How To Become A Licensed Lash Tech

You might think becoming a beautician requires knowledge and mastery of cosmetic skills alone. That’s mostly true, but most people would rather have their beauty treatments done by a certified professional. 

Eyelash extensions are one of those aesthetic improvements popular among women. The process is not the same as attaching false lashes, and it’s not as simple. So much so that a licensed eyelash technician has to do the job. 

If you’re already an experienced esthetician or someone who’d like a career shift into cosmetics, getting a lash tech license can give you a boost. Read on to find out how the process of getting certified works and what you can learn in training.

Check Your State’s Licensing Requirements

Getting a certification for particular jobs, like those in the beauty industry, isn’t required in some states. But to be safe from lawsuits and to gain customer trust, it’s wise to check your state’s laws first.

Becoming a licensed lash tech is beneficial if you want to build a professional career in cosmetics. So, if your state laws require a license, it’s time to get one soon.

Research Other Requirements

There may be a prerequisite to getting licensed as a lash technician. Check if your state needs you to have a license in cosmetology first before becoming a certified lash tech. After completing your lash tech course, you’ll also have to take a license examination.

Ensuring you have all the complete requirements will prevent you from encountering unexpected problems along the way.

Enroll In An Accredited Course

Keep in mind not every beauty school will provide programs the same as the others. Search for reputable schools near you offering accredited eyelash extension courses. This is so you get the most out of their high-quality training. You can check if the school is credible if their graduates are legitimate beauty technicians serving in trusted salons. You may even ask local certified lash techs where they got their license.

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Since cosmetology courses might not be as cutthroat as regular college majors, you can expect to finish in a few months. However, this might depend on the courses you take. You may need to complete a specific number of training hours to ensure you receive your professional license.

What You Will Learn

The school you choose may offer classes different from other beauty schools. But their lash tech certification program should include the following:

  • Anatomy of eyelashes
  • Tools and products for lash extensions and how to use them
  • Lash extension, curling, and volumizing techniques
  • Eye shape and size assessment
  • Lash extension types and styles
  • Lash health preservation
  • Health and sanitation regulations
  • Proper aftercare for the client

Learning these lessons during training will help your future clients get the lashes of their dreams. They may also avoid acquiring possible side effects from extensions by untrained beauticians.

beautician requires knowledge

Take The License Exam

After completing your courses, you’ll need to take an exam to make it official. Your state should have a Board of Cosmetology where your skills and knowledge can be evaluated. You could also continue your education afterward to expand your mastery and provide better services for your clients.

Getting Clients

When you have a license in lash tech, you could include this in your resume and your official profile for employers to see. Potential clients may also find your credentials online when looking for nearby professional beauticians.

If you’re already employed, your employer may hang your certificate in the salon to confirm your credibility. Show your customers your newfound skills in beautifying their lashes. They’re likely to spread your excellent work to their friends or anyone they know looking for an eyelash technician.

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Benefits Of A Lash Tech Certification

Besides having proof of your profession, becoming a licensed lash tech may help you avoid lawsuits like people claiming that you’re not certified. A license may also separate you from the hundreds of beauticians and eyelash technicians on the radar of clients in your area.

Being a licensed lash tech has financial benefits, too. Depending on how long you’ve been working with certification, you could earn around USD$800 per month. That will also depend on how many eyelashes extension services you do per day. That doesn’t include the tips you could receive yet. You could earn more if you have your salon, but a significant percentage of your earnings may go to your inventory and renting space.

That said, a certification may allow you to set up your salon. Having your own beauty business allows you to control your work schedule. You can work for as many hours as you wish while providing high-quality and longer lashes your customers will love.

In Conclusion

Most people prefer to have cosmetic improvements done by licensed experts. That’s why if you want clients to keep coming back to you for your lash extension services, receiving certification for it should be at the top of your list. The credibility and enjoyment that come with a lash tech license and satisfied customers are things you’ll take for the rest of your growing career.