What are the best breastfeeding-friendly dresses at work or parties?

One thing they don’t tell you (among many other things) when you first have a baby is – the time you will spend breastfeeding them or pumping if you decide to take that route. The babies have it all!! You will go crazy – feeding them every 3-4 hours for 30-45 minutes each session. There’s not much one can do about it, hence, it is best you check out breastfeeding-friendly dresses to ease the process.

While composing this write-up, we have taken assistance from new mothers, some of them working as well. We have tried understanding the problems and curated this list by mirroring the same. Why wait? It’s time to skip down to the list –

What are the common breastfeeding-friendly dresses?

If you have decided to breastfeed your child (we totally salute your courage and admire your choice), you need to ditch some of your tight apparel and choose something comparatively comfortable. this does not mean, you have to give up on your style quotient. It’s just that, you need to make some adjustments, add some layers and throw up a cardigan here and there. Let’s give you a glimpse –

The most opted breastfeeding-friendly dresses include – wrap tops and dresses, button-down shirt dresses or shirts, jumpsuits, rompers, nursing midi-dress, sweetheart-shaped button-front dresses, and crossover nursing tank top-layered dresses. Add cardigans, mufflers, scarves, and shawls as a cover-up on these dresses and you are good to go!

Which nursing dress can you wear to the office?

The above-mentioned breastfeeding-friendly dresses are some of the customary styles everyone follows. But, will it be the same for you if you are a working mother? Let us help you with this –

Erica, a working woman who turned mother 3 months ago states – “Initially, I had problems with cardigans and scarves wrapped around my neck, but, after being a mother, I have seen how helpful they are. You too can try them while breastfeeding your kid.” Taking her words into account, let’s see the styles of apparel you may wear to your office space –

breastfeeding-friendly dresses

1. Linen blend shirts with front-open buttons

Post-pregnancy your body is on a hormonal rage and linen-blend shirts with front-open buttons are a great way to allow your body to breathe and ease breastfeeding. Every time, your baby needs feeding, you could just open up your front buttons and let her/him have a sip. They are easy to carry, and suit professional domains, thereby ensuring you do not stand out oddly.

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Pair it up with a trouser or a midi-skirt, and there’s nothing stopping your momma-style game.

2. Machine washable layered jacket

Other most-opted breastfeeding-friendly dresses new mothers can choose from are – layered jackets with any of the available tops. Lapeled tops are in fashion for new mothers. You can try wearing that and cover it up with a layered jacket and buckle up with a belt.

So, when your baby asks for his feed, you will have to remove the jacket and drop down the top to breastfeed or pump the milk. They being machine-washable, can be repeated frequently.

3. Wrap tops with blazers

Wrap tops are the best when it comes to breastfeeding at the office. If you are having a normal day at the office, well, you could put this on and pair it with trousers or a skirt. What if suddenly a meeting comes up? You can always pair it up with a blazer and get ready for the presentation.

4. A pair of dungarees with leggings

Did you ever think a pair of dungaree dresses paired with leggings could make it to the list of breastfeeding-friendly dresses? Though it might apparently look like a tough job when you drop down the upper part of your dungaree dress, breastfeeding becomes easy.

breastfeeding-friendly dresses
Image Credit: Forbes

5. Cardigans or scarves – make a choice!

Though they do not precisely fit into the dress category, they are great appendages in your nursing journey. If you are wearing a nursing top, then all you need is – a cardigan or an oversized scarf to pull over the top. Pair the get-up with some customized trinkets and you are good to go!

Which nursing dress can you wear to a party?

If you thought that since it was a party, you could wear anything and the new-mommy glow would cover you! That’s not exactly true if you have decided to breastfeed your baby! A new mom had to go to a party just a month after she birthed her daughter.

Once she was done pumping her milk, she wore a strapless gown to enjoy the night. But, then came the baby and it wanted more, and she had to actually cut short her party time, and come back home to feed the baby – all thanks to her wrong choice of nursing dress.

If you do not wish to go through a similar ordeal, here are some of our suggestions for breastfeeding-friendly dresses you may surely try –

1. Wrap dresses with a cashmere shawl

Wrap dresses are always the best breastfeeding-friendly dresses for every occasion. So, when you have a party to attend, you could either go for a floral or a patterned wrap dress and pair it with a cashmere shawl. You can either place it one-sided on your shoulder or use it as a belt. Up your style game with a pair of chandelier earrings.

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2. Button-front dresses with a belt as an appendage

While you are nursing your kid, there’s nothing like a button-front dress. To amplify the look of the same, you can always back it up with a belt and high pumps! If you have a scarf or a shawl you could very well wrap it around you as you nurse your baby.

3. Jumpsuits are a great option

Jumpsuits have their own set of problems, but when you have a baby to nurse amidst a party, this same apparel can turn into one of the best breastfeeding-friendly dresses.

breastfeeding-friendly dresses

For the unversed, jumpsuits are made in a way wherein you have to slip them down from the top. When you intend to breastfeed your child, you will have to drop only the straps and feed your little one.

4. Tie-shoulder swing cami blouse with scarf cover

Do you like it easy breezy? There’s nothing like a shoulder swing cami blouse paired with a floral or a patterned skirt. One of the best entries in this listicle of breastfeeding-friendly dresses this cami blouse is perfectly suitable for every party occasion, or even a friend’s get-together.

5. Puffed short-sleeve midi-dress

You might think that gone are the days when you could roam around in a dress. That’s far from the truth though! Even when you are breastfeeding, you could very well opt for this short-sleeve midi dress with a stretched neckline. Besides the comfort factor, it is easy to remove and extremely-mother friendly. You can always use a shawl or an oversized scarf to up your game. Don’t forget to add a sling bag to this outfit.

What are some accessories you must keep handy?

To enhance the look and usage of your breastfeeding-friendly dresses you will require a set of accessories. For starters – you must have a nursing bra. Either you can go for an underwire nursing bra, silk-based nursing bra, or nursing sleep bra, the choice is yours. If you like it a little bold, you can always opt for a busty maternity bralette to amplify your look.

The next appendage you will require is – a micro-rib tank under the top and a slip dress. You can always wear the rib tank under any of your tops since they are easy to remove while breastfeeding your baby. The slip dress is an all-occasion dress and surely easy to remove while you nurse the baby.

Keep a silicon breast pump and nipple pump handy in taxing times (breastfeeding is no easy job!) Apart from that – carry your nursing pads and covers.

Since you have to be extra careful, rather than heavy jewellery – you could just add some trinkets to your collection. A thin neckpiece, a pair of earpieces, and some rings could up your style game.

Add some style to your ‘momma’ look

These were some of the exceptional breastfeeding-friendly dresses you could get at your disposal. Add some classic accessories to the same, and be assured of getting a look that will make everyone’s heads turn. Looking for some additional style – statements? Keep checking this page for more!