Dan Bilzerian Net worth 2022: All about the life of Instagram King

Dan Brandon Bilzerian is a famous personality over social media and in a gambler and American-Armenian actor. He is a popular personality known for his stunning lifestyle. His career began in the poker industry when he just entered into poker games in a Poker Main Event World Series. Bluff Magazine voted Bilzerian among the list of “funniest players of poker,” which made him come in the eye of huge media attention. Dan Bilzerian net worth 2022 is estimated at about $200 million.

Past life

Bilzerian took birth in the region of Tampa in Florida. Terri Steffen and Paul Bilzerian got blessed with Dan on December 7, 1980. Paul Bilzerian, his father, is a specialized takeover of the corporate sector. Adam Bilzerian is Dan’s brother, who is also a poker player. As per the records of April 2020, it was reported that Paul Bilzerian Net Worth amounts to $80 million. Most of Paul’s wealth accounts from his false means. He was involved in the cases of disputes made with the “Securities and Exchange Commission.” To recover from his fraud made insecurities, he was liable for an amount of $62 million.

During 2000, Bilzerian made his entry into the program course of “Navy SEAL training.” Though, he failed to complete his graduation even after multiple attempts. Subsequently, he made an enrolment at the University of Florida, where he enrolled for business and criminology.

Past career

In 1999, Dan joined the Navy team. After a year, he took part in the “SEAL training.” Though, he was out of the training after a few weeks.

Current career

During 2009, Bilzerian made his entry into the poker industry by participating in the “World Series Event of Poker.” He was given 180th rank in the event. Along with Nick Cassavetes, Tobey Maguire, and Gabe Kaplan, he was made to pay all the winnings back after earning from poker games to Bradley Ruderman, the scheme operator of Ponzi. In the same year, Dan was stuck against clearly the rumors regarding his illegal playing from Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez came up with a claim statement that his presence was noted in the World Series event. In the year 2013, Dan released a post regarding his $10.8 million dollars earning in a night poker game.

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During 2014, Dan achieved a winning amount above $50 million in a single year. In the same year, he sued Lone Survivor film producers. In 2016, Dan released an announcement regarding his new bid to run on behalf of the United States President, which made him stand in a lot of glam light. Though, he made a stop later and made the endorsement to Donald Trump.

After this time, Bilzerian got recognized under the “fame list of Instagram” and became a King on social media. Being a successful player of poker, he has earned a lot from other non-gambling sources.

Film industry investment sources and social media influencing

Right now, he is into film industry investment, also he is into social media influencing, to keep it all in simple terms and easy for people to understand we can say that he is now the brand face of social media. He has more than 23 million followers and around 20,000 more are added each day.


Bilzerian spends his time at different intervals in the homes of Los Angeles, Hollywood Hills, Las Vegas, California, and Nevada. In the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which took place on March 9, 2011, Dan defeated Tom Goldstein to gets hands on the wager amount of $385,000. In the Speedway, Bilzerian made his winning on an AC Cobra 1967 model, and Goldstein became his rival on the Ferrari 458 Italia.

His habits of abusing drugs resulted in him suffering from heart attacks two times early to being 32-years. In 2016, T-Pain (American Rapper) came up with a new song, which was given the name of Dan Bilzerian.

Career in Acting

Along with being a poker player, Dan also made his appearance as an actor in some films, including Lone Survivor, The Equalizer, Olympus Has Fallen, Cat Run 2, The Other Woman, War Dogs, and Extraction.

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Legal life problems

Bilzerian sued the Lone Survivors producers with a complaint that he gave the company a loan amount of $1 million with an exchange offer to share 8 minutes screen for 80 dialogue words. Seeing the final film version, he was seen in his role, not more than 1-minute spelling, only a single dialogue line. Under the lawsuit, he sought $1.2 million along with 20%. The thing got dropped later as Dan made obtained much attention after the issue, which made him get hands on $1.5 million due to the high success of the film.

In 2014, Dan got under the list of banned people from a nightclub in Miami, where he was found to kick on the face of Vanessa Castano (model) when falling in an argument. Dan made a statement that Vanessa, along with another lady, was involved in attempting to strike his girlfriend. Castano made a petition against Dan towards her face injuries with an amount of $1 million. In the same year, he was attached to a lawsuit case with Janice Griffith (pornographic actress). In the reports, it was out that he made her threw from the roof and fall in the pool during Hustler photoshoot. Later, Griffith experienced an injury in her foot when she got badly hit by the edge. She requested an amount of $85,000 against her injuries from Bilzerian, which was rejected by him. Later, she sued a lawsuit against Bilzerian and Hustler.

Social life

With the posts on Instagram, Dan Bilzerian became a part of the fame list. He has crossed above 26 million Instagram followers. He came up with a lifestyle of playboy among social media posts. On YouTube, Dan made his featured entry on the podcast of Joe Rogan, where he came up with his poker life career and present lifestyle.

Milestone of Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

In 2022, Dan made his first entry into the fame list. At that time, Dan Bilzerian net worth was reported at $200 million.

  • 2013- 2014: $50 to $100 million
  • 2015- 2016: $120 to $150 million
  • 2017- 2018: $170 to $180 million
  • 2022- 2023- $200 million

At present, Dan Bilzerian net worth is about $200 million. No doubt, Dan has become a successful person in the gambling world. With his ravishing lifestyle, he became a conic eye figure in social media.