6 stunning ways to style a tea-length wedding dress

If you are walking down the aisle in the next couple of months, what kind of timeless bride look are you vouching for? Do you wish to look like a docile and naive little girl blushing her way to the wedding arena, or are you the bold and sexy avatar, all set to marry the love of your life? A tea-length wedding dress, featuring a full skirt, with feminine lace detailing and nipped waist, makes you a bride who surely embraces her traditional roots but with a modern flair.

Whether you have a courthouse summer wedding or a winter beach wedding – this inherently chic outfit will match your demands. However, what you need to look into is –  the prevalent styles, the fabrics and bodice, the texture, and ways to accessorize it. This article will be your ultimate guide to styling the classic Audrey Hepburn wedding silhouette –

How to style a tea-length wedding dress?

Here are 6 ways to style a tea-length wedding dress as you prepare to become the ‘better half’ –

1. The Lace-style tea-length wedding dress

Do you wish to be a trendsetting bride? A lace-styled wedding dress ensures you can showcase your modesty and sensuality in a creative manner with the floral appliques amplifying your beauty. Adding to your fabric texture, this lace-style wedding dress is a fit for every body type.

We would suggest you let the dress do the talking and not add to it.

Style your hair – You can pin up your mane with either colored beads or simple pearls so that one can check out the floral imprint on your dress.

Shoes to add – White wedges are the best fit for this dress.

Accessorizing with – Our team of experts suggested a set of diamond drops and keep the neck free.

tea-length wedding dress

2. Tea-length wedding dress sans the sleeves

You have mostly checked out tea-length wedding dresses with sleeves. However, without the sleeves as well, you can style this bridal dress in multiple ways. How about adding a cashmere shawl to amplify this bridal look? A teal or a baby blush cashmere wrapped around your shoulders, with a bouquet of lilies – and you are set for the aisle.

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Style your hair – You are bold and show it how! For your wedding, you can try the crimped and pin-up hairstyle sans the flowers.

Shoes to add – Our experts suggest a simple pair of heels to match up this look.

Accessorizing with – Nothing can beat a circular barbell earring with heavy neck embellishment (preferably in bluestone or the shade of cashmere for best results).

3. Vintage tea-length bridal gowns

If you choose a tea-length wedding dress to amplify your vintage style, then here’s our set of experts who will assist you in dressing it up –

  • For those looking to recreate the 1920s look – you can use loose silhouettes and floor-touching veils with ornate designs to compliment your dress.
  • If you are looking to move into the looks of the 1940s/50s brides, the deep-neck wedding dress was a style statement. Long sleeves, corsets, and illusioned plunging necklines raged the bridal market.
  • From the 1950s onwards to 80s and above – bohemian-styled tea-length wedding dress was the accepted look. With a wedding hat in place of a veil accentuating the modern flair, the brides experimented with boat necklines and straight silhouettes.

If you are choosing any of the above-mentioned looks, you can also customize it with puff sleeves, designer appliques and high hemlines.

Vintage tea-length wedding dress

Style your hair – If you plan on any of the aforementioned vintage wedding styles, you may keep your options ranging from a fishtail braid, to a wrapped-up or twisted half ponytail, to a low bun or windswept side-parting.

Shoes to add – Modern wedges to summer sandals – accentuate your look with any of these shoes!

Accessorizing with – Either a stud or a jacket or a plug-in earring – with a simple neckpiece to complete your look. That’s all you need to be vintage – loud yet simple.

4. Tank tea-length wedding dress

Did you ever think you could wear a tank tea-length wedding dress for your own nuptials? Our experts will show you how to style it the right way – choose one that is a blend of charmeuse and satin with knee-length and a court train. Choose a floral veil to accentuate your look.

Style your hair – A little bit of boldness just amplifies this look. What if you leave your hair open with a middle partying, or maybe just knot up two strands from the frontal edge and add a little flower to your knot? You can also choose a side bun with floral embellishments.

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Shoes to add – Our fashion experts suggest a classic court style for your feet.

Accessorizing with – You have alternatives such as threaders, chandeliers, or long drops.

5. Mock embroidery tea-length wedding midi dress

Are you a fan of illusory necklines and mid-lengths? Then it is time you opt for a tea-length wedding dress that embeds an illusion neck embroidery and sleeves. Backdropped in sensuous white, you can accentuate the style of this captivating wedding dress with a crystal-beaded waistband, or a visible wedding corset in any lighter hue (blush pink, light red, morning orange). We would suggest – in place of the veil, you could opt for any floral pinched wedding hat to complete the look.

Style your hair – Half-twisted curls or the French bow-tied chignon will perfectly complement this look.

Shoes to add – Showstopping shoes or a pair of summer sandals – you can pick your footwear accordingly.

Accessorizing with – Huggies or studs – preferably diamonds or pearls will complete your look. Let the illusory neck net do the talking.

tea-length wedding dress

6. Tulle and sheer lace tea-length wedding gown

Tulle has its own allure!! When you opt for a tea-length wedding dress in sheer lace and tulle combo for your nuptials, you can always customize it with a beaded hairband and floral imprinted veil. If you wish to go a little risque, you could always opt for floral textures that sparkle in the sunlight.

Style your hair – For this, you may choose a floral fishtail braid, a one-sided fishtail braid wrapped into a bun, or a milkmaid’s braid with floral embellishments.

Shoes to add – Go with simple heels. Let your tulle do the talking.

Accessorizing with – If you are tying up your hair, threaders do the magic. But if you are leaving your hair open then let a pair of diamond studs grace your look.

Which one did you love?

Out of all the styles that you could style a tea-length wedding dress with, which look will you pick? Do you wish to alter the look in any way? Let us know in the comments section. Follow this page for more!

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