Taking a trip to Amalfi? Here are things to do in Amalfi coast

The lush Sorrentine Peninsula pushes out the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea like a gnarled finger. Peering over this azure blue flow is the 50km long stretch of coastline, a UNESCO Heritage Site of Amalfi. With the Lattari Mountains framed as the backdrop – this idyllic little coastline runs from Punta Campanella to Salerno; this almost comes by as the perfect antidote to Naples. A perfect postcard locale – if you can brave the winding roads, it will lead you to a picturesque domain where you can explore a paradisical week. This post will highlight some challenging things to do in Amalfi coast.

If you intend to take a romantic break from Naples’s ancient times, a quick drive to this terraced coastal village is invitingly refreshing. As you navigate down this page, you will discover the famous sights to visit, the activities that this land offers, the best time to explore, and some tips for visiting the coast. Wait no more! Scroll down and figure out this destination for yourself –

What are the things to do in Amalfi coast?

You are bound to be spoilt for choices here. Hence – the list kicks off as – 

  • Hiking in the Path of the Gods 

This connecting path between Bomberano and Nocelle, officially called the Path of the Gods – provides you with a picturesque 4-mile long path that ensures you the premium quality postcard locales. The Belvedere viewpoint, the ancient ruminants of this hiking path, and the little-known Nocelle and Bomberano towns are your stops up the way.

things to do in Amalfi coast

#If you are done hiking here – the protected area of Ferriere Valley is another height to scale! The winding paths provide ideal rugged trails for cycling into this biodiversity hotspot. 

  • You cannot miss out on visiting Positano 

Visiting Positano must be on your list of things to do in Amalfi coast.

This beguiling pastel-shaded town – had its first claim to fame in a John Steinback Harper Bazaar article back in 1953. Since then – it has been on the ‘view list’ of the guests of the Amalfi coast. Suppose you are looking to laze around and splurge. In that case, the sandy beaches of Fornillo and Marina Grande, the seaside cafes and bars (you might find a celeb sitting here and there), the church of Santa Maria Assunta – this little fishing village is shaped into a ravine, with its alleys walking you into the harbors of this village.

  • Exploring the town of Amalfi 

This coastal town of Amalfi has been a trading port in the past. However, now it is a quaint little town that offers picturesque views and a set-up cradled between the sea and the mountains. The cove at Santa Croce and the Cathedral of Saint Andrea are two of the most breathtaking sights to check out. Apart from that – it is a great domain to explore by car, with the side alleys catapulting you into the domain of the Middle Ages. 

  • The Ravello Villa that you must visit! 

Go by any of the tourist guides regarding things to do in Amalfi coast – a drive to Ravello is mentioned at the top! Along with the range of scenic portraits, the Villa Cimbrone is the highlight of this domain. Climb up to the Terrace of Infinity and stop by the Garden of Lucia and check out the Baroque-styled churches – every corner of this town is packed up with some sights to stop by. 

  • Day out on the Furore Beach 

A famous diving beach – the Fiordo de Furore (official name) is an iconic beach with staircases leading down to the sandy domain. If you are done diving, swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the beach – you can visit the town of Furore – a domain packed with vine terraces and limestone cliffs!

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things to do in Amalfi coast

Would you care for some kicking adventure?

When you are done visiting the above domains, and you still have some energy kicking inside you – here is the other set of things to do in Amalfi coast.

Dive down –

  • In Salerno – skydiving is one of the most adrenaline-pumping activities that you can be a part of.


  • If you are in Sorrento – do not miss out on the crystal kayaking adventures that will take you to the hidden coves and bays along the island. Some more time on your hand? Go swimming or snorkeling!


  • If you are completely washed out and want a day of rest – there are plenty of beach clubs that are available for you to relax. Get yourself a sunbath and enjoy the delicious lunch served by the beach.

When should you visit the land?

A coastline like this is best to be visited in the summers (May to August)! The Tyrrhenian Sea is beckoning, while the hiking paths allure your attention. Though the temperature primarily settles around the eighties, the citrus plants’ groves are pregnant with lemons. What’s more? The yachts on the beachside await your accommodation, and the summer hiking and boating activities are at their prime (gives you more things to do in Amalfi coast).

Just in case – you wish to explore this quaint little place with all its cultural ramifications – September to December (the winter months) are a great visit.

Any specific things to remember?

  • If you wish to explore the Amalfi coast in the superlative format – taking a room overlooking the Mediterranean is the first thing to remember! Though summers (being primetime) in Amalfi is expensive, the views and the services they offer are unparalleled!
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  • Multiple five-star hotels offer their stay services, and you can choose them according to your budget. However, the pastel homestays and beach houses that offer let-out services are a great alternative.


  • If you can – get a car from one of those rental services and drive around the winding lanes of this destination. Just note – due to over-tourism, currently, there are rules associated with rental cars. Those with odd number plates can hit the roads on odd days and vice versa. If there is any further update – it will be posted here. Driving and hiking are two of the ‘never-miss-out’ things to do in Amalfi coast.


  • The waters are not to be missed. So once you are done boating, go for a swim at the Gotta dello Smeraldo! Also, do check out the ceramics stores in this region.


  • Carry your hiking wear and swimwear – you will be spoilt for choices in these aspects. Don’t forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

things to do in Amalfi coast

Take a beach break

Amalfi coast is maddeningly touristy in nature, and with a million vistas to offer – this is nothing less than a feast to your eyes. If you do plan your trip to this land – make it a point to curate your trip as per this article to derive maximum benefit.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this write-up on the things to do in Amalfi coast. Do pin this post up for future reference. If you wish to add some more information to this tour guide article, do leave your comments below.

Buon Soggiorno.