5 Best Places in Bedugul Bali You Must Visit!

Bedugul is one of the regencies in Bali, which is very well known as a tourist destination for local and international travellers. The main attraction offered by this area is its very beautiful natural panorama.

Besides the natural scenery, one of the famous tourist sites in Bedugul is Ulun Danu Bratan Temple or better known as the Water Temple. But the Bedugul tourist site is not only that. There are still many recreational areas that must be visited. (Xanax)

 Here are 5 Must-Visit Attractions When in Bedugul.

Bedugul has various beautiful tourist attractions besides Ulun Danu Bratan Temple, which has become an icon. Therefore, this article will provide another reference when travelling to Bedugul. Here are more details!

1. Bali Botanical Gardens

Not only Bogor and Purwodadi, but Bali also has a botanical garden as a suitable place for recreation with family and friends. The Bali Botanical Gardens offers a sensation of comfort when travelling in open spaces. The cool air, various colourful flowers and neat garden arrangements make visitors feel at home. In addition, while at the Bali Botanical Gardens, visitors can also do Treetop activities which are quite challenging. However, visitors will be charged an additional fee per person in the Treetop activity.

2. Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake is located near Buyan Lake, where both views of the lake can be seen from the side of the Pancasari highway. The location of Tamblingan lake, which is in the highlands and surrounded by tropical forests, makes it have fresh air and is often covered with fog. This tourist attraction is perfect for visitors who like adventure tours such as downhill, hiking, or camping by the lake.

 3. Beratan Bedugul Lake

Beratan Bedugul Lake is the lake where the famous Ulun Danu Bratan Temple is located. Not many tourists know that many exciting activities can be done in this lake other than visiting the temple. While at Lake Beratan, visitors can rent a boat from local fishermen and circle the lake with friends or family. This is a very fun and relaxing activity. In addition to boat rides, visitors can also fish in the lake. Instead of renting, it turns out that visitors can also bring their own fishing rods.

 4. Candi Kuning Traditional Market

It feels incomplete if you don’t buy souvenirs from the locals on vacation. Candi Kuning Market is located at the Bali Botanical Gardens and provides a variety of fresh fruits from the Bedugul area. Like other traditional markets, visitors can bargain politely until both parties agree on the right price.

5. Warung Nyoman Bedugul

When you are tired of travelling around interesting places, set aside time to fill your energy by tasting the local cuisine. Indonesia foods is rich in flavour. When in Bedugul, stop by Warung Nyoman Bedugul and enjoy a variety of Balinese specialities available there. Ayam Betutu is the main menu which is highly recommended when visiting Warung Nyoman Bedugul. But there are also other menus such as fried rice, fried chicken and even chicken soup.

 Those are 5 tourist objects for reference when visiting Bedugul, besides Ulun Danu Bratan Temple. Prepare all the necessities carefully so that it becomes an unforgettable trip. Happy holiday!

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