4 Unique Beaded Crafts You Could Sell

There are a lot of ways to convert crafts into cash – mostly are beaded crafts, as beads are much more accessible and affordable materials. In DIY, it was not long time ago that beaded crafts have extended from jewelleries to much more usable items like vases and napkin bracelets just to name a few. Hence, if you are looking for crafts to sell, here’s a list of DIY beaded crafts that will surely guarantee your market, and you will most enjoy creating.

Side note: There are a few types of beads crafters use which includes pony beads, Perler beads, and wooden beads that you will most likely come across within this article.
Napkin Rings

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  • Adorable Spring Napkin Rings

One unique idea you could use for selling beaded crafts is this uniquely crafted spring napkin rings – and you’d definitely agree that this is adorable. Plus! It’s easy to make – you just need wooden beads, pastel color paints, some sturdy wire, and of course, glue. Truly, this is a must have for family gatherings and special occasions!

Excited? Check the tutorial here.

Perler Bead Bowls

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  • Fun Perler Bead Bowls

Looking for something that youngsters will want? How about this fun Perler bead bowls that you can create in multiples! What you need? A pack of Perler beads with the color of your own choice, oven safe bowls, and Pam cooking spray.

How? Here are 5 quick easy steps to make a fun Perler bead bowl.

  • Preheat your oven at 400 degrees.
  • Get your Pam cooking spray and spray it inside the oven safe bowl.
  • Put the beads in, and make sure to push it down to make them stack up to the side of the oven bowl.
  • Place the bowl inside the oven for about 17-20 minutes for the beads to get melty. Once done, take it out.
  • Do not forget to let the Perler bead bowl to cool off before popping it out of the bowl.
  • Finally, a fun perler bead bowl in product.
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Cork Magnets

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  • Quirky Cork Character Magnets

Want to make use of your wine corks, perhaps? Here’s the thing – quirky cork character magnets. You can try and start creating – what you only need is wine corks, gauge wire, wooden beads (make sure it isn’t too small nor too big for the corks, at least 8mm), glue, jewelry making pliers, and of course, magnets. Please make sure that the corks’ weights aren’t too heavy for the magnets.

You can check out the full tutorial here.

Beaded Bracelet

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  • Wishful Beaded Bracelets

What better way to end the list is to include this wishful beaded bracelet – definitely an eye candy! But here’s the catch, ideally this is a wish bracelet. You make a wish and tie it on. In time, the hemp wears out and when it does – the beads will fall out. But don’t worry! The thing is, when you lose the beads, your wish is then released, and is supposed to come true. Magical right?

To make them, you just need a few beads, and a few hemp twine. While you can create something for yourself, it is also ideal to sell something with depth. Find the tutorial here.

Key Takeaway

With the above stated, the list of DIY beaded crafts goes on. There are really a lot of particularly creative beaded crafts that you can surely create yourself and sell – but also, it’s wise to make sure that these crafts are both timely and timeless so as to guarantee your target market.