Top 15 volumizing haircuts for thin long hair in 2023!

Are your locks looking lifeless? The oils and shampoos have not shown effects as promised by the endorsements. We understand the pain of the same! Having taken note of that, may we suggest some volumizing haircuts for thin long hair? Chopping off your tresses is not the easiest of decisions. But when you can bounce up some volume to your hair, then why not try the same? This write-up will give you an idea on how to actualize it.

As you will scroll down this listicle, we will also provide you with some tips to enhance the bounce of your hair naturally. Here comes the list –

What are the volumizing haircuts for thin long hair?

The available volumizing haircuts include a plethora of alternatives, from single lengths to mid-lengths, heavy bangs, beachy waves, and light layers, to name a few. Check these out –

1. One Length

One of the most opted alternatives in this listicle of volumizing haircuts for thin long hair is the one-length format haircut. With limp manes, the major problem is – there is too much weight on the ends. When you go in for chopping your hair in this one-length format, the weight is taken away from the ends due to the presence of the layers. To enhance the look, add some volume-amplifying products when you style your hair.

Ever checked out Gwyneth Paltrow’s hairstyle? That’s what we are talking about!

2. Wavy Mid-Length

If you do not wish to chop off your mane to a bob-cut format, you could always go mid-length. Now, take up any of those branded heating tools and create waves in your locks – either on the sides or the middle portion.

#You could add a set of floral chains with pins on your waves. 

3. Light Layers

Adding layers to your hair, especially in the lower portions is another of the volumizing haircuts for thin long hair you may try. Whenever you add layers to your hair, the weight is taken away from the lower ends of the locks – which thereby adds volume to your limp hair.

For those who like it long, you could also choose long layers, which not just suit different facial structures but also lighten the weight of the strands.

4. Wavy shoulder-length

After mid-length, you could also go shoulder-length and add some waves to amplify the volume of your hair. Get a curling iron and create some waves, especially from the middle portion to get a fuller look.

#To add to the volume, you may also clip your hair pressing one strand over the other. 

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volumizing haircuts for thin long hair

5. Chunky Layers with Bold highlights

Tired of the usual long-layer cuts? You could opt for chunky layers and highlight parts of your hair to ensure the correct volume. When you go in for the chunky-layered look, you are concerned with two prominent layers of your hair. Now to add more depth to this look, you will have to go in either for – a blonde or golden brown shade which gives it more depth.

#You may also go in for other hues to highlight the layers. But ensure your stylist knows how to use that to your benefit. 

6. Lifted Roots

We understand you are looking for volumizing haircuts for thin long hair – but what if you could go for shorter strands? It is no secret that the shorter your strands are, the higher the chances that the roots will offer more volume. You could ask your stylist, to shorten your strands and on the lower ends amplify the volume.

The pretense you have to put up is – your hair is denser in the lower domains. There are multiple volume-addition products in the market, which you may use to assist in the process.

7. Hidden Layers

You could always go in for long layers to add volume to your hair, but, if not a fan of them – hidden layers do the job well for you! Compared to its longer alternative, it is subtle and is not dramatically visible on the outside. So, it does create a voluminous look, but at the same time does not show the thinning of your strands.

8. Choppy Layers with side-swept bangs

All those who are looking to add a new dimension to their locks with volumizing haircuts for thin long hair can always opt for choppy layers. They are edgy and blunt, with side-swept bangs adding instant volume to your limp hair.

9. Blunt cut edges

At times, you can just dodge the layers and go rather blunt. The blunt-cut alternative is one that precisely chops off the edges of the hair and keeps them at equal length. In this way – the hair looks denser comparatively.

volumizing haircuts for thin long hair
Image Credit: Vegamour

10. U-shaped cut with Soft Waves or Layers

If your hair already has waves, then you are game for it. If not, you can always chop off your hair in the U-shape and add some layers to the same to create a denser look. Ask your stylist to cut it in a way it looks like – the length gets a little shorter from the back to the front of the face.

If waves are not your thing – you can always use this U-cut with layers. They equally make your hair look fuller.

11. Side-Parting with Softly Blended Layers

This is one look that has been appreciated multiple times. You too can try it, it’s called side-parting. Ask your stylist to chop your hair in blended layers and then go in for a side part. On the one hand, your one side may look compromised in terms of volume, but on the other – the side-swept parting will ensure you get a voluminous mane.

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12. Short-Textured Bangs with Soft Layers

Another style in the list of volumizing haircuts for thin long hair is the short-textured bangs which increase the apparent fullness of your locks. When you create the bangs, the hair appears thicker on the upper area. As you go down, the layers come bringing a certain sense of volume to the locks.

#To enhance this look – you could choose to single-pin your strands at the back or go in for a single side-pining of your hair. 

13. Shaggy Cuts with Curtain Bangs

The grungy 80s look is back!! For all those with thin, limp manes – this shaggy cut with full bangs is a great way to add volume to your hair. Whether you want an – the just out of bed look or you choose to go casual – this is the most preferred cut!

#As the name suggests curtain bangs, therefore – you could go in for a middle parting style. It just replicates fallen drapes. 

14. Wispy Bouncy Layers

Do you want to get Rapunzel vibes by opting for one of the volumizing haircuts for thin long hair? The bouncy layers with wisp are the ones to choose from! From the middle of your hair, you can add some tapered layers. To complete this look, you will have to blow-wave your locks toward its ends. Who says you are not a Vogue cover model?

15. Full Bangs with Long Layers

Full bangs are the choice for a thin, limp mane! Blunt cut the bangs and add long layers to amplify the bounce of your hair. Ensure the bangs are heavy and keep the layers softer to create a fuller look.

volumizing haircuts for thin long hair

How to add volume to your locks?

Those were some of the volumizing haircuts for thin long hair which you may try. However, if you are looking for natural ways to improve the bounce of your hair – we have some suggestions for you.

1. Use an organic volumizing shampoo

Most people are advised to use hydrating shampoos. However, it is not suitable for those with an already limp mane. Therefore – you could choose an alternative in form of clarifying shampoo. They rinse off the dirt from your hair making it bouncier than before.

#For a conditioner or a hair oil – you could choose the hydrating variety. 

2. Leave-in products protect from humidity

You already know that humidity is not the best friend that limp hair has. But, when it comes to leave-in-products, there’s nothing better than a hydrating leave-in-product. Add a hydrating product (oil, conditioner, revitalizer) that solves issues such as – split ends, hair fall, and dandruff.

3. Try styling on wet hair

Quite contrary to what you have been told earlier, apart from opting for volumizing haircuts for thin long hair you also try styling on wet hair. When you try curlers and rollers on wet hair, they are prone to help your hair settle better vis a vis those that are left overnight.

These are a few of the natural techniques that one may use to bring back the bounce in their hair.

#Apart from the aforementioned techniques, a bi-yearly keratin treatment can also help add some volume to your mane. 

Locking up the issue

So, which one will you pick from this listicle of volumizing haircuts for thin long hair? Also, do you wish to add some new styles to this list? Do leave your thoughts below. Keep checking this page for more updates!