8 Makeup Ideas For Christmas 2017

8 Makeup Ideas For Christmas 2017

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Christmas Is On Its Way!!

Oops, sorry for sounding like a silly goose.

But, it’s hard to control all the excitement when you know Christmas is around the corner!

And what makes me more excited is the list of all the Christmas parties I have got to attend through the festive season.

To be the diva in these parties I have to look drop gorgeous along with a hint of the festive hues – the reds, the greens and the shimmer.

So, here is my agenda of makeup ideas for Christmas 2017.

How To Look Festive-Ready With These Makeup Tips For Christmas 2017

The year 2017 has been very blissful and lit, with all the hard-to-resist makeup trends that have come up.

Nevertheless, we have bid farewell to some of the coolest trends that we have been pulling off since quite some time now.

Bye-Bye Matte Lipstick!

Nude makeup, 3-D lips, heavy metal eyeshadows and burgundy mascara have been going around the whole time in 2017.

Since, it’s Christmas, it’s time for you to find out what is the perfect type of makeup that will suit on you, this festive season.

And who doesn’t want to be selfie-ready?!

So, let’s check it out!

1. Muted Rose Lips And Rose-Gold Eyeshadow

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It’s the age of the subtle look.

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And when you don’t want to go bold and wild with the reds, but red is the color of the season, you should go for the muted shades.

Choose a soft rose shade of lip color and team it up with shimmering rose petal eyeshadow that will make you look hot even in the winters. 

2. Red Glitter Lips And Mascara

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If you want all eyes on you, this Christmas, go bold and beautiful with a red glitter pout.

Swipe a red that you love, over your lips and top it up with some superfine, crimson glitter

Don’t ruin the attention that your lips are going to get by over-doing your eyes.

Keep them natural by applying only a single luscious coat of mascara on your lashes. 

3. Copper Shimmer Shadow

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If you are not in for the color blocks of red and green and want to look different, yet chic, then copper is your mate.

Smudge some copper shimmer shadow along your top lash line and under your waterline.

Finish it with the help of a black or brown waterproof eyeliner.

Keep the lips glossy and nude. 

4. Smokey Eyes And Bold Lips

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When you have a party on a chill, winter night, you have to pump up the heat!

And nothing kills better than a pair of smokey eyes and a rich, bold pout.

Go for shades of plums, wines and magentas.

Keep those lips matte and your eyes smudge with a hint of shimmer. 

5. Keep It Pink And Peach

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Besides the festive colors, peach and pink are the colors of winter.

So, for a chiseled look, highlight your cheekbones by a suitable contouring technique.

Use a pink blusher below your eyes.

Highlight your forehead, jawline and chin with a peach blusher.

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Keep your eyes and brows simple.

And use a dark matte lip color to flaunt it. 

6. The Winter Frost Look

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This is for the girl with cute little eyes!

Make your eyes look ethereal just like the snow.

Define them with a silver eye shadow and a thin over-all eyeliner.

Go for a sheer lip shade and a glowing blush-on to complete the look.

(TIP: Use a blue pencil liner on your upper as well as lower lash line for a unique, yet classy look.)

7. Smokey Green Eyes With Berry Blush

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If you are the one with dark brown or Egyptian black pair of eyes, green is a great color for you.

Apply dark green eyeshadow on your upper lid and a slightly darker tone on the lower one.

Combine it with thin black eyeliner and some thick mascara on your lashes.

Keep your lips in cherry or cranberry shades.

8. Get Yourself An Xmas Manicure

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Not just a French manicure, but if you plan to be in the limelight this festive-season, you ought to have a Christmas themed nail art.

The good news is that you can DIY this, using your own knack of creativity and color choice.

An Important Add-On

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Of all the hairdo options you have at hand, go for a sleek ponytail.

It is hassle-free and will let you enjoy the most out of your party.

Also, it will keep the static charge, at bay.

Makes it more manageable, right?

To Sum It Up

If you are looking for some really cool and innovative looks, this Christmas season, these are the ideas you are going to need.

It is important to choose colors, which will suit your complexion.

Vibrant reds and metallic shades ought to light up the Christmas party you want to attend.

So, be the party girl you always wanted to be!