Protein Rich Food In Veg To Try For A Healthy Lifestyle

Protein should be a part of your daily diet. Why? Proteins are the build blocks of your body that play an essential role in maintaining muscle mass. However, we tend to get most of our protein from meat. Nonetheless, if you are a vegetarian, you can try protein rich food in veg. 

Several vegetarian foods can cover your protein-rich diet. You can consider these to be a side dish or a filling main course. However, it would help if you were extra careful with what you’re consuming and how much. The value of the food you’re considering will have an important role to play in the long run. 

The Need for Protein

Proteins help to build amino acids in the body. Amino acids are essential for cell development and growth. They play an important role in the growth of our vital organs. These are mostly necessary for hair, skin, and other parts of the body. 

It is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of protein. This is mainly because a lesser amount of protein will make your muscles weak. If you are trying to recover from a severe illness, you need to follow the high protein Indian food chart. This will play an essential role in helping you stay fit. 

Protein Rich Food in veg

If you’re consuming the highest protein foods in veg, you need to be careful with the amount of protein in it. At the same time, you should avoid overeating. 

There are several options available on the high protein Indian food chart. Knowing the protein content and preparation schedule will allow you to stay healthy. 

Therefore, some of the protein rich food in veg to try to include the following:


Edamame contains around 18.46 grams of protein in each cup. If you ever visit a sushi restaurant, you can consume edamame normally. But, it would help if you tried consuming it at home too. Edamame is a great source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

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Protein Rich Food In Veg
Source: Everyday Health

Edamame will play an important role in building your muscle. Furthermore, it will also keep up with the muscle-building of the body. 


Also known as dal, lentils are extremely popular in India. One cup of lentils contains around 18g of protein. It is one of the best sources of vegetarian protein. You can consume lentils with rice and protein. 

Lentils are also rich in fiber which can be beneficial for digestion. Nonetheless, there are very few individuals who consume lentils regularly. If you’re switching to a high protein diet, you should consider consuming lentils. 

Lentils are also a great source of minerals and antioxidants. This will play an important role in ensuring cell protection. According to healthcare professionals, you should consume a cup of lentils every day. 


Soybeans are the best protein rich food in veg. It helps to lower blood pressure and also has a key role in LDL cholesterol oxidizing. Masala soybean sabzi is extremely delicious and will leave you licking your fingers. 

Protein Rich Food In Veg
Source: UFSC Health

Soybean is extremely rich in protein but affordable. You can consume it with rice or chapati. Moreover, you can also boil some soy, spread some salt and masala over it. Edamame and soy can be a great breakfast combination. 


Different types of legumes are available in the market. Some of the most popular types of legumes include black beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans. One serving of chickpeas consists of around 15g of protein. Furthermore, chickpeas are also a great source of minerals and vitamins. 

Consumption of chickpeas will play an important role in helping you stay fit. Studies have shown that the consumption of chickpeas can play an important role in lowering cholesterol levels. 

Green peas

Many people are not familiar with this, but green peas are a great source of protein. One cup of green peas can bestow you with 9 grams of protein. Apart from being rich in protein, green peas are also rich in Vitamin K, A, and C. 

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Protein Rich Food In Veg
Source: Big Basket

Green peas are also a great source of fiber. This eventually has a positive impact on your digestive health. It would help if you made green peas a regular part of your vegetarian diet. As a result, you can get an extra layer of protein for your overall diet. 

Chia seeds

It would help if you drank a glass of chia seeds and water every night before sleeping. These tiny black seeds are no less than superfoods. Chia seeds are rich in fiber, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids. 

If you can’t drink a glass of chia seeds and water, you can consume pudding. Chia seed pudding is extremely delicious. While you try chia seed pudding, make sure to add some nuts. Moreover, there is no harm in trying out other nuts, so go ahead. There are several seeds available in the market that you can give a definite try. 

Sweet corn

Yellow sweet corn is a great source of protein. One yellow sweet corn contains around 4.68 grams of protein. You can consume sweet corn mostly during summer. 

Source: Plant Grower

However, frozen sweet corn is available all around the year. But, if you want a fresh touch of sweet corn, summer is indeed the best time. 


Similar to chia seeds, oats also have the status of superfood. Oats are rich in protein, fiber and can play an important role in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Oats are also known to lower cholesterol in the body. 

One small cup of oats can provide you with around 6 grams of protein. Moreover, it is also a great source of fiber. You can consume masala oats. But, you need to maintain the quantity of salt. If you don’t want to enjoy masala oats, you can consume oats with milk and almond. 

Oats and honey are also a great combination. Well, you can add some berries to enhance the taste. It is a staple breakfast to start your day. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you know about protein rich food in veg, why don’t you make it a part of your diet. These are a great source to enhance your overall health. Therefore, do not forget to consume these.