The Keto Salmon Recipe That Your Family Will Love

The keto salmon recipe features tender, flaky salmon and a garlic butter sauce full of flavour. The garlic butter salmon recipe is low in calories and high in healthy fats. It’s the perfect keto dinner recipe.

The Best Keto Salmon

This keto recipe is fast, simple, delightful, and very healthy. How could you possibly want anything more?!

Indeed, every ingredient utilized in this recipe is really low carb. I’m talking that this keto salmon has just 2 total carbs per serving! Also, since salmon is normally high in omega 3-unsaturated fats it makes this meal considerably better.

Yet, the garlic salmon with butter is something beyond sound, it’s stacked with flavour. The salmon cooks in a velvety, cheesy sauce with some butter, and it comes out soft and totally flaky.

To make it even better, everything for this keto salmon recipe cooks in a single pan! So besides the fact that the cooking system is simpler, it makes the clean-up better as well.

In addition, the whole recipe requires under 30 minutes to make 4 servings of salmon! Thus, you’ll have enough for the entire family to appreciate.

keto salmon recipe


This keto salmon recipe has a dozen common ingredients, which is another reason to love it! The combination of all these ingredients makes this flavour exceptional.

Here’s how to cook salmon.

  • 3-4 pieces of salmon fillets
  • 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • Salt and pepper

For the creamy garlic butter sauce

  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • Five cloves of minced garlic
  • 3 cups fresh spinach
  • Only 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1 Bouillon Cube – Vegetable or Chicken
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To top it all:

  • Lemon
  • Fresh parsley

Hopefully, this means you now have more than half of these ingredients in your home!

If you have enough, you can make this Keto recipe to accompany the salmon.

How To Make Keto Salmon

This keto salmon recipe is easy to make, as everything can be done in one pan. This healthy, almost no-carb dinner is ready in just 30 minutes and everyone will love it!

Get out your ingredients and let’s cook!

keto salmon recipe

Step 1: Cooking Salmon

  • To dry the salmon filets, first pat them with paper towels.
  • Then, heat some olive oil and melt some butter in a skillet.
  • Season the salmon filets now with salt, pepper and smoked paprika. Then, heat the container and cook the fillets, skin-side down (the pink side), for around 3-5 minutes each side. You can cook all your salmon in one skillet if your container is adequately huge. You should cook your salmon in various batches if you are not having enough pans.
  • After the salmon has been cooked, you can remove it from the skillet and put it in a bowl.

Step 2 – Make The Garlic Butter Sauce

  • To make the sauce for the keto salmon recipe, first, liquefy three tablespoons of butter in a similar skillet you cooked the salmon.
  • Then sauté the minced garlic in the softened butter, add some fresh leaves of spinach, and cook this delectable combo for around 1-2 minutes.
  • Lessen the heat to low-medium intensity, and add the cream in it. Carry the combination to a delicate stew and mix everything once in a while.
  • Then, add the bouillon cube and salt and pepper to the skillet and let it stew some more. You can thin the sauce by adding a little water.
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Step 3 – Finishing Up And Serving

  • Now, add the parmesan cheese and let the sauce simmer gently for another minute until it thickens.
  • To finish, add the salmon to the pan, then sprinkle with chopped parsley, and squeeze some lemon juice.
  • Enjoy this keto lemon garlic butter salmon with any side dish of your choice.

How to store and reheat cooked salmon

Thus, as you probably are aware of this keto salmon recipe, you can make 4 flavour-filled servings with this recipe. Furthermore, if you’re making it for a family supper, chances are you will not have any extras!

However, if you do, you can move the salmon and sauce to a container that is completely air-tight and store it in the cooler for 3-4 days.

To warm the salmon, you will need to warm it up in a slow flame. The best technique is to warm it up in the oven at 275°F (135°C) for around 15 minutes, or until the inward temperature comes to 125°F (51°C).

keto salmon recipe


1. What fish is good for keto?

There are many low-carb options for salmon that can be used in keto meals. These are some great options that have zero carbs like Tuna, Shrimp, Cod, Trout etc.

2. What to eat with salmon?

Garlic butter salmon is a great main dish. But it’s even better when accompanied by one of these side dishes. These are my favourite things to eat alongside salmon:

  • Keto Coleslaw
  • Keto Cauliflower rice
  • Keto Broccoli Casserole

3. Salmon is Keto-friendly?

Salmon is super keto-friendly and high in lean protein. It also has zero carbs and is full of healthy fats.

Wrapping up

This is how you make keto salmon that’s quick and easy. This low-carb dinner recipe packs so much flavour that even those not on the keto diet will love it.

However, I hope you love this creamy garlic butter keto salmon! Let me know in the comment section below if you try it and what side you ate it with!