Mckinney Jewelry Guide: How to tell if a Diamond is real?

Before buying a diamond it will be wise to know How to tell if a diamond is real?: Tests you can do right now. As a buyer getting familiar even with the basics of the diamonds can help get a good quality diamond. Checking on authentic diamonds for sale in Mc Kinney, TX requires knowledge and effort with Mckinney Jewelry guide. 

Tips for how to know your diamond is real 

Using the Fog Test On the Diamond 

Make sure that your diamonds are clean, place the diamond near your mouth, and fog it up with your breath. Observe if it clears in 1 to 2 seconds then your diamond is legit, but if the fog stays longer then it is sad to say your diamond is fake. Diamonds can disperse heat immediately so it is impossible for the fig to stay long. 

Test Your Diamond Using Water

Prepare a glass full of water. Drop your diamond in the water, if it sinks then it’s real. If it floats on the surface then it’s not a real diamond. The high density of the diamond makes it sink in the water. 

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Check Diamonds Using Magnifying Glass

With the use of magnifying glass, you can check on the inclusions of the diamond. If you can not see any inclusions then it’s probably fake. Since diamonds without inclusions are rare and hard to find. Most diamonds come with inclusions, so if you can find a flawless one it’s either fake or you have one rare one. 

Use Black Light to Check Your Diamond 

Turn off all the lights then put your diamond under a UV light. Observe the reactions. Most diamonds would reveal a blue-colors glow under UV light. But if you see slight green, gray, or yellow fluorescence then that means the gem is not a diamond. 

Use a Loupe to test your Diamond  

Jewelers use a magnification device called a loupe. Using loupe can make it possible to check on the smaller details of the diamond. Imperfections and inclusions can be checked using loupe. If you don’t have one there are online stores that sell them. 

Use the Scratch test on your Diamond

Scratching your diamond in a mirror can determine if it’s real. If the stone didn’t get scratches then it’s probably real. However, take note that other gems can also be scratch-resistant such as moissanite or cubic zirconia.  

Check your Diamond’s Transparency- Mckinney Jewelry 

Before starting the test make sure your diamond is clean. Place the flat side of the diamond in a newspaper with many letterings. The lighting should be bright enough and have no shadows. If you can read the letters then your gem is fake. Since diamonds should refract lights in multiple directions which makes it hard for you to see through the letters through the diamond. 

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Use Fire To test your Diamonds 

Putting your diamond under fire using a lighter then dropping it in cold water can determine if it’s real or not. If the diamonds are shattered to pieces then it’s fake, real diamonds will not break when subject to heat then exposed to low temperature. Since diamonds are formed with intense pressure and heat then they can withstand hot temperatures. 

Check the Sparkle of Your Diamond- Mckinney Jewelry

Sparkle test is done by holding it under a lamp, if the stone has white light bouncing off then your gem is real. Plus diamonds reflect fire or a beautiful colored display. 

Test your Diamond Using A Scale 

Fake diamonds usually weigh more than real ones. So for his test, you will be needing two stones with the san carat and shape. Then weigh them, the lighter one is the real diamond. 

Having knowledge on How to tell if a diamond is real?: Tests you can do right now can assist you in determining if the diamond you bought is real. (modafinil online uae) Apart from the tests, it will also be wise to buy from a legit jewelry shop and diamond should always come with a certificate as proof that it is authentic. As a buyer always deals with registered stores to avoid getting fake ones. Know your diamond quality factors so it will be advantageous to you when you shop for diamonds. Plus you can easily negotiate for the best offer.