Recommended Tourist Attractions on Bintan Island

Bintan is one of the islands in the Riau Islands region. Bintan Island is known as a vacation destination, both by local and foreign tourists. Besides having many tourist attractions, this island also has recommendations for Bintan resorts that are comfortable for you to stay in.

It is a part of the regional islands, making Bintan Island famous for its beautiful scenery and natural attractions. Not only that, but this island also has historical and educational tourist attractions. Here are some tourist destinations that you can visit on Bintan Island. 

Recommended Tourist Attractions on Bintan Island

Bintan Island is famous for its stunning natural attractions. There are many white sand beaches which are the main attraction for tourists. In addition, this island also has other tourist recommendations that are very suitable to be visited with family.

 1. Lagoi Bay Beach

Lagoi Bay is the most famous beach resort and has become an icon of the Riau Islands. It is located in Sebung Lagoi Village, Bintan Island. This beach has a broad and calm view of the blue sea.

Tourists can also enjoy the beach views and do various exciting activities, from speedboat, jet ski rides, snorkeling, and relaxing swimming. In the evening, Lagoi Bay beach is decorated with colorful lanterns, which add to the romantic atmosphere. 

2. Pengudang Beach

One of the beaches on Bintan Island, known as a hidden beach, is Pengudang Beach. Only a few people know about this beach’s existence so that many tourists that visit can feel a more private beach atmosphere. The main attraction of Pengudang Beach is the view of white sand and turquoise sea water. In addition, this beach also has lots of rocks and green trees.

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3. Bintan Mangrove Tourism

Bintan Mangrove, or Bintan Mangrove Forest, is a tourist destination that presents a beautiful natural atmosphere. This mangrove forest is used as a family educational tour. Tourists can go around the forest by riding a small boat. There are many exciting and instagrammable photo spots in this forest. Tourists will be accompanied by an officer who paddles the ship and also shares knowledge about mangroves to the tourists.

4. Panglong Tourism Village

Apart from natural tourism, Bintan Island also has cultural tourism destinations. One of them is Panglong Tourism Village which is famous for its traditional house called the charcoal house. The Sea Tribe inhabits this house as a place to make charcoal.

This tourist village is in great demand by foreign tourists because now tourists can visit Indonesia via Batam. How to go batam from Singapore? Tourists can take the VTL line in Batam to visit Indonesian tourist destinations.

Bintan Island is an area with beautiful natural tourist destinations in Indonesia. In addition, this island also has a variety of educational and cultural tours. No wonder, many tourists visit Bintan Island for a vacation. (pulpjuiceandsmoothie)