Best African Countries To Visit: Places You Should Be

With so many best African countries to visit around, you are bound to be confused about where you should be. Africa is a land of culture and extremely huge.

Africa is a vast continent and home to varied cultures. It is the land having several identities, nature, and history. The diverse content of Africa makes it one of the most respected places to be. You surely want to know about the top 10 best countries in Africa.

When it comes to meeting diversity and natural beauty, Africa is just the place to be. You can’t bring down Africa’s beauty to one spot. With so many singular destinations, you will come across knowing the true beauty of Africa via so many aspects. From the deep Blue Nile to pristine Victoria Falls, when you’re in Africa, you will often find your mind wandering about the places you should be visiting.

No matter what purpose you visit Africa for, there will always be an experience you want to relish. If you haven’t gotten over the best African countries to visit or have very little knowledge about it, let us help you.

All the Best African Countries to Visit

If you want yourself relished in the beauty of the most respected African countries, you should consider taking a trip down the place. Here are all the best African countries to visit.

South Africa

If you’ve been wondering that South Africa is a continent, you’re probably wrong. Honestly, many of us are just confused. But, South Africa is indeed one of the best African countries to visit because it has a tabletop-like look.

One of the most prominent aspects of visiting South Africa is that it will look like some other place around Europe or the US. Although it will look so modern, there is always something very natural or related to its culture.

The main thing that attracts you to South Africa is nature. The Table Mountain in South Africa is one of the main aspects that will attract you to the place even more. Because of its unparalleled beauty, South Africa falls under the category of the top 10 best countries in Africa. The major cities of South Africa, Cape Town, and Johannesburg are the main metropolitan cities of the place.

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Whether you’re a history lover or an adventure lover, the pyramids must have summoned you once. Didn’t they? These tall structures and huge deserts are the main attraction around Egypt. Egypt is the place where the Middle East meets the Mediterranean culture. The prominence or the importance of Egypt to mankind has been unparalleled

The pyramids of Egypt have been classified as one of the heritage sites. Egypt has been the home to several prehistoric kingdoms and one of the earliest yet the most modern civilizations of the world. The iconic pyramids are one of the major attractions here. Apart from its rich historical background, Egypt shares the coastline around the Red Sea. One of the best parts of visiting Egypt? You get the advantage of a visa on arrival.


One of the greatest rather one of the best African countries to visit in Ethiopia. And the main reason you should be visiting Ethiopia is that it is brimming with beauty and yet is one of Africa’s most minor visited destinations. The tranquil beauty and adventurous activities around Ethiopia will make you want to visit the place again and again.

Ethiopia also houses the active volcano of Erta Ale. Erta Ale finds itself on the list of a few active volcanoes around the world. It would be a pleasure to watch the boiling lava coming out of a volcano. And yet, it would be so dreading. Ethiopia is indeed one of the best vacation spots.


Tanzania finds itself in the list of top 10 must-visit places in Africa. The beach destinations of Tanzania are the major attractions, such as Pemba and Zanzibar. So, if you’re looking forward to experiencing diving and beaches around Africa, you should consider visiting Tanzania.

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The Serengeti National Park of Tanzania is indeed one of the must-visit places. Also, it is one of the most respected African countries. The surrounding national park of Tanzania makes it the home to frequent wildebeest migrations. The unparalleled beauty of Tanzania is one of the best places that make you come back here over and over again. Mount Kilimanjaro is located at the height of 6000 meters which is one great attraction.


You probably have witnessed the wildlife and craziness of Madagascar from the movie itself. But is it anything closely related to it? Well, even if not completely, slightly it is. Madagascar is one of the most famous attractions of Africa, mostly because of its pristine beaches and exotic wildlife.

Madagascar is one of the most peaceful destinations across South Africa. The huge coral reefs situated on the Indian Ocean make it one of the most prime destinations of the place. One of the best parts about visiting Madagascar is that you can indulge in diving and get luxurious resorts for living too. You will find several fishing towns and Baobab trees across this place. Moreover, the national parks are in abundance around here.

If you’re from the UK and US, you need to apply for a visa before visiting this place.


Does this place remind you a little about Maui from Moana? Well, if you’re a Disney fan, you probably know what we’re talking about.

Unlike most of the places in Africa, Malawi isn’t completely the home to beaches but is, in fact, a landlocked country of Africa. Lake Malawi is one of the most prime attractions of the place. The freshwater, marine life makes you want to come back to this place again and again.

The lake also gives you insight into space’s wildlife, making you wonder about antelopes and leopards. The warm hostility and friendliness of people will make it one of the best attractions.

With so many best African countries to visit, you should plan your trip to this place at least once in your life.

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