Life Without a Car – Cost Savings, Benefits and Downsides

Sustainability is becoming ever more important – particularly when it comes to mobility. While some people decide to switch to electrically powered cars, others ponder getting rid of their car for good. But is it really possible to live without a car? For some, having their own car is essential, but there might be good alternatives that complete the circle of mobility and flexibility. ( This article summarizes the perks of life without a car.

Cars – Epitomes of Freedom

Before there were cars, getting from one place to another had been challenging for people. When the first cars were produced in series, more and more households got one in order to simplify their everyday life. Cars are used to go to work, to go on vacation, to go shopping and sometimes even just for the thrill of driving. It cannot be denied that cars have many advantages to them. And yet, they pollute the air with their emissions.

Getting rid of gasoline-practiced vehicles doesn’t mean that we have to forego all of those perks completely, though. E-Cars are an alternative. But it’s also possible to buy motorcycle clothing and an efficient motorcycle to cover long distances, while using public transport for everyday routes. Not having a car doesn’t mean that you lose your entire freedom. It just means that you´ll need to find new ways of finding that freedom.

Advantages of a Car-Free Life

We all know that reducing emissions is good for the environment. But in this article, we want to focus on the advantages that have a direct impact on you, if you choose the car-free way.

Cost Savings

Cars are expensive. The hih purchase price forces most people to take out a loan from the bank, which is then paid back month by month for years. And there are also current expenses that never seem to stop: maintenance, insurance and gas probably being the biggest cost drivers. If you decide to master life without a car, you can save hundreds of dollars each month. That leaves you the flexibility to purchase a monthly ticket for public transport, to rent a car when really needed and to save money that can help you fulfill your dreams at some point.


There are so many people who spend the majority of their day in a sitting position. Driving home by car after work doesn’t make it any better. Spending time in the fresh air while moving is a lot healthier, which is why going by bike, inline-skates or even by foot is better for your body. It can be an effort to switch from driving to physical exercise, and it might not be possible for all your everyday routes, but it’s a great alternative for some of them. Leaving the car in the garage helps you get in shape, protect your spine, boost your immune system – it´s self-care.

Downsides of Car-Free Life 

If you decide to go without a car, it has a major impact on you and on the environment. But it can be hard to get from one place to another, as it usually comes with organizing around timetables of public transport, the weather forecast and many other things. That means, you´ll most certainly have to allow more time buffers, more effort and a decrease of personal flexibility. While a change of lifestyle (and also mindset) can work wonders for those, who live in big cities with a great infrastructure, it can become a knockout argument for people that live in rural areas.

Public transport has become somewhat seamless in big cities, especially in metropoles, where people sometimes cannot own their own car due to shortage of space and parking spots. But there are still many villages and even smaller towns that lack a selection of buses, trams or trains with suitable timetables. If you live in such an area, you might have to travel long distances in order to go to work or to go shopping.

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