Should You Get A Wig Or A Hair Tattoo?

Not everyone enjoys bald hair, as there’s nothing you can do about it. Moreover, some people might even lose confidence in themselves once they notice that their hair is slowly falling out. Not only would they be unable to style them, but it can also make them feel older, putting them in a bad mood.   There are plenty of alternatives you can try for thinning hair. Apart from multiple products to increase growth, going for a wig or hair tattoo is a long-term solution that will bring instant results. If you’re still contemplating whether you should get a hair tattoo or wig, continue reading to find out more.  

What Is A Hair Tattoo?  

Hair tattoo is a micro scalp pigmentation that helps to give a close buzz hairstyle. This would be perfect for those with a bald head or spot in their hair that they wish to cover up. Fortunately, this is a permanent solution and could be available for touch-ups once the color fades slightly. With a hair tattoo, you can have the illusion of having hair without actually having one.  

Most people might be scared of having a hair tattoo as it will involve needles around the scalp, but if you find the right team, they should be able to provide a comfortable process that will make you enjoy yourself more.  

What Is A Wig?  

If you want to have actual hair on your head and not just the appearance of them growing slightly out, going for a wig would be the best option for you. A wig is a wearable hair that you can put over your scalp. You can wear it as a hat and attach it securely so you can go on with your day without worrying about the wig falling off.  

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With a wig, you can play with various hairstyles that you can do independently. You can also play with different hair colors and lengths to suit your preferences. Depending on your wig, you can use material or actual hair. While natural hair will help provide a realistic finish, it might be costlier. However, its appearance and quality would surely be worth it.  

Which One Should You Get?  

Using a wig or having a hair tattoo are two different things as they use different methods and finishes. If you’re still contemplating which one you should get, it would be wise to know the pros and cons of each. This will help you decide what you’d want your head to look like after.  

Pros And Cons Of A Hair Tattoo 

Before you hop in and have yourself a hair tattoo, knowing its pros and cons will prepare you for its long-term effects. This will help you decide if the cost and procedure will be worth every penny. Here are the pros of having a hair tattoo: 

  • Low Maintenance  

One of the best reasons you should get a hair tattoo is because of how low maintenance it is. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of worrying about caring for and maintaining your hair’s appearance, going for a hair tattoo is the best way to go. Once you have it, all you need is to maintain it for a few days, and you can be carefree as you’d like.  

  • It Looks Like Real Hair 

Surprisingly, even if it’s just a tattoo, a hair tattoo mimics the appearance of natural hair. Some people cannot even tell the difference between a hair tattoo and natural hair.  

Meanwhile, the following are the cons of having a hair tattoo: 

  • Challenging Aftercare 

One of the cons you should know about hair tattoos is the challenge of its aftercare. While it might seem like a simple tattoo process, a hair tattoo will require heavy aftercare, such as avoiding water, sweating, or sun exposure, which can be challenging if you often sweat heavily or need to stay outdoors. 

  • Cannot Change Hair Color 

If you’re planning to change the roots of your hair, your hair tattoo might look obvious because you cannot change its pigments. With a hair tattoo, you need to stick with your hair color forever unless you’re willing to dye the ends of your hair only.  

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Pros And Cons Of A Hair Wig

There are plenty of stores where you can purchase wigs from, so it would be best to know their pros and cons, especially if you’re planning to buy multiple ones. Listed below are the pros of having a hair wig:  

  • Looks Natural  

If you’re eyeing a human hair wig, you can expect your head to look natural with fake hair. You won’t tell the difference as its appearance and feel are exactly what natural hair looks and feels like.  

  • Can Be Treated As Real Hair 

You can treat a human hair wig like any normal hair, so you can shampoo and style it however you want. It will be like natural hair without a permanent attachment to your head.  

Sadly, there are also cons to a hair wig. These are as follows:  

  • Limited Life Span 

There’s no such thing as a permanent hair wig, unfortunately. It will only last for a maximum of one year with proper care. With that, you might need to purchase a new one every few months to maintain a healthy appearance. 

  • High Maintenance 

Because a hair wig will act as natural hair, you need to prepare for maintenance similar to a real one. This will consume time and effort, along with additional costs for proper care such as shampoo and conditioner.  

The Verdict

Having a hair wig or a hair tattoo will depend mostly on your preference. You can decide between having a permanent solution or a natural solution. Weigh in the pros and cons and see which one suits you best.