iTop PDF: A Powerful, Rich-Element PDF Software for Your Computer

Explore the cutting-edge world of iTop PDF for Macintosh and iOS, which is currently unavailable to Windows users! Obtain a thorough list of the executive’s devices that are compatible with the company’s PDF programming but are not Windows-like. Discover the rationale behind iTop PDF’s focus on promoting the Mac and iOS versions as well as how this affects its Windows users.

Quick Outline

On Windows, iTop PDF is usable. Whatever the case, if you want a powerful, highlight-rich PDF viewer for your computer, there are several excellent programming options available. Many of these options include features similar to PDF Master, including the ability to edit, comment on, secure, and switch between reports, allow for complete customization options and provide intuitive user interfaces. 

Some of these agreements even include high-level components like cloud mixing, page devices, and information extraction. You should be able to discover a reliable and user-friendly PDF solution for your Windows computer, no matter what your needs are.

iTop PDF for Windows: High-level, PC PDF viewer with a wealth of components

iTop PDF is a high-level, element-rich PDF viewer and converter for PC users. It provides users with all the tools they need to effectively manage and edit their PDFs. Customers may easily access, comment on, offer, and convert their PDFs to numerous configurations using PDF Master.

  • Highlights include Word Change, Succeed, a Picture, and other arrangements.
  • Multiple-record choosing, which makes switching between reports easier.
  • provides amazing inquiry capabilities.
  • enables dealing with different section designs for useful modification.
  • Create bookmarks and provide a chapter-by-chapter overview for quick questions.
  • provides several explanation tools, including underlining, features, notes, and more.
  • “Peruser Mode” to make viewing records easier.
  • Move your dispersed storage administrations’ archives.
  • Quickly make your archives available to others.
  • both Macintosh and PC-compatible.
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Now let’s take a look at the frequently asked questions for this PDF software.

Was iTop PDF ever made available for Windows?

Yes, iTop PDF supports Windows versions 7 and higher. You can carry out a wide range of altering tasks quickly and accurately, like adding text, and images, linking to existing records, changing pages, and rotating reports. You may certainly complete structures, create PDFs from website pages, and so on.

Does iTop PDF have a price?

Yes, iTop PDF is a paid service. Both a membership option costing $12.49 per month or $50 per year, as well as an indefinite independent permission option costing $99 are available. Customers should be aware that the perpetual license does not cover substantial program updates.

Adobe or iTop PDF?

The majority of people believe that iTop PDF is superior to Adobe Tumbler Expert DC as a PDF manager. Compared to Stunt-devil Master DC, it offers a more remarkable, natural, and instinctive point of engagement, enabling users to quickly and effectively edit, convert, and clarify PDFs. Additionally, iTop PDF often offers the two options at a lower cost and executes more quickly than its Adobe rival.

Worth the effort to use iTop PDF?

Yes, iTop PDF is worth the money. It provides a comprehensive collection of features that make reading and editing PDF reports easier and more efficient. Its simple-to-use interface makes it easy to investigate, and its limitless dispersed storage ensures the security of your documents. Generally speaking, iTop PDF is the solution if you want a strong, include-rich arrangement.


Windows users have access to iTop PDF. If it were available, this feature-rich PDF editor and reader would provide users with a fantastic tool for working with records effectively and efficiently. However, users using iOS and macOS can still benefit from the features it offers and unquestionably gain from the improvements made to the program versions for these platforms.

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