Beginner’s Guide: Watch Types and Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Telling time is one of the foremost reasons people continue to wear watches today. Even in the 21st century, where smartphones can also tell time, set alarms, and other widely available, watches are still considered handy devices that help keep track of time. Say it or not, it’s easier to look at your wrist for time than to pull out your phone in public every time. Big technology companies even developed smartwatches as the newer and modern versions to take advantage of the market. – Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Despite this, the market for watches (especially luxury ones) continues to thrive. From Patek Philippe to Tissot Watches Men collections, enthusiasts visit physical and online shops to make their latest purchases. For seasoned collectors, their know-how helped them distinguish between authentic and original timepieces and make sensible purchases. It cannot be easy for newbies, and here are some things to guide you with your luxury watch buying journey. 

What is a Luxury Watch?

Built by elite watchmakers, luxury watches are handmade, and high-end materials such as Titanium, Platinum, and other precious materials are typically used in manufacturing one. Often complex and with plenty of complications such as chronograph, minute repeater, power reserve, and more, these timepieces are available at a premium price. It is especially the case for any good German- or Swiss-made watches or the brand behind them. 

A luxury watch is a popular collection item for many reasons, one of which is that it’s a good investment. It may have started as part of your fashion statement, but its value can increase drastically over time – making it a valuable investment opportunity. It’s highly recommended to accumulate experience and perform extensive research first to maximize its potential for a good ROI. Many people start as collectors and eventually become experts who know what timepieces to get. 

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Different Types of Watches

Before purchasing any, beginners should know about today’s various watches. This way, they will slowly build up their knowledge about watches that will then be helpful with their watch buying journey in the future. 

Dress Watch

Traditional and elegant dress watches are paired perfectly with business suits and other formal attires. Although its small size and simple design, it’s a big hit with most watch buyers and collectors looking for slim watches that can fit under long-sleeved shirts. These watches are made of materials such as platinum and gold and may come with leather straps, slim bracelets, and others. 

Field Watches

Rugged and versatile, these timepieces are well-liked because of their simplicity and wearability features. What started as a pocket watch replacement during the war eventually became a popular and favored item by watch collectors today. Despite its minimalistic style and sole purpose of only telling time, field watches are popular because of their useful complications, resilience, and sturdiness.

Pilot Watches

As the name suggests, pilot watches are timepieces designed to be used by aviators. One distinctive feature of this watch is its large and easy-to-read dials. Coupled with a large case and a luminous watch face, these make it easy for pilots to see the time, even in the dark. 

Dive Watches

Born out of necessity, dive or diving watches are made explicitly with divers in mind. Dive watches are the perfect device for adventurous people because they’re built to withstand impact, moisture, and water pressure. Dive watches today come with durable straps, rotating bezels that tell you how long you’ve been underwater, and a luminous face for better visibility in no or low light conditions.

Racing Watches

The perfect timepiece for racers, racing watches are specifically built for a purpose – and that is to measure race times. The tachymeter is one of the most common features of this watch type, and it helps in converting speed into time and vice-versa. Another feature that it almost always has is a chronograph that is helpful as an additional time counter. 

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Buying Mistakes that Beginners Should Avoid

Newbies can get too excited and commit buying mistakes regarding luxury timepieces. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when buying watches. 

  • It’s trendy, and so you decided to purchase

Just because everyone else is wearing one and has a collection doesn’t mean you should buy a watch immediately. If it’s an affordable timepiece, then it might be worth considering. But if it’s a luxury timepiece, it’s essential to perform extensive research first, such as checking its popularity in the industry, the quality of its product, and more. 

  • Buying because you’re pressured to keep up with collectors

Are you feeling a little pressure because of the growing collection of fellow collectors? As a newbie, you need to keep at your own pace. The whole watch collection thing is not a race, and it’s not a must to purchase any watch to add one or two to your collection. If you’re collecting watches, especially luxury ones, it may take some time to decide on a particular brand or model.

  • Impulsively buying a timepiece

These watches come at a premium price, and though some may find these affordable enough, it’s not a good idea to buy one impulsively just because you instantly fell in love with it. It’s better to take your time in researching a particular watch you want to buy. 

  • Not knowing the purpose behind the purchase

There are different watches, and each is crafted for various purposes. If you’ll be buying a timepiece, it’s vital to know the reason behind the purchase. Are you getting a dive watch to wear for all your adventures or to wear for special celebrations? 


Buying a watch, be it luxury or not, is not an easy decision to make. Beginners may opt to begin with affordable timepieces widely available in the market and start growing their collection with luxury watches built to withstand the test of time and are a good investment opportunity. It may not be easy at first, but hopefully, this article can help you in your watch buying journey.