How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Really Last?

Laser removal of hair is a long-lasting hair removal treatment that gets the job done but damages the hair follicles. But, the hair particularly regrows after the follicle gets damaged and doesn’t destroy in the process of removing hair with a laser. Due to this, doctors nowadays refer removal of hair through laser as long-term hair removal instead of a permanent solution for removing hair.

Trying laser hair removal London is a perfect way to eliminate unwanted hair on the body and the face. However, with these processes some people also notice permanent outcomes. This occurs on the body and the face. Hormonal fluctuations also play a key role in the regrowth of hair for many people. 

For How Long Laser Hair Removal Lasts?

The treatment outcomes are permanent after the destruction of hair follicle. After only damaging the hair follicle, the hair grows eventually. 

The time taken for hair regrowth is based on the growth cycle of the hair of each individual. Some people also have hair growing quicker than others. In the resting mode, the hair grows slowly compared to another phase. Many people expect hair regrowth to occur within months. After it occurs, they try more treatments for removal. 

How Much Before the Hair Grows Back?

To know the time taken to grow back the hair with laser hair removal London, we should first know the hair growth pattern.

Hair Growth Stages

Hair goes through four growth stages. These are: catagen, or the transitional stage, anagen, or the growth stage, telogen, or the resting stage and exogen, or the shedding stage.

At any provided time, you’ll have hairs going through four phases.

Laser hair removal also works after vaporizing the hair below the root and the skin.

Due to this reason, it only targets hair in the growth or anagen phase. Due to this it also takes spaced apart, and many treatments to get all the hair growing in a certain spot.


Body Hair Regrowth

You’ll see hair in the laser treatment course. Some hair regrowth will occur, but most would be hair that isn’t properly treated yet.

After completing the treatment course, you might not notice any hair regrowth for years. On the body, laser hair removal can offer long-lasting and permanent outcomes. Over time, hair strands that don’t grow back should be fine and sparse. 

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Hair Regrowth on Face

On the face, laser hair removal isn’t permanent but would be long-lasting. Some people have reported seeing no hair return after10 years or more. Others also experience regrowth soon and also rely on the annual touchup treatments for keeping unwanted hair at bay. 


So Is Hair Removal Permanent or Not?

Sometimes, yes and sometimes it is close. Permanent hair removal is often known as a misnomer. A destroyed hair follicle doesn’t grow back. Of course, that is permanent. However, when the follicle gets damaged but doesn’t get fully destroyed, it also grows back. But the hair won’t retain the strength or the color like it used to. 

The new hair strands are often weak and fine-looking. You just need some more maintenance sessions, for permanent hair removal.

Hormonal issues also cause some hair regrowth. Most women also see regrowth patches after they’ve got a baby. It is possible to combat these regrowth instances with a few follow-up sessions. 

Factors that Affecting the Permanency of Laser Hair Removal. 

Many factors are there that influence longevity of the process of hair removal: the technician’s skill, hair type, hormonal imbalances, follicle strength, etc. 

Should You Go For Laser Hair Removing Method?

It is common nowadays to have laser hair removal and many people opt for this feature for their whole body at once. With better technology, people now need few, less painful sessions to totally eradicate the hair from the selected body part. It is a more cost-effective and convenient choice than waxing. It is most often, a one-time investment instead of visiting the local salon on a monthly basis. 


Does Hair or Skin Color Affect The Growth?

Hair removal from laser treatment works perfectly on individuals with dark hair with lighter complexions. It is as the skin pigment contrast turns it simple for laser to make way into the hair follicle, destroying the follicle, and traveling into it. 


People with light hair or dark skin would need more treatment compared to others and they might find the growth of more hair. 

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For permanent hair removal, the expert must know about the correct method of targeting hair and selecting the right laser type. According to published research in 2013, laser producing longer hair wavelengths work perfectly on darker skin complexion. 


Risks and Sife Effects

In the treatment procedure, some people face discomfort, stinging, or burning. Due to this reason, most professionals apply some numbing solution to the place they treat. However, many people also get an allergic skin irritation reaction after irritation of skin in place of the numbing cream. 

Some minor side effects are possible and they include:

  • Skin color changes, mainly for some people with darker skin
  • Redness of skin
  • Crusting and blistering of skin

Sometimes, hair removal irritation results in scarring. The damaged skin is also prone to infection. Although it is rare, it is possible to spread skin infections as they turn life-threatening. With an in depth medical history and benefits and risks provider can find right treatment option, including risks from side effects. 

After hair removal, the person must avoid exposure to the sun. The sun irritates your skin, which also increases blister and scar-associated risks. 

People who get a fever, intense pain, blisters, crusting, or other skin damage signs should consult a doctor, 

Does repetitive laser Therapy Sessions Hinder Hair Growth?

Laser hair removal London is available in four-session packages or more. 12 or more treatments can stop hair growth. After completing the sessions, one only needs minimal touchups. Some people might need semiannual treatments. Others would find that they don’t need 5 years of touchup or more. 

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