What makes turmeric the wonder drug?

Turmeric is known to help to curb inflammation and help in treating ailments related to inflammation such as cancer, arthritis. It has compound curcumin which helps by providing benefits in neural and cardiovascular problems. Following are a few things turmeric helps in.

15 health benefits from turmeric

The following points tell you why turmeric is the best home remedy:

15 health benefits from turmeric

  1. Anti-inflammatory strength
  2. Enriched with antioxidant properties
  3. Improves brain health
  4. Helps in preventing heart conditions
  5. Prevents Cancer
  6. Anti-aging
  7. Helps in treating diabetes
  8. Builds immunity
  9. Antiseptic heals wounds
  10. Cleanses the liver
  11. Reduces menstrual cramps
  12. Treats Digestive Disorders
  13. Controls obesity
  14. Good for skin
  1. Anti-inflammatory strength

As per studies, turmeric reduces inflammation in our bodies. To increase turmeric consumption start adding it to your food and eating routines. Drinking turmeric tea and drinking it with milk are also two easy ways of consumption. Boil five cups of water, with one teaspoon of ground turmeric, flavor it up with lemon, honey, and cinnamon.

Turmeric is also known to prevent joint pains and reduce the chances of arthritis. It is a key ingredient in arthritis treatment. Turmeric is natural, safe and easily procured. Turmeric is also known to fight inflammation naturally without any damage to kidneys or liver. It is also a key ingredient to treat gastrointestinal issues.

  1. Enriched with antioxidant properties

Not only ground turmeric but even turmeric oil is filled with antioxidant properties which are known to be used to treat stress induced by diabetes. It also enriches our memory and enhances its retention. Studies also suggest that the antioxidant properties of turmeric inhibit the death of cells which are required for an organism’s overall development.

  1. Improves brain health

Turmeric is also known to boost the regeneration of brain cells. It can increase the brain cells to grow by 80%. It is known to give an overall shield to the brain cells by protecting it against inflammation. It is known to help an Alzheimer’s patients by preventing the growth of destructive agents which affects the brain cells.

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Research shows that Alzheimer cases are 25% lesser among Indians than in the US citizens, because of the excessive usage of turmeric in Indian food. Turmeric is also interestingly known for preventing memories or incidents related to fear to be stored in the brain. It helps in recovering from post-traumatic disorders and to deal with stress. Turmeric is used as anti-depressant and anti-stress.

  1. Helps in preventing heart conditions

Turmeric protects our heart by shielding it from cardiac conditions. It works against diabetes. It is known to work against chest pains and obesity. It reduces cholesterol concentration and helps in keeping a balance of our good cholesterol levels. Turmeric acts as an agent that can prevent the arteries from clogging. Turmeric with curry powder can increase the blood flow of a person thereby reducing the chances of arteries getting blocked. It is also known to reduce cholesterol levels among people who suffer from coronary syndromes.

  1. Prevents Cancer

Turmeric is known to have anticancer properties. People who consume approximately 200 milligrams of turmeric in a day were found to have lower chances of getting cancer. Turmeric has also proved to shrink tumors among cancer patients and known to destroy their cancer cells. Studies prove that turmeric has the potential to aid in chemotherapy, by protecting the healthy cells from the ill effects of radiation. It is also found to be effective in treating breast cancer and prostate cancer.

  1. Anti-aging

Turmeric is believed to contain pigments that can enhance the body’s processing of antioxidants and protect brain cells and skin cells. It helps in repairing and shielding the cells and improves concentration by slowing down the formation of dark spots, lines, and wrinkles in the face. Turmeric was also found to increase the lifespan by regulating the responses to age-related genes.

  1. Helps in treating diabetes

Research shows that turmeric can help by lowering glucose levels in our blood and prevent diabetes. It helps a prediabetic patient to get fewer chances of developing the disease. Turmeric can boost immunomodulatory medicines for a patient with type 1 diabetes and change the overactive immune system. It is also known to increase insulin levels by stimulating beta-cell functioning.

  1. Builds immunity

Turmeric is believed to boost immunity by enhancing the immune cells and fight against problems related to heart and weight gain. It stimulates the immune cells and kills agents that can cause tuberculosis. It induces the growth of varied immune cells and improves overall immunity.

  1. Antiseptic heals wounds

Turmeric contains antibacterial properties which destroy bacteria and germs. It is known to inhibit fungi and viruses. Turmeric is a key ingredient in Ayurveda and has been used in ancient India as an herb in multiple antiseptic medicines. It is known to work against dental pains.

  1. Cleanses the liver

Turmeric is known to flush out toxins from the liver and increase the bile secretion from the cells in the liver by breaking down harmful compounds. It is also known to stimulate the gall bladder.

  1. Reduces menstrual cramps

Turmeric is also proven to be an important herb which reduces the severity of menstrual cramps and pains. It is the anti-inflammation factor of the turmeric which reduces the severity of the pains and helps in healing.

  1. Treats Digestive Disorders

Turmeric is believed to reduce acid reflux and cure inflammation and oxidative stress. It protects the gastrointestinal tract from the effects of inflammation and can help against indigestion.

  1. Controls obesity

Obesity can lead to inflammation and eventually progress to diabetes and heart disease. By preventing bad cholesterol and controlling sugar levels, turmeric can curb obesity. Turmeric is also known to increase your metabolism by suppressing the generation of fat. It enhances body heat and increases metabolism.

  1. Good for skin

Turmeric works wonder against pimples and acne. It reduces the oil from the face and heals the skin. Applying turmeric on the skin gives it a natural glow.  It is also known to treat dry skin and can easily be applied as a natural mask. Turmeric slows down the formation of wrinkles thereby preventing the skin to lose its elasticity. Turmeric is equally effective to reduce stretch marks by penetrating the cells and altering its physical properties.

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Final thoughts

Turmeric is the wonder drug which cures multiple problems and safeguards us from major diseases. Increase your turmeric consumption to lead a healthy balanced life today.


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