the educational process. But do not forget that only a diligent student can achieve excellent results. No pill will make you a genius, so find a quiet place and prepare for your exams ahead of time. Show responsibility and complete all assignments so as not to worry about trifles. And do not forget that self-motivation is the most important doping that always works.