Defense Weapons That Are Still Posh

In situations where self-defense is extremely needed, having a weapon really comes in handy, in most survival tips and advice, having a weapon that you can use to defend yourself is almost always a must. But there are times that a weapon may be too bulky and difficult to carry and conceal. It’s a challenge to find reliable weapons that can be easily concealed and can be used quickly.

 For women who are looking to find reliable self-defense weapons that they can use, this may also be a challenge. Luckily, there is a good selection of defense weapons for women that are effective, while still being posh. To get you started, here are some posh yet tough weapons that you can give your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother.

Stungun Lipstick

No make-up kit would be complete without having at least one stick of lipstick. With that in mind, having a stungun disguised as lipstick would really come in handy, and will even surprise your attacker. The stungun lipstick may only be a few inches long, but it definitely packs enough punch to incapacitate your attacker.

Posh honeycomb hairbrush

Cold Steel Honeycomb Hairbrush

Another weapon that can be disguised as part of your regular bag accessories. This hairbrush will not only make your look better, but it will help you defend yourself well. The handle of the hairbrush can be pulled out to reveal a dagger which can injure your would-be attacker.

Cat Safety Keychain

Keychains are not only items where you can place all your important keys, but you can use them as weapons too. In particular, this cat keychain can be used in the same way as brass knuckles and help leave a mark on your attacker. Sometimes, looks can be really deceiving.

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Self-defense Ring

If you’re looking for something smaller and quicker to use, then the self-defense ring is something for you. Like all the items on this list, it is unassuming at first, looking like your average ring, but once you clench your fist, a small spike pops out, which can be used to punch and incapacitate your attacker.

posh lipstick pepperspray

Lipstick Pepper Spray

Another defense weapon disguised as lipstick, the pepper spray is just as strong as your regular pepper spray, which can really help you fend off attackers. This item can be easily carried inside a purse or a bag, and would blend in with the rest of your accessories.

Tactical Pen

Remember the old saying that the pen is mightier than the sword? This tactical pen is out to prove that point. The tactical pen functions just like your average pen, plus, it has a stylus for your tablet. But the most important part of the pen is the aluminum tip, which can really do a lot of damage and injure your attacker.

Key Takeaway

Finding self-defense weapons that can be easily concealed is a challenge. This is why lists like these can help give you an idea of the best weapons to defend yourself with, along with making it look like a part of your everyday accessories.

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