How to boost fertility in your 30s – the strategies to follow!

So, what was it that was holding you up? Career priorities? Perhaps a late marriage? Else – could it also be some health issue? Whatever might be the scenario – but if you are here browsing queries such as – how to boost fertility in your 30s – let’s inform you that you are not flying solo! In the current socio-economic set-up – this is not just one of the primary health queries but also one of the most trending searches on multiple health sites.

Would you care to know how? This post will precisely explore those facets and help you medically deal with this condition. That’s not all – this will also chart out ideas for both genders and a to-do action list that will enhance the fertility levels in this environmentally and societally complicated world.

Here you go –

What does the data state?

#The chances of pregnancy post-30s for women adds up to 15-20%. It boils down to a mere 5% over 40 years. 

#Quality of male sperm degrades within the age range of 40-45 years, and for fathers over 40 years – almost 5% of kids are born with genetic defects. 

how to boost fertility in your 30s

How to boost fertility in your 30s?

Standing in the post-Covid world, taking care of one’s health has become more imperative. Also, some people are especially taking care of the same and steering clear of the previously unrestricted lifestyle they used to live. However – if you are still not one of them but looking forward to joining the club – this post will provide some easy-to-apply ideas to answer the query – how to boost fertility in your 30s?

1. For starters – Quitting is not the end – it’s just the beginning 

The first response to how to boost fertility in your 30s – is to quit your cigarettes and alcohol and sudden plans and a routine-less lifestyle! Saying it is easier than doing it – therefore, you can kickstart the process by reducing the devils as mentioned above and then going in for complete quitting. Also – as you are reducing or cutting these down from your regular diet and settling down for a routine – restricted lifestyle, take care to de-stress your body so that it can return to its usual form of functioning.

2. Can you restrict it? Then – try checking your plate as well 

For most people – completely quitting alcohol or smoking can be a task! Therefore – one needs to practice restriction. That’s not just about the ‘unnecessary habits’ but also must be practiced about your food habits. Ask any random person about their food habits, and you will find their plate having more junk than necessities. You will have to work to improve your fertility rates in these areas. Have a fulfilling breakfast, and add salads and antioxidant-rich foods to your list. Make sure that fruits are a regular part of your diet.

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3. Body shaming is not right – but being fat is not the solution either! 

Standing in the 21st century – it is extremely uncivilized behavior to call out someone for their weight or body shape. At the same time – being proud of who you are as a person is a great thing. However – if you do have weight issues, then looking towards dealing with it is the correct step towards getting closer to answering – how to boost fertility in your 30s.

Multiple medical reports state that people with a lower BMI or those who do not have a healthy range of fat in their body – have – a harder time conceiving or even inseminating. The ‘good fats’ are important for the body, while the ‘trans – fats’ need to be negated. For the uninitiated – trans fats also negatively affect the sensitivity of insulin in the body, which, again, harms the body. Therefore – the target here is – to gain weight in the correct manner to improve fertility rates.

You need to make ‘regular exercise’ a way of life! Eat and beat is the mantra to follow. 

how to boost fertility in your 30s

As a man – any other job left?

To enhance your fertility? Yes, there are! Here’s the listicle –

  • Add supplements to your diet. From zinc and D-aspartic acid supplements to Vitamin C and fenugreek supplements, they help improve testosterone levels (enhancing sperm count) and strength and assist simultaneously in fat loss. Categorically, Vitamin C ameliorates the body’s immunity, making it capable of fighting multiple infections.


  • Some natural remedies to try. One of the key comebacks to how to boost fertility in your 30s is to trust nature – and seek resources from it. Whether it is ashwagandha or maca root, or even a bit of puncture vine – these products increase libido, enhance sexual performance and definitely upgrade your fertility standards.

How about being a woman?

As you read this article – dear lady, you might be thinking of all those PCOD or PCOS tests that you have undertaken, the period issues that you have faced, and finally, the constant fear of infertility that has gutted your mind every time you have had an issue with your periods.

Well – if a man’s fertility decreases post their 30s, for the women, it diminishes to a much greater extent as they reach their 30s and later 30s. So, what would be the women’s response regarding the query of – how to boost fertility in your 30s? Scroll down to get the answers –

  • The usual – Quitting and Exercise – Alcohol, cigarettes, stress – has never helped anyone, and be assured it is not going to help you either@woman! It can and definitely has harmed you way more. Therefore – try reducing the intake and finally quit it at the earliest. Follow this with a proper exercise routine.
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  • Track your dates and note your weight well – A good period is a key to a fertile ovary and extension of your body. Keep track of your cycle (multiple online apps are available) and check your ovulation dates. Additionally – keep track of your food habits and try maintaining a healthy weight (in the correct BMI range) to maximize fertility levels.


  • Choose safe sex always! A very important aspect since women is more prone to sexually transmitted diseases that, if left undiagnosed and untreated, could lead to infertility. Hence – use protection whenever you are up for some casual get-go!


  • Follow it up with regular consultations. Consulting a professional at regular intervals is a must for a woman since they are prone to pelvic adhesions and cervical or uterine abnormalities – a combination of it all could result in infertility over a period (especially post – 30s).

Take care of these factors, and it would automatically ease answering – about how to boost fertility in your 30s.

how to boost fertility in your 30s

Do consult a medical professional

As most of the testimonials from multiple websites and other arenas have stated – and you surely may check them out – if you follow the techniques mentioned above, then initially, you will have a healthy lifestyle, and that will proceed to answer the query of – how to boost fertility in your 30s?

However, it is common knowledge that every ‘human body’ reacts differently. So, there might be a scenario wherein you may have tried the strategies that have been given, and none of them work, or some of them do but not in a comprehensive manner. In either of the mentioned cases – the best alternative is to consult a medical professional who will guide you through this path and help you actually elevate your fertility status.

#However, it is still suggested that – you follow at least some of the strategies, and even if they do not precisely help you with fertility, but will surely drive you towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Take care of your health then

Though societally – post-30s is THE new 20s, physically, if you are not careful, specific issues may arise. Therefore it is advised that you read this post on – how to boost fertility in your 30s, taking that into consideration.