The Top 4 quickies to answer – how to make heels more comfortable?

How to make heels more comfortable? Ask Zendaya!! That woman not just wore the ‘not fit for walking’ 130 mm heels from the house of Christian Louboutin – but rocked the red carpet at the Radio Disney Music Awards!! Yes, you can always click on a new tab to check her out, but as of now – how about concentrating on how you would style yours? Those red pumps seem to be waiting on the shelf, staring at you –

There’s always a way out, and we have crawled the web to curate this article for you. In this content – you will find some tips (from Zendaya’s sense of style) to wear those heels without hurting your feet. Get ready to trot along –

How to make heels more comfortable?

When it comes to wearing high heels – it is almost taken for granted that your feet will hurt if you wear them! But that is not always true. Multiple ways are available to ensure your feet are well protected even when you have the highest of them. How? Here’s the way –

#1 – Mole Skin comfort padding will pad up your feet

This is a cotton flannel with an adhesive backing that is used as a patch to cover the foot (quite like but better than a bandage) or plaster over the blisters. So, even if your heels give you some friction apart from style content – you may use them for relief. This is your first answer to – how to make heels more comfortable.

You can also tape your toes – that is, tape your third and fourth toes to assist the walking pace.

#2 – Sprays are always there – from Deodorants to Anti-Blister ones

The anti-blister or foot spray are great ways to keep those blisters at bay or even heal them when required. They keep your feet protected from the heels and ease the pain caused by those high pumps.

Also, before putting in those heels, spray the area with any deodorant and wear them. It will soften the skin and save you some unwanted blisters.

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how to make heels more comfortable

#3 – If your heels are a little big – Heel Pads can save you

This is the best answer to how to make heels more comfortable. They not just fill in the gaps but also ensure an external barrier against your heels scraping against your shoes.

#4 – Add insoles to your shoe soles

Your shoes already have soles, but an additional pair of insoles will simply help to alleviate the ‘pain’ that you might feel walking in those heels. They are mostly targeted at your metatarsal pain and help ease the pain that occurs mainly at the ball of the feet.

Here are some immediate quickies to help you –

Despite the tricks to save your feet from the heels’ hurdles, you might sometimes get too many blisters out of the blue. In that case – you can always protect your heels with these tips –

Heel Protectors – They are small caps at the edge of your heels that help maintain the stability of your heels.

The Frozen Water trick – If, by chance, your shoe size doesn’t match and there’s no chance to change it immediately (devastating!), there’s a way to enhance the size. Get a ziplocked bag and fill it half with water. Now, place it inside the shoe and put it in the freezer for a good 6-7 hours. The shoe expands, and you are ready to go. This is a great trick to respond to the query – how to make heels more comfortable?

Lastly – Wearing Padded Stockings – Stockings and heels have been in fashion since the 1960s, and if you pad up your set of socks, be assured – you will look both stylish and save your foot.

how to make heels more comfortable

Perhaps you could choose better?

You already have chosen your heels, and the hacks mentioned above will help you trot through them. But you can always be careful the next time, right? Here are some tips that will help you choose the correct pair of heels so that the next time you can forward this content on how to make heels more comfortable to your pals rather than you grueling through it.

If you are a beginner –

In that case, you have a lot to learn before you buy your ‘Cinderella pair’. Here are the pointers –

1. Do you know your shoe size well?

This is one of the key issues in most cases when people question how to make heels more comfortable. Most people are not aware of their shoe size (atleast not the ideal one that fits them), which again creates issues about choosing heels.

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Style tip Make sure that in front of your longest toe, there must be space within a quarter to half an inch. Also, if your feet feel squished, you must go up just half a size.

2. Start with platform heels or the wedges

Pin-up heels sound nice but stick to platform heels and wedges as a beginner. They bring more stability vis-a-vis the pin heels and help you get accustomed to the whole ‘heel-walking’ before you go in for the pointed ones.

Style tip The toe should be flat when you put in those heels. Also, your heel must be fixed up to ensure a better match.

3. Posture is the key to successfully carrying your heels

You are not wearing sneakers – you are wearing heels! So carry yourself straight – the center of gravity of your body is now at your heels and walk through.

Style tip You will have to engage your abs and need to walk in the heel-to-toe format.

4. Always go shoe-shopping at night

When you do so, your feet are already swollen, so you get shoes that fit your size. Pedicured feet are not exactly very welcoming while shoe shopping.

Style tip If your shoes do not fit your expanded foot, chances are that it will usually hurt. Discard the pair!

5. Cut down on the length of the heels

When you are a beginner – go slow but straight. So, ensure that even when you are buying platforms or wedges, they must not be more than 3mm.

Style tip – Do try walking in them more than once at home before you step out. Also, start by taking smaller steps.

When you follow these tips while buying your shoes, you automatically get a better pair of heels. This will immediately grant you the required comfort, albeit, after that, if you still have some troubles (you can, it’s alright), you may always check out the hacks that have been previously mentioned.

how to make heels more comfortable
Image Credit: Medical News Today

If you are a pro

In that case, there’s no need to walk you through this list because you are pretty aware. However, you can always try to make some changes that have been mentioned above (especially the trick about shopping for heels at night). Apart from that – keep trying out these hacks as and when you might need them.

Buckle up now, lady

As you have seen for yourself, there are ways to respond to the query of how to make heels more comfortable. All you have to do is apply these hacks mentioned and strive to get to the top. After all – Marilyn Monroe had always stated – “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. Let us know how these hacks worked for you, and keep checking this page for some exciting content.