5 ways to create a weekly skincare regimen at home

When it comes to skincare it’s important to create routine and consistency. Your skin is the first line of defence against day to day life, and taking care of your skin should be one of your top priorities. Creating a skincare regimen can be tough, especially if you don’t know where to start or what products to buy. If you are looking to create a regimen to keep your skin as healthy and happy as possible, use these 5 ways to get started today.-weekly skincare regimen

1. Healing and repair

One of the first steps toward creating a weekly skincare regimen at home is to allow your skin to heal and repair any damage over the years. One of the best ways to achieve this healing and repair is with dermaplex. Dermaplex gel is a powerful repairer of skin at a cellular level, as well as offering significant help to the moisture in your skin. Skin which hasn’t been taken care of can be dry, cracked and damaged by the elements. Taking the time to heal your skin before you launch into your regular regimen can really help improve the outcomes long term. Don’t skip this step and wonder why after a couple of weeks your skin hasn’t bounced back.

2. Find the right products for you

Skincare products are not all created equal and neither are the individuals who use them. Depending on your skin, the type of exposure you get and many other factors such as if you have freckles, there will be a skincare range or ranges that are perfect for you. Take your time to find the products that work for your skin and be sure to test them in a small area to avoid any reactions. Focus on finding the big three skincare products to build your regimen, they are cleanser, toner and moisturiser. When it comes to cleansers you want to avoid anything overly harsh, or products that will strip away essential oils from your skin. 

Don’t overuse exfoliating scrubs or products either, these will dry out and take away those oils you need to look your best. Toners are great for adding important elements to your skin after you have cleanses, such as vitamins and minerals. Moisturisers are integral to help hydrate your skin, and depending on your skin type, will come in different bases. If your skin is oily for example, you’ll want to look for gel-based moisturiser. Don’t make the mistake of picking any old moisturiser, find the right one based on your skin type.

3. Creams

An additional product you will want to consider when creating your skincare regimen is a day or night cream. These creams are designed for one of two things, protect you for the day ahead or repair your skin from the day you’ve just had. Depending on whether you want a lighter feel or heavier feel, day or night creams are essential to any regimen. Day creams are lighter and help protect your skin even further when you leave the house. Night creams are heavier based creams designed to repair your skin overnight after being out of the house all day. 

Night creams are great for replenishing moisture levels that will have gone down over the course of your day. Creams aren’t considered a core part of a weekly skincare regimen, they are however crucial to your skin looking and feeling its best. (Diazepam)

4. Find your routine

Skincare is all about finding a place in your current routine that it can fit. If you try to create new processes or routines on top of everything else, it may not stick. Try to find a way to blend your new skincare regimen into your existing life. This may mean you add some products and steps into your shower once a week. 

Alternatively, you may want to do your skincare right after you brush your teeth to avoid washing any creams or moisturisers off your skin. Wherever you choose to add your regimen into your life, be consistent and praise yourself each time you complete it. Self-belief is the biggest helper when it comes to creating a new skincare regimen in your week.

5. Sunscreen

The last way to create a solid weekly skincare regimen is to always apply sunscreen. Sun damage is one of the worst things your skin can go through, and the solution to avoiding it is so simple. Before you leave the house, use facial and body sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You don’t need to apply thick layers of sunscreen to the point your skin goes a light shade of white, a thin layer is all that is needed to protect yourself. Experts all agree that sunscreen is the most critical element of any skincare regimen and will be a daily practice, not weekly.


Skincare is all about helping your body look its absolute best. Creating a weekly skincare regimen doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Find the right products for you, spend some time repairing and healing, and then set yourself up for success by building it into your existing habits. Before you leave the house this week, be sure to use these 5 ways to create a skincare regimen.


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