The Best Famous Sunset Paintings to Warm Your Day

Sunsets are one of those majestic views that leave people stunned. Yet, they give the eyes a soothing and serene feeling as the evening settles. Inspired by such beautiful sunsets, artists of all generations tried their hands-on crafting of such impactful sunsets.- Famous Sunset Paintings 

Famous sunset paintings are believed to narrate detailed art, glorious landscapes, seascapes with the pop of colors. For many renowned artists, sunsets were the metaphor to display their artistic candor towards life. 

To celebrate such beautiful sunsets, we will be having a closer look at some of the famous sunset paintings in art history through this segment. From Claude Monet to Vincent Van Gogh, there is a prolific sunset landscape to cherish by legendary artists. (

San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk by Claude Monet

In 1908, Claude Monet painted this beautiful oil on canvas called the Sunset in Venice. Presently, the painting is owned by the National Museum Cardiff, the national art gallery of Wales. The original oil on canvas reproduction measures 65.2 cm by 92.4 cm, which is quite a substantial size. 

San Giorgio is an outstanding example of Claude Monet’s artworks. Unfortunately, the creatives of this seascape were practiced when Monet began losing his eyesight due to gray cataracts. But, that was hardly anything that could stop an artist like him from creating a masterpiece like San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk. 

He used vivid blue, bright yellow, and fierce red to personify the sunset. The masterpiece was painted in Venice when he and Alice, his wife, traveled by their chauffeur-driven car. Their stay was at two places, first Palazzo Barbaro and later at the Hotel Britannia. In these places of travel, Monet brought to life this enchanting sunset artwork.

Willows At Sunset by Vincent Van Gogh

Another masterpiece by Vincent Van Gogh is the highly beautiful Willows at Sunset. Made with oil paints, it depicts pollarded willows in the blaring sun. He translates the life symbols through this artwork, which were taught to him by his brother Theo. If you look at the painting carefully, it seems unfinished and vibrates as if painted in a hurry or with great speed. 

The artist depicts the sunset as dark and gives a sinister feeling as the willows’ spiky branches show resemblance with the smooth arch of the sun. The focal point of the painting remains the beaming and glowing sun, carefully drawn to illustrate details at its best. The surrounding willows and grass around the sun represent careless and unfinished brushstrokes. 

The willow symbolizes the effects of time and environment occurring parallel. These also narrate a perspective of unity and strength to withstand climate extremes and gazing sun. Also, there is a message for everyone inside the painting. It profoundly resonates that there is a bright future for us. It could be deciphered that there are hardships and unfavorable circumstances, but a beautiful ending like this sunset- waits for everyone.

The House of Parliament Sunset by Claude Monet

In 1903, Oscar Claude Monet painted the everlasting sunset beauty through oil mediums on a canvas measuring 81.3 cm by 92.5 cm. The House of Parliament is a series of paintings of the Palace of Westminster. The sunset canvas offers us an atmospheric image of the time when the day comes to an end. 

The masterpiece is ethereal and ghostly in its appearance. The sky and water of the Thames are brushstrokes in bright purple and orange tones. The painting today lies in the National Art Gallery Washington D.C. 

His other three famous artworks of the series- Charing Cross Bridge, Waterloo Bridge, and the House of Parliament comprise 95 canvases. He keenly observed and rendered urban landscapes to achieve these three themed paintings. He painted each setting, his iconic Lilly gardens, haystacks, pastoral landscapes, and sunsets repeatedly to achieve perfection in light and ambiance. 

His brushwork finessed with mark-marking and rich color palettes with particularities helped him deliver a masterpiece like The House of Parliament Sunset. It is one of the most famous sunset paintings in art history.

Sunset at Eragny by Pissarro 

In this ironic sunset by Pissarro, he captures the local landscape surrounding him. He keeps trees as the main focus of this particular piece. He showcases a moment soon disappearing- the Sunset! Inspired by Monet’s sunset, the artist painted an empathetic sky occupying two-thirds of the painting. 

The incredible sunset has vibrancy and is filled with elemental artistic touches. There are two rows of trees, one which is set backward and divided into four groups arranged horizontally across the surface. And behind the trees lies a sloping ground directing towards the sky on a low horizon.

Sunset at Eragny comes from Impressionist-style paintings and methods derived from parallel brushstroke techniques. It is also a work with the Pointillism technique to obtain a more natural approach by applying small and distinct dots in varied patterns to form imagery replicating the sunset scene.

The Bottom Line

All the famous sunset paintings mentioned in the article above are synonyms of beauty and grace in their way. They are oil on canvas compositions that perfectly fit to light up your mood and match your art interests. You can buy these reproductions online through various art selling collecting websites with authentic use of colors and canvas.

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