Making Your Event Space A Special Place

You are in charge of planning a very special event and you want it to be the best possible experience for all involved. There are so many things to consider, it’s hard to know where to begin! It’s going to be all right, just take a deep breath and consider these tried-and-true decorating and set up tips that will make your event an experience to remember!

Go Green With Live Plants – It’s a scientific fact that live plants are one of the healthiest and most attractive things we can bring into any environment, they are just plain pleasant to be around, so why not take advantage of nature’s gifts? Plants and floral displays can help define your space whilst they liven it up. You can acquire the perfect vases for events in Melbourne, fill them with beautiful vegetation, and your event becomes a lush oasis!

The Power Of Rugs – There’s no better way to designate the specific areas of your event space than through the use of attractive rugs. Begin with a large, neutrally hued base carpet, then place various attractively coloured and patterned medium and smaller-sized rugs here and there paired with furnishings. 

Have A Seat – You should always strive for flexibility with some of your seating so that guests can grab a portable chair or floor pillow to create more intimate gatherings within the space. Use large sofas with attending Ottomans and coffee tables as anchors they can build their socializing groups around. Make sure your furniture choices look fantastic and go well with those rugs!

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Focus On A Focal Point – The lounge or bar is a great way to create a fun and useful focal point for your event, a place where everyone can easily access refreshments and do some mixing. If your lounge is against a wall then use that as an opportunity to display art or messaging. If it’s floating out in the middle then use some portable shelving to define the working area from the surrounding social space.

Light The Place Up – Accent any overhead lighting with floor lamps, table lamps, or some low-hanging (but not too low!) pendant lights to create a sense of warmth and intimacy. Be sure to choose fixtures that go well with your overall theme and colour scheme. These are the kind of touches that will make your event really shine!