Best Laundry Practices for Sensitive Skin

Several people are suffering from skin irritation and sensitivity. A few do not know yet that laundry can be one of the culprits of skin irritation or sensitivity. Some laundry detergents have irritants or allergens that cause the skin to itch, dry, or become red. That’s why laundry experts and dermatologists recommend practicing a few laundry tips and Best Laundry Practices for sensitive skin.

Only Use Small Portions of Laundry Detergent

You can find on every laundry product a recommended amount. You should only use the right amount for the laundry load size. Test different amounts of laundry until it does not make your skin itchy and dry. However, do not lessen the amount to the point that it does not clean your laundry enough. Moreover, excessive use of detergent leave residue and may cause skin irritation. Just use the right amount.

Try Out Other Laundry Detergents- Best Laundry Practices 

It is challenging to know what triggers your skin irritation. It is best to try other detergents. Go for hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and dye-free laundry detergent. Moreover, several laundry products manufacturers are offering dermatologist-tested products that are gentle on the skin.

Rinse Load Cycle Twice

Detergent residue can cause skin irritation. Rinsing it twice ensures no lingering residues of laundry products on the clothes. 

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Regularly Clean Laundry Area

Whether you go to a laundry service or have your laundry area at home, you must ensure that the space is spotlessly clean. Laundry ingredients tend to spill and scatter all over the place. Apart from having the chance to contact these, the laundry products and water leaks may result in molds, and molds are dangerous for your health. 

Wash New Clothes

No matter how excited you are to try your new clothes, wash them first. Clothing manufacturers use protective finishes on clothes that can harm your skin. Thus, it is best to wash them to remove all the possible irritants. 

Do Extra Care When Handwashing

You must know that washing by hand has a greater risk of skin irritation. It is best to bring your laundry to the nearest laundry service to reduce the chances of direct contact with the ingredients. Laundry services are considerate in these cases. You can give them special instructions to provide the right services for you.

Be Cautious About Dryer Sheets and Fabric Softeners

If you are busy looking for suitable laundry detergent, do not forget about the other laundry products. You have to take caution with the ingredients in dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Some may contain harsh chemicals that irritate your skin. 


Luckily, most manufacturers of laundry products are now making variants for sensitive skin. You have several options that are mild, safe, and dermatologically tested.


Lastly, as you practice these laundry tips, do not forget to be cautious about anything that touches your body. The culprit is not only doing laundry or the products used during laundry. It goes the same with the fabric that touches your body. Thus, use these tips when doing laundry on blankets, linens, kitchen towels, and the like. You will not have a good night’s sleep if your blanket and pillow make your skin all itchy and red.