5 Factors to Consider Before Producing Your Swimsuit Line

Summer is getting near, and for sure many of us are already anticipating the joys of summer. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of warmth while enjoying the seawater from the beach or splashing around the pool. Another thing that people anticipate most is the type of swimwear they’ll use. Will it be trendy, a little bit cheeky, or focused on comfort? Let’s say you have enough knowledge of the masses’ needs to start your swimsuit business, plus you’ve got impressive designs; but you’re still doubtful if you’ve prepared enough to produce your brand. Worry not, we’ve got your back! Here’s a list of factors you need to consider to ensure you’ve covered all your bases before you open your swimsuit line!

Know Your Audience and Marketing Strategy on Swimsuit Line

Though the enthusiasm of actually planning and designing your swimsuit line is far more thrilling than the nitty-gritty business plan work, many start-up entrepreneurs underestimate the value of market strategy planning and financial budgeting.

You might reason, “yes, I know all of these, so let’s skip”. Think again. Knowing better the capability of your target audience, the financial requirements, and all other stuff about manufacturing, marketing, and effectively selling is the key to substantiating your full effort and hard work. 

It goes like this, studying your target market will give you a better understanding of how to design and improve your swimsuits. With these results, you can provide precise measurements and other specifications to your potential manufacturer. For example, are you going for polyester blends? How about the weight and chlorine resistance of the material? There are some queries you need to ask to define the parameters of your brand requirements.

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Be an Expert First Before You Start Spending for Your Business

Another thing you need to consider is the expenses that will incur involving the production stage of your swimwear line. The price per garment can shoot up depending on the design and customer requirements. Also, expect to receive a high unit cost if your swimwear line has zippers, frills, zips, clasps, studs, and decorative trims.

To work in this part, you need to have a sound financial plan in order to see your CADs (computer-aided design) come to life. This will range from your bathing suit designs, sizes and quantities to product goals, retailing section, and macro assumptions about the size of the market, growth rates, and the likes, which will help you create a sound budget plan for the number of projected years.

If you have sufficient skill and experience in the apparel industry, you certainly have a general idea about the expenditures involved. This will help you get a better deal in terms of finding the ideal business partner to produce swimwear lines.

All in all, estimating your finances is a continuous process. There will be instances where you need to make slight tweaks to emergencies that may arise as you find out how to get your brand into your target markets. Still, don’t forget the importance of having a base foundation that will help you discern the hows of the business you are planning to launch.

Get Your Tech Pack Ready

As an upcoming swimsuit vendor, You need to know that a swimwear tech pack is a non-negotiable requirement that will help you generate your designer swimsuits. It will serve as your and your manufacturer’s go-to document and will use it as a reference once the production starts.

A tech pack is an absolute requirement to the fashion industry since it contains all the technical data about your product. This is essential to avoid poor design finish and delays in production because of unclear specifications. So if you fail to provide this fundamental information, your chosen manufacturer might just refuse to work with you.

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Know Where to Look and Who to Ask

The next thing to regard is to find the perfect manufacturing partner for your brand. You need to decide first where you want to go ahead with your enterprise. Do you plan to have a local partner or go overseas? In order to come up with a solid decision, make a list of pros and cons. Then land on a resolution based on your expectations and specifications.

Whichever your decision is, be sure to have your tech pack a piece of detailed information about each design’s fabric and material use. The more specific features you listed, the more effective your communication will be to your swimwear manufacturer.

Have Precise Production Schedule and Quantity

Outsourcing your garment versus making your custom line can significantly limit your time to improve margins. So, while you get everything ready to hunt down the best manufacturer who will make all your dreams come true, be sure you have a solid idea of your required timelines and quantities.

For example, if you’re designing season-specific swimsuits or trendy ones, make sure you better grasp the timeline from ideation throughout the execution and production of your swimsuit line. 

More than that, estimate how much you plan to sell. The price of your bathing suits is affected by such factors as target market capacities and market fluctuations. Getting to know how much to produce will help you understand your total costs and have clear expectations when you reach out to swimwear manufacturers and suppliers.


The hardest part for a start-up is to achieve consistency and stability of operation. One contributing factor in having a successful and sustainable swimwear business is getting a reliable manufacturer that can do justice to your designs and will stay through thick and thin. We wish you good luck with your company!