Best Babymoon Destinations to check out – here’s the sixer!

Congratulations once again!! The first trimester is about to end in another couple of weeks. Hopefully, the nauseous mornings will also end. It is time to start enjoying your pregnancy!! Also, it is time to take that much-awaited last trip with each other in your arms. As you go through multiple write-ups on the best babymoon destinations, it is here that your search stops!!

This walkthrough will provide you – with customized destinations for the couple that you are! Imagine you being a ‘beach-enjoying couple,’ and you land up with your belly amidst the ‘forests of Sri Lanka’! Never!!

Scroll down and figure out which is your destination and if the amenities provided are worthy for the expectant mother.

#Points to note – The second trimester – between 14 to 28 weeks, is the ideal time for a babymoon. However, one must seek medical advice before taking a trip since some expectant mothers are advised against one. 

Next, check if the airlines allow travelling in that period. Though most airlines allow up to 35 weeks – some do have different policies. 

Also, make sure that the place you choose – must be cooperative for the expectant couples. 

The best babymoon destinations to check out

Food – Cravings – Night lights – here’s your place! 

You are a foodie couple; you live to eat and eat to live! Let this pregnancy take you both closer to food –

1. Seoul, South Korea 

Anneonyghaseo, Incheongukjegonghang, dangsin – i – jaldoegileul balabnida. Welcome to Seoul – the hub for foodies!! From seafood to grilled stuffs – everything is just your soul food. So, why wait? The hotel was supposedly booked, and it is time to indulge in the plates.

Start your meal with Korean Barbecue – with a special grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal). Follow it up with other options such as dakgalbi (stir-fried chicken), crab meat marinated in spicy soy sauce, grilled intestines (gopchak), tofu stew (sundubu jjigae), tteobboki (spicy rice cake), ginseng chicken soup, Korean hotpot (budae jjigae). Wipe it off with the traditional tea and dessert.

Most of these food products come within a price range of $13 to $30.

best babymoon destinations

If you like to check out a place’s street foods, never miss out: cupbab, ramyeon (the meal for your last fling with your BAE), mandu, dakgangjeong, and a lot more!!

  • As you go binging, there are some places in the city that you must visit. The list includes – The Seoul Tower in Yongsan, dressing up in hanbok as you go village tripping in Bukchon Hanok, taking a walk, and discovering the incredible history of Koreans in the National Museum of Korea and Seoul Museum of Art. Do not leave Seoul before you check out the princely life of – Guyeongbokgung Palace.
  • The city of Seoul has specific areas with tags such as – ‘Pregnant Woman First’, so rest assured – you are safe. Additionally, Seoul is generally safe for women (even at night), and the medical conditions and public toilets are women-friendly. So, to your list of the best babymoon destinations, you can add this.


2. Hong Kong City, Hong Kong 

This is one city famous for its food stalls (officially called the World’s Food Fair)!! You are done checking into the hotel and done with the refreshment – now it is time that you gorge on delicacies. Here are some of the most favored dishes – Chao Shou (Wontons), Sweet and Sour Pork, Cantonese Roast Goose (in the New Territory area – this is a tourist attraction itself), Dragon and Phoneix Balls (balls made of chicken and shrimp), Wind Sand Chicken, Phoenix Talons (Chicken’s feet), Har Gow (Steamed Shrimp Dumplings). Wipe it off with Hong Kong-style milk tea and pineapple bread. If you want more – egg tarts are a great dessert.

  • Hong Kong is famous for its flea markets, shopping malls, and cultural walk tours. So, after you eat, you can shop for some goodies for yourself. For some diversion – the half-day Hong Kong city tour, Lantau island walk tour, and some customized private tours are great options. Do not miss out on the nightlife of Hong Kong – the city looks lovely with its night lights on!
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best babymoon destinations

  • The Hong Kong government takes special care about the food safety standards of its domain. Multiple testimonials prove that many pregnant women eat at multiple roadside outlets without any issue. So, you are quite safe. This can be one of the best babymoon destinations for you to check out.

Let the waves touch your soul 

The calm waters can never fail to lift your soul. Here’s where you can go for those who love to relax by the beach.

3. Koh Lanta Island, Thailand 

This little place in Thailand’s southern domain will bring back some of the best seaside areas. Nui Bay is one of the hidden gems of this island. Why don’t you have your babymoon photo shoot here if you can afford it? The other relaxing beaches are Klong Nin, Klong Khong, Long Beach, and Kaw Kwang. There are multiple food outlets and bars on these beaches to enjoy your mojito as you and your BAE enjoy the waves lashing your feet. Do not miss out on the cocktails available at Sunset Point on the Northern beaches of this island. That is where one can catch the best sunset.

  • If you wish to explore more of this island, check out the Lanta Animal Welfare, Mu Ko Lanta National Park, and Khlong Chak Waterfall. If your health permits – go snorkeling on any of the Southern beaches with the help of the instructors.
  • There are multiple massage parlours on these beaches which you can try. They have special essential oil massage for pregnant women that help them ease their pregnancy health issues. For multiple reasons, this island has marked its name as one of the best babymoon destinations available.


4. Okinawa, Japan 

A prefecture of 150 islands, the beaches of Okinawa are a great place for couples looking for babymoon destinations. Whether it is the quiet little quaint beach of Hyakuna (natural beach) or the one with family activities – Miibaru beach – both of these are your getaway!

Generally, the best time to visit is between July to September; however, the Okinawa beaches are always welcoming. From Emerald beach to Manza beach to Okuma beach and the Sesoko beach – they all have natural white sand and crystal blue waters for company. In fact, those who wish to indulge in beach activities (snorkeling) – are extremely pregnant-friendly.

For those willing to explore a little more of the waters and the tranquility – the beaches of Kouri, Zanpa, Araha, and Toyosaki Chura are just what you must visit. If you choose Okinawa, be assured that it is one of the best babymoon destinations available.


Want to go bonkers? Your destinations are 

You had your honeymoon in the diverse forests of Sri Lanka. So, why not carry forth the activities in the other world domains?

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5. Bhutan 

According to the UN Sustainable Network scores, Bhutan ranks as one of the happiest countries on the happiness index. Hence, how about traveling to Bhutan when you are in your happiest phase? As one of the best babymoon destinations, especially for couples who are looking for a touch of adventure on this trip (take medical advice before that), Bhutan is your go-to place.

best babymoon destinations

The most important place you cannot miss out on is the Tiger’s Nest Monastery – a Buddhist sanctuary offering breathtaking views and utmost tranquillity – but one can reach it only by trekking (the would-be-momma, please take your time). Officially known as the Taktsang Goemba, rebuilt in 1998 – this trekking takes up to 4 hours. Completely safe, this is a great adventure for the couple who loves climbing a mountain or two and are currently expecting.

As you stride through the Bumthang valley – you will find many quaint little villages; Ura is one of the most prominent ones. Being the birthplace of Pema Lingpa, this has some of the oldest Buddhist temples.

  • If you are stopping by for some more days or your exertion levels have not reached maximum – here are some other areas you can check out. Checking the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary (it is on the way), the Punakha and Semtokha Dzongs, and the Memorial Stupa are areas that will make this babymoon totally worth the effort.
  •  There are specific amenities for would-be-mothers all around the country. Bhutan is extremely cautious of its sustainable ecosystem – thus ensuring that you will be safe.


6. Langkawi, Malaysia 

Did you know that this little archipelago was once believed to be under the curse of a scorned Malayan princess? Seems like the curse has been upturned – given that this archipelago acts as an archway between the Andaman Sea and the Strait of Malacca and is bustling with tourists. Since this is one of the top choices in the list of best babymoon destinations – hence, for the adventurous couple, this is your hub.

Boating can be a great option to check out on this trip. Since you will not be able to dive into the water, just checking it around is a great way. There are multiple trails in this little archipelago that you can try out—starting from the Skytrail Jungle to a walkthrough trip through the lush green rainforests of Malaysia.

Langkawi’s underwater life is a treat and snorkeling down those crystal blue waters is one thing you cannot afford to miss.

best babymoon destinations

#Just note that you need a medical certificate from the doctor before you go in for any such activity. Most of the activity places want clearance certificates.

#Point to Note – Whatever the destination you have focused on, here are some things you must carry. Practical shoes, pregnancy pillow, compression socks, support belt, a meal chart (if you have one), and prenatal vitamins. If the destination is somewhere a bit far from home (try to make it closer), do carry copies of your prenatal tests and medical reports and the emergency contact number of your healthcare professional. 


So, which destination do you prefer? Take your pick and ensure you carry the essentials for the new mother. Though the second trimester is when you start enjoying your pregnancy, sudden changes can occur. Prepare yourself accordingly. If you have any further suggestions regarding choices of the best babymoon destinations, do leave your feedback.