How to clean beauty blender? The Top 5 hacks are here!

Let’s get personal! When did you last clean your beauty blender? You don’t remember! Relax!! This is a judgment-free zone, and you are not solo in this list of not cleaning beauty blenders. Rather – we will be instructing you – on how to clean beauty blender in this post. (Provigil)

But before we start – you may also be wondering whether you have to change your beauty blender or not, how precisely you should clean it, and how often you would clean it. No worries! This blog post will answer all your queries –

Let’s start the process –

How to clean beauty blender?

Whether you are a novice or well aware of the hacks of beauty cleaning, this listicle will show you the 5 ways you can clean the beauty blender. Let’s check –

#Hack 1 – Soap-Water – The usual combo!! 

As they say – there’s no dirt that soap and water cannot wash off. So, here’s your premiering way to clean the beauty blender.

  • Soak the sponge in warm water and rub the bar of soap on the blender. It must lather for best results.
  • Unlike the other procedures that will be mentioned here – you will have to do this twice to remove the dirt completely.
  • Once done – run water through it again and squeeze it out. After that – put it in a towel-wrap drying process or air-dry over the night.
how to clean beauty blender
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#Hack 2 – The Cleaning Solution – Works always

One of the easiest tricks in the book, this is quite like washing your hands. What you have to do here is –

  • Absorb the blender with water so that it is enlarged.
  • Now take the cleaning solution and apply it to your hand (just like liquid soap). Then lather the blender with that solution until the makeup and dirt rinse off.
  • Place it under the running tap and let the water completely run through the blenders. Once clean and rinsed off – put it to dry.

#Hack 3 – The Microwave format – Tricky but the best! 

As you search out some of the hacks in this list of – how to clean beauty blender, this is the third mode you may try.

  • Pour soap water into the microwave-safe cup and dip the beauty blender completely.
  • Run the microwave for 60 -seconds. After that, let it cool before you take it out. Result? Squeaky clean sponge but dirty water.
  • Follow the usual air-dry or towel-dry process after you have squeezed out the water.

#Hack 4 – The Cleansing Oil can also cleanse your blender 

If you thought the cleansing oil was only for hydration of your blemish-free skin, it is time to see how to clean beauty blender with it.

Why oil? Because oil breaks down oil!

  • Take the makeup-dripped beauty sponge and put some drops of oil on it. As you rub the brush, you will automatically notice some oil stripping out of it.
  • Now, clean the beauty sponge with either the microwave or soap-water method. Leave it for air-dry or towel-dry format.

#Hack 5 – With Silicone Mitt – Follow the technology 

This is the last of the hacks in this listicle on how to clean beauty blender. Keeping your hands away from the cleaners is one machine-based technique where you must massage the blender into it.

  • You will have to soak the sponge in water and put the mitt on your hand. Simultaneously put the cleanser on the other hand.
  • All set till now? Next, you will have to put the blender in the mitt and choose the area where you want to wash it. The segments of – wash, refine and rinse are dedicated, and therefore – you can run the water and categorically put them into the consecutive sections for best cleansing.
  • When the segmented cleaning process is done – you will have to massage the sponge under water further and properly rinse it. Further, leave it to air-dry or on a soaking towel.
how to clean beauty blender
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How often do you need to clean it?

This is a query that must have bugged you. We understand! You can give a space of 3-6 months before you go in for an exchange. Also, set a target of weekly cleaning to maintain the blender’s quality.

Have you not cleaned yours for half a year now? Forget cleaning – get a new one!

Some cleaning tips regarding this

You already know how to clean beauty blender. But how do you clean it? What is the ideal amount of pressure that you must apply on them? This segment will detail the same for you – 

1. Weekly cleaning is a must 

There is no set goal for cleaning your beauty blender, but you can cultivate a weekly cleaning target. This will help it maintain for a longer time span. 

2. Gentle cleaning is required 

You might think that – with all that makeup loaded onto it- you must brush off your blender to the core. But that’s precisely where you go wrong! Keep it gentle and smooth, and go in for the wash – rinse – redo prospect. Mind you – even when squeezing the extra water, hold it gently.

3. Dry it and keep it locked 

Once you are done with the cleaning process, you will have to dry it and prop it up in the air for better ventilation. If you find that the air is not doing its job well, you can also use an absorbent towel and let it dry accordingly.

Once dried – keep it locked up in a case that will minimize the wear and tear associated with it.

Apart from that – you might have these queries –

Query 1 – How to clean beauty blender if you change products?

How many times have you faced this dilemma? Once the foundation is done, you want to move on to the blush – but the brush doesn’t cooperate! Well, for such occasions, rather than dipping it in water, use a cleanser solution that partly wets it. Easy to dry and removes germs – this is your hack to clean the blender while switching the products.

how to clean beauty blender

Query 2 – What to do about molding issues?

This must have happened because you did not dry it well. There’s nothing that you can do apart from replacing it.

Query 3 – Is your blender not expanding?

Then just know that it is not a good brand! Mostly, people dampen their blenders when they have to apply makeup, and then it naturally expands. Yours is not expanding because it is not made from quality material. Use it this time and then replace it.

Wrapping up then

Hopefully, this post helps you find answers to your query about how to clean beauty blender. If you liked this post and want to add more information, share your comments in the space mentioned below. Want to know more about such topics? Then, you must pin this page to your bookmarks and visit this page for more write-ups like this.


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