Trending valentine’s day outfit ideas you cannot miss this 14th!

14th is around the corner! Any plans? A dinner date or a movie night with your partner, maybe. We have some valentine’s day outfit ideas for you. Red is the eternal choice, but you could also opt for a blush pink and classic black. But what if you are a single soul? That’s alright! As you scroll down this article you will get a plethora of ideas about how you ‘the single soul’ can also deck yourself up on this occasion.

So, let’s check out a few cool outfit ideas you can try out this Valentine’s –

Some valentine’s day outfit ideas for a dinner date

It’s Valentine’s! There’s just no excuse for skipping the date. So, what if you have a dinner date planned? Here are some valentine’s day outfit ideas that you could try out –

For the senorita

If you are a dress lady, the alternatives include –

  • A black bodycon dress with strappy heels. You can accelerate the look with heart-shaped diamond/pearl/gold studs. A watch or maybe a wristlet will be a great addition. If it’s chilly, wrap yourself up with a wool coat. Leave your hair open and add a light red tint to your cheeks and lips.
  • A slit gown in blush pink with straight back-brushed hair, a pop of red tint, and a sling bag. Heel yourself with platforms and add pearl/diamond drops to finish your look.
  • If you are a dress lass, here is a bevy of valentine’s day outfit ideas for you. Ever thought of strapless gowns? A red asymmetrical cut chic gown or even a dressy gown is a distinct idea. A midi dress in fuchsia pink can also blow your mind away.
  • To accessorize it go for a simple stone locket with novelty dual chains for your ears. You can opt for platform heels, strappy heels, pump heels, or ballerinas.
  • For your hair, it is suggested – you go for a one-sided fishtail braid, open hair, wavy and tapered hair, triple-strand braid, waterfall crown braid, or even a tribal boho.

valentine’s day outfit ideas

If you are a formal-dress woman, the alternatives include –

  • A dress skirt or a formal top-long skirt option. A tulle shoulder-drop top with a waterfall skirt is also a most-opted combo. Match up with dual hoops, pumps/ballerinas/huarache sandals, and a tote bag.
  • Ever thought a sweater and high-waist leather pants could be a valentine’s look? One of the trending valentine’s day outfit ideas, many working women who need to meet their BAE for a quick dinner opt for this combo.
  • If you are choosing this, you could just add a pair of sandals or boots to your look, messy or wavy open hair, and ear drops or simple earrings to complete the look. Keep the make-do light with a basic tint and eyeliner.
  • An office set midi-skirt with a cropped tee and high heels is another formal dress alternative you can try. Braided hair or a simple one-side swept is your hair code for the dinner date. Tone down your make-up.
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For the man

  • If you are not a dressy man then your valentine’s day outfit ideas could have a red button-down with baggy jeans and sneakers.  Cool and casual – you know what’s your A game!
  • The other alternative includes – jeans and a dressy plaid shirt combo! A flannel shirt with dark wash jeans and Chelsea boots is your go-to Valentine’s attire.

valentine’s day outfit ideas

Do you plan to go to a movie?

For the senorita

  • If your plan includes a movie date, then here are some valentine’s day outfit ideas that you must check out. A neck plus size top with high waist jeans, a crop top with a 3D rose skirt, a floral nap dress, or simply a noodle strap top with jeans – could be your ideal movie-watching V-day outfits!
  • Since you have toned down your dress, you could always gear up your make-up and hair-do! A lip tint and a dash of kohl should do the magic. You can go in for high ponytails, French pouf with open hair, flipped low ponytails, or simply a modern bun updo.
  • Sneakers or simple ballerinas with slings or a backpack can be a pronounced addition to complete your movie date look.

For the man

  • Here are some valentine’s day outfit ideas that can inspire men. Casuals work best – and you can always show up in an ironed tee, and denim. Else you can choose a baggy hoodie and vintage chinos to match up the look.
  • A crewneck or a round-neck sweater with chinos or jeans and a pair of sneakers or loafers can be an outfit for your movie date.

#What does your girl prefer? A clean shave or a trimmed beard? Set yourself up in that style and enjoy your movie date.

What if you have a cold whole day outing?

You think you will not be able to dress up just because the temperature is dropping outside? That’s far from the truth! Here are some unique valentine’s day outfit ideas you may try out.

For the senorita

  • A turtleneck with a lilac skirt and ankle boots – can be your ideal whole-day cold outfit.
  • How about a loft sweater and jeans combo? Pack this up with sneakers and sweetheart earrings.
  • A hollow knitted sweater or a woolen mini dress is another alternative you can choose. Heel up with long boots and a knitted scarf around your neck.
  • Another valentine’s day outfit ideas for ladies include flared jeans and a knitted top combo! Take a sling bag for the day!

valentine’s day outfit ideas

For the man

  • Ever thought seriously about the cashmere sweater look? As one of the chartbuster valentine’s day outfit ideas for men, you could pair this up with suede pants or even flared pants. A pair of formal shoes will complete the look.
  • If you are wearing formals, a long woolen coat, and high boots can be your valentine’s day outfit ideas for the biting cold.

Planning a kinky night?

What if the 14th is going to be a challenging day at work for both of you? Bad news! But that does not mean you will give up on a special day! So, how about a kinky valentine’s day outfit ideas?

  • Soft satin red or pink pajamas (as cheesy as it might be, red is the hue for you on Valentine’s date).
  • You can pair it up with furry slippers.
  •  Keep your hair open, or maybe a half-knot if you are in a mood. Winged eyeliner, blushed face, and wine-hued lip tint will set the correct mood.
  • If your ‘other’ half is the clumsy type, you could always fit him up in boxers and a casual shirt (he’s there – who cares)!
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#For the mood set – set up dinner, and don’t forget the champagne to wine up. Add some sex toys or maybe a game set to your elaborate set-up.

What if you are flying solo?

That’s absolutely fine! Who said Valentine’s was only for couples? How about celebrating self-love? If you are officially single, or perhaps a part of the ‘other community,’ here are valentine’s day outfit ideas just for you!

The professional lady

  • A simple outfit. A classic black slip dress, or a pleat poet sleeve dress. Don’t add heart prints to your dress (just do not, it’s office).
  • Pair it up with clear heels (preferably light brown to go with the dress). You could also choose off-white.
  • Do you want to add some shades to your outfit? Chic earrings in blush pink or lavender is a pronounced combo! Add your watch to the ensemble.
  • Smoky eyes or a simple liner to wing up your eyes.

The professional male

  • If you are flying solo and looking for valentine’s day outfit ideas, going classic is best for you. For a casual look – follow the black/white shirt with denim. Pair it with a chunky watch. Going for formals – you could choose either a white/black formal shirt with beige/brown pants.
  • In either case – choose formal shoes (brown/ black) in contrast to your lowers. Keep a simple hairstyle, a dash of gel is good enough. When you have a longer mane, you could back brush it.

If you are from another community

  • We suggest you go for tangy red! You could always opt for a jumpsuit or perhaps a pantsuit. Accessorize the same with danglers or hoops.
  • You can pile up your hair in a messy top knot. If you plan to chop off your hair, go in for the pixie cut (it’s in season).
  • Add on pumps or clear heels in black, or brown to ramp up your valentine’s day outfit ideas.
  • Keep your makeup minimal. Maybe a little blush or just winged eyes with nude lips.

These are a couple of valentine’s day outfit ideas for the ones who are flying solo this 14th! Enjoy your cuppa and take yourself out for some retail therapy or get back home for a Netflix and chill session.

Have you taken your pick?

Which of these valentine’s day outfit ideas has taken your heart by storm? Pick up yours and if you wish, accessorize it as per your choice. Do you have some alternatives? You could always share your thoughts with us on this portal. For more fashion-related topics and ideas – keep browsing this website.