Top 3 Christmas cake decorating ideas for this 25th!

The 25th is just a month away! Have you gathered the fruits and the wine for your fruitcake recipe? Is it cream cake this Christmas? Here are some of the premier Christmas cake decorating ideas from the brains of the best chefs! As you scroll down this list, you will find some decor that suits the demands of traditional fruit cakes while some unique ideas are left for your frosty companion. What’s your pick this winter?

Here are some of the options from which you can choose –

Christmas cake decorating ideas for you

If you want to style the fruitcake, you can start one week before the 25th of December. The cake will stay not just upto the Christmas, but a week beyond that, if preserved at the correct temperature. However, for the cream cake, you need to do it the night before. You can also do it in the morning for an evening get-together (if you have time after the church celebrations).

Without waiting further – here, you go.

#1. How to decorate the fruitcake?

If a plethora of Christmas cake decorating ideas is going through your mind, you must know that it is the icing on the cake that you will have to decorate. For that, the cake must be moist throughout so the icing can set well.

Normally, gingered fruit cake is the ultimate choice in this featured category. You already know how to make it (though some recipes may differ from each other. So, let’s concentrate on the icing and the decor – formally, it is known as the rustic Christmas decor on the fruitcake.

For the icing, you will require – marmalade or apricot jam (preferable) upto 3 tablespoons, marzipan (500 grams), lemon juice upto 3 teaspoons, 2 egg whites, sifted powdered icing (400 grams), glycerine upto 1 teaspoon (to maintain the solid set-up of the icing).

To adequately execute the Christmas cake decorating ideas on this ginger-based fruitcake, you will need –

Cones of pine, egg white (1 egg), orange (1), fresh cranberries, rosemary sprigs (handful), bay leaves (4), caster sugar (2 teaspoons), icing and granulated sugar, cinnamon sticks.

Steps to decorate the cake –

  • Once the cake is prepared, you must graze it with alcohol to keep it moist. Ready to ice the cake? Then, you will have to trim the cake and fill in all the gaps, so there is nothing to pour out. Now – you will have to microwave heat the jam or the marmalade to make it just about runny. Brush a thin layer on the cake to make it sticky.
  • In the next step, knead the marzipan and sprinkle the icing sugar. Next, lay it on the jam spread and smoothen it with the sugar dust to trim the edges.
  • You will have to combine egg whites with glycerine and lemon juice for the froth. Place it on the cake and trim it to complete the icing. From here, the decoration will start.
  • Slice the orange and bake them. Then leave it out to dry. Combine the egg white (the second one for the decoration) with the cranberry, rosemary, sugar, and bay leaves. Deck it up with granulated sugar and leave it to dry.
  • Finally – place the cranberry blend on the jam mixture and then garnish with pine cones, orange slices, and the extra cranberries and cinnamon sticks.
christmas cake decorating ideas
Image Credit: BBC

Celebrity chef Rick Stein categorically states that ‘you will have to keep the decoration haphazard to match the rustic standards’. This is one of the Christmas cake decorating ideas you can try out this 25th!

#2. How to style the cream cake?

When you have a cream cake to decorate – the options are varied. You can change the icing according to the demands – from a Reindeer format to the usual Christmas tree. The Midnight Lights has been a trending theme for the last couple of years. Added to that – the Forest themed ones and the Snowstorm ones are also very frequently used. So, why not try some novel Christmas cake decorating ideas for this year?

If you have to use any of the themes mentioned above, you can change the icing to match the demand. Most of the recipes are available on the internet. But this – is something that has been advertised by some of the towering cake chefs globally. Let’s take a look at the Christmas cake with pinecone wreath.

As you already know, this is a vanilla-flavored cake; therefore, you will bake it in the usual way. However, surprisingly, this decor can be on a fruitcake base. ( Normally, Christmas cakes are fruitcakes – but here we will try something different.

For the covering, you will need – apricot glaze (2 tablespoons), marzipan (750 grams), icing sugar dust, ready-to-roll sugar paste (750 grams), and vodka (you can also use lukewarm boiled water).

Apart from that – you will also require marzipan, toasted almonds and rosemary frigs (both handfuls), cinnamon sticks, caster sugar, star anise, cranberries (a handful), egg white (1), amaretti biscuits (optional).

Steps to decorate the cake –

  • Firstly you will have to glaze the cake with apricot and sprinkle dust sugar on it. On top of that – spread the marzipan and lay the cake out to dry. Keep it for a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 7 hours (hence it has been said that you can decorate the cream cake just a day before or even in the morning).
  • Once dried – you will have to brush the sugar paste and drape the marzipan with either the vodka or the water. Again set it to dry (3 hours minimum, the more time you have, the better).
  • The pine cones that you will create will have flaked almonds within. Follow the usual process of rolling the marzipan, and then you can dust them with the icing sugar.
  • Next is the crystallization process – you will have to whisk the eggs along with the sprigs, caster sugar, cinnamon sticks, and cranberries. The frothing is ready!
  • The rest of the decorations are already here; all you have to do is arrange them in a wreath-like manner. For that, you can consult any picture or video. The amaretti biscuits, star anise, and pinecones are already kept.

christmas cake decorating ideas

#Though you can do the ornamentation at the last moment, we would suggest that you start implementing these Christmas cake decorating ideas beforehand (at least a week). Then you will get a better quality cake rather than that which you get on a one-day notice.

#3. Want to try a distinct style this Christmas?

Are you someone who likes to experiment? Then how about trying out sponge cake for this Christmas? Coming from the kitchens of some veteran chefs following the old-school English style, here are some Christmas cake decorating ideas you can try on sponge cakes.

When choosing sponge cakes, the preferred variety is – cranberry and orange cake with white chocolate. On top of that – you can always choose the snowflake and meringue option. Classic and acceptable as per Christmas tradition – for the decor, you will need – white fondant and white chocolate icing to start with. Also, meringue sprinkles, gold glitter sprinkles, and golden leaf (optional) are must-haves!

Steps to decorate the cake –

  • Spread the fondant icing on the cake and leave it to dry (minimum 3-5 hours). After that, you can brush the gold luster powder and shield that with the white fondant icing. The base of the decor has been set.
  • In the next step, you will have to place the gold leaves in a manner that shows that the leaves are placed on the sides of the cake. Use a knife or a paintbrush to hold up the leaves.

christmas cake decorating ideas

  • Now the meringue and the sprinkles are here. Firstly, you will have to pull up the meringues and spread them atop the cake. On that – spread the gold sprinkles randomly and add some icing to set the cake.
  • Want to make it ‘extra special’? Add some meringues along the cake base with a minimal spread of sparkles.

Your spongy cake decor is ready to be tasted!

Choose well, its Christmas

Those were some of the Christmas cake decorating ideas you may follow for the upcoming festive season. Whichever idea you might pick, we would request you start the decorating process at least 1 week before Christ’s birthday. This will give ample time for the garnishing to settle down and ensure that you have the best cake to relish.


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