Things You Must Try For Foot Corn Removal

The disease is not always caused by microorganisms. There are many other health-related problems that are not counted under health diseases. Many certain issues can trouble you, like rashes due to tight footwear, excess hot weather and sometimes skin peeling can also be seen due to many other factors. What else can be seen? There are foot corns also measured on the skin of the foot. Or sometimes in the hands also. On the hand, it is generally caused by gymming. Going to the gym can cause the hardening of the skin. Similarly, how is foot corn formed, and the methods of foot corn removal are explained in this article? Join in to get the details.


What Are Foot Corns? 

Foot corns or calluses are formed when the skin gets hard enough to cause you trouble in walking or running. This can happen to any part of our body. Mostly it is seen in the foot or the palms of an individual. The skin at first hurts due to the excessive pressure on it, but after some time, it becomes completely numb, and there is no pain felt in that rigid portion. 

Talking about the appearance of that particular portion, the foot corn becomes whitish. This is because of the dead cells and no blood supply to that area. Due to no supply, there is no pain felt. 

foot corn removal

Causes Of Foot Corns

There are not many causes laid down in the search for foot corn removal or its formation. But two definite causes are being taken into account when we talk about foot corn formation. They are:

Poorly Fit Shoe 

Poorly fit shoes are the major cause of it. Any kind of footwear, whether it is a sports shoe, a formal shoe, any party wear shoes like stilettos or any jutti like stuff if it is tight, it is going to hurt you badly. It might cause you pain, and there can be our formation sometimes, and later on, if you don’t stop wearing it, it will cause foot corns.

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Pressure Or Friction 

Pressure or friction is generally caused by tight footwear, hard slippers or excess cleaning of the foot by pumice stone with no moisturising. If we talk about hands, weight lifting or gymming can cause calluses in the palms of the hands. It causes pain and discomfort at first, and then it does not affect you anymore.


There are no laboratory tests done to confirm the presence of callus, as the presence of it is enough. These foot corns are so common that almost everyone knows what it is. This implies that it is a self-diagnostic disease. But for the ones who have never heard or seen such calluses, when they visit the doctor, he touches the callus with gloves and if it is hard enough and causes no discomfort to the patient, it is foot corn for sure. Some foot corns are so enlarged that they might require surgery to get them removed. In the next section, there is detailed knowledge about foot corn removal. 

Methods Of Foot Corn Removal 

There are a few medical ways to treat foot corns, like surgery and medicated pouches. But there are too many home remedies for foot corn removal. They are: 

1. Trim The Portion 

Since the white formed foot corn is a cluster of dead cells and has no sensation, it can be removed easily without any pain. Some people remove it with a fresh new blade without any anaesthesia and some remove it at home simply with a nail cutter or small scissors. But you should get it removed under the supervision of your doctor. 

foot corn removal

2. Medicated Patches 

These medicated patches are completely safe to use. Doctors advise you to apply this patch over the foot corn. This patch contains a salicylic acid in it. This acid is an appropriate material for foot corn removal.

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3. Padded Shoes 

Sometimes the sole of the shoes you are wearing becomes hard for you, this gives an unwanted pressure on your feet and causes the foot corn as told above. Thus adding extra padding to the shoe might be helpful to you. It eliminates the constant pressure on your foot.

4. Surgery 

When this foot corn is enlarged and is also sensitive in behaviour, surgery is performed to completely remove this foot corn at once under the supervision of your doctor. They provide you with local anaesthesia so that only a certain portion of your foot is anaesthetized or sometimes topical anaesthesia is given and then the procedure is informed.

5. Soak The Foot 

Take a tub of warm water. Put some shampoo in it. Mix it well. Later, add some lemon juice to it with some activator or bleaching powder. There are two benefits to go with. One is that it softens up the foot corn for easy foot corn removal and the other is that it works like a pedicure. 

6. Pumice Stone 

Pumice stone is a greyish, very light weighted stone. You can use this pumice stone to clean your foot regularly by applying very light pressure to it. This does not allow any foot corn formation. foot corn removal

7. Moisturizer 

After taking a bath and before going to sleep, it is beneficial to moisturize your feet properly to help heal the damaged skin. 

8. Shoes Of Proper Fit 

Try not to wear tightly fitted shoes. Since they cause friction and pressure causing foot corn, not wearing it can cause foot corn removal.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar

Application of soaked cotton ball into Apple cider vinegar helps remove the foot corn easily.

Take Away

These were the causes as well as foot corn removal techniques. All of them are quite beneficial. Both medical and home methods can help you remove your foot corn. But using all of it together is not intelligence. Try using one at a time for better results. Pumice is something that you can use every day together with the medicated patches. Moisturising and soaking your feet are more preventative measures but can aid in foot corn removal.