How long does a toupee last?

Many people are searching for ways to enhance their hair’s beauty by looking for the best hair replacement system, and toupees are among the best options to consider. This hair system could give you the look of a natural full head of hair. This is an essential aspect of beauty, particularly for individuals experiencing hair loss. Purchasing one could be a game-changer. Thus, after purchasing a new hairpiece, many questions revolve around the user’s mind: How long do you want the toupees to last? How can you wear the toupee for a long duration? However, to have a durable toupee, you must know how to maintain it. Also, go for the high-quality one during shopping since this is a vital factor affecting the hair’s lifespan. Therefore, this blog will address the hair system by materials, the longevity of the toupee, and ways of maintaining it.

What’s the durability of the toupee?

Many factors affect the durability of the toupee, and thus its lifespan varies. High-quality materials will last longer, especially when combined with proper maintenance care. Therefore, the Swiss Lace and Thin Skin has a life span of 4 to 6 weeks. French Lace could last between 4 to 6 months, while a combination of Mono with Poly hair system can offer the durability of 6 to 9 months, and Poly hair system being the most durable with a lifespan of 9 months to 1 year.

The hair systems by materials

So many factors would affect the lifespan of the hair system, ranging from products used in manufacturing it to the utilization of the user. Some hair wigs would take you a few weeks and are damaged, while others could go for months. The base of the hair replacement system is mainly made from polyurethane, which is the part that rests on the user’s scalp. Then the other part should be made 100% using the human hair by injecting it into the base. The most common ways to create a long-lasting hair replacement system are weaving, fusion, cabling beading, and bonding. After the toupee is ready, it can be attached to the user’s scalp through a waterproof adhesive. However, the big question that most users would like to understand is the life span of the toupee. This is best answered by the four factors described below.

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Base material

Base materials are the basic products used in manufacturing the toupee and play a crucial role in determining the product’s durability. Different base materials imply different durability durations, but there is a general rule that a less detectable hair system would have a shorter lifespan. Besides, if you want the toupee to look more natural, the durability will be compromised since those wigs are not that long-lasting. Conversely, the more durable the hair system, the less natural it will appear.

Quality of the hair 

Quality is the major factor whether the hair is black or blonde, red or brown. The basic materials used in manufacturing these toupees are synthetic fibers and human hair. Where the budget is not a major concern, you can settle for the human hair toupee since human strands are better and last longer than synthetic fibers. When used and maintained properly, they can take the user up to a year without replacement. Also, they can be worn regularly without causing any discomfort.

The color of the toupee

Toupees are manufactured in different colors and textures, while the natural ones require less maintenance and could last for longer durations. This is so because manufacturing natural toupees requires no chemicals or treatments, while the blonde ones have been bleached with dyes to give them their appearance. These treatments and chemicals reduce the lifespan of the toupee and its quality. Although, the processed toupees could still take 3 to 6 months when it is well taken care of, which is a standard lifespan of a wig.

Maintenance of the toupee

The durability of the hair system is greatly influenced by how the user cares for it. Because we want your hair system to be more durable, below are some of the maintenance tips you need to adhere to. It would be best if you learned how to maintain the natural color of the hairpiece and the general appearance. This requires patience and little practice. First, you should avoid exposing the hair system to sunlight for an extended period since the sun emits harmful radiation that affects the hair strands. Ultraviolet rays reduce the pigment in the hair strands and increase oxidation, making the wig deteriorate quickly. If you are going for prolonged outdoor activities, you can consider wearing a hat or carrying an umbrella. Also, cleansing the toupee every three days will help immensely. Cleaning it is very simple, remove the piece of hair from the scalp and wash it thoroughly together with the scalp. You can use a larger, wide-toothed comb since they remove one tangle at a time, which helps avoid any strain on the knots.

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Tips to extend the lifespan of the toupee

Even though some brands like Lord-hair are very affordable, it is still the responsibility of the user to care for it to increase its lifespan. Thus, there should be proper storage of the toupee since, unlike the natural hair that gets nourishment from the scalp, the hair system does not produce nourishment. Thus you can store the hairpiece in a cool and dry area away from direct sunlight. Also, you can buy wig stands for storage purposes. Besides, you can buy multiple units and wear them in rotation. Rotating the toupee from time to time will help reduce the heavy wear, thus enhancing the durability of the wig. When cleaning, use a proper shampoo and conditioner designed for toupees without any chemical ingredients. Investing in a best-quality conditioner will add more moisture to the toupee, increasing its durability.


The durability of the toupee depends on the user’s care, but following the above outline, guidelines will help you extend the lifespan of your hair system. Also, it is greatly affected by the hair type and material you value; however, we recommend going for a toupee manufactured with natural human hair because they are more durable than synthetics.