How To Have A Good Skincare Routine For Teen Girls

When it comes to getting clear skin as a teenager it can be the hardest thing when dealing with puberty. From clogged pores, to extreme and unbalanced oily skin teenagers go through a lot of self-esteem issues from not having clear skin and constantly cancelling plans and even dates due to a pimple emerging the day of. Building a skincare routine as a teenager is one of the first steps to get the healthy skin every girl dreams of! Here you will know how to have a goof skincare routine for teen girls.

Set up a morning, night, and weekly routine for your skin

When it comes to skincare routine your morning skincare isn’t the same products as your evening skincare products.

In the morning, use a face wash that contains salicylic acid or AHAs to clean out your pores and get rid of the oil that was produced during your sleep, then apply a toner that brings moisture back, and a moisturizer to help your skin not produce excessive oils from having dry skin, and finish it with sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful UV lights and to help lightening any blemishes from previous breakouts. At night, make sure to double cleanse using a makeup remover to get rid of all the makeup and oils from the day.

After using a makeup remover, use a kids acne face wash to strip away what the makeup remover couldn’t clean (including your pores!), apply a toner with AHAs as an extra step for getting rid of any traces of makeup left, and lastly, apply a heavy moisturizer that is meant to be used during your sleep to renew your skin such as sleeping masks. Another step to add to your routine is exfoliating and using masks, but that can only be done once or twice a week as it can be harmful for your skin if used daily.

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Exfoliate using light chemical peels or exfoliating pads that are pre-soaked in salicylic acids or AHAs to remove any dead skin and cleanse your pores from oil buildup. Masks are also great for skincare and acne-prone skin, consider using a clay mask to help clear blackheads, prevent breakouts and remove dead skin cells.

Depend on spot treatments, not pimple popping!

One of the most tempting things when you see a pimple coming up is the sense that you need to pop it.

Popping pimples is not good for your skin as it can cause your skin to scar and leave a mark of pigmentation.

There are a lot of remedies to make a pimple go away or prevent it from happening the second you feel it coming. Spot treatments are great for breakouts and it can be used overnight. Some salicylic acid spot treatments dry quickly and can be worn during the day, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen as acids make your skin thinner and less immune to sun damage.

You can also use clay masks as spot treatments by placing it on and leaving it for up to 40 minutes to let it do its magic.