5 Pro Make-up Doable Tips For An Eye-Catching Look


Nowadays makeup plays an important part in every woman’s life. Cosmetics have evolved so much over the years that eye shadow, nail polish, perfume, foundation, creams, etc are found in every lady’s bag. Applying makeup builds up one’s self-esteem and confidence. It makes you feel good.

Whether you are attending a formal event or a party, makeup can beautify you instantly. So, ladies buckle up as we are going to present 5 pro makeup and easily doable tips for an eye-catching look.

1. Moisturize Your Skin

Let’s get the basics right. The most important step while applying makeup is to prep your skin. Remember your face is an empty canvas to paint on. So, it’s important that your skin is ready for all the makeup products. Cleanse your face, tone and then moisturize your face and neck well.  If you know a big day is coming, then you can also exfoliate your skin a day before and apply face masks for the extra smooth and supple skin. Also, it’s very important to use a night cream and eye cream every night after cleaning your face and before going to bed. Drink enough water, even if you stay in a cold place.  Any brand will look good on your skin, only if the skin texture is clear. When you have clear skin, you just need a nice lip-balm, blush, and sunscreen to step out. This look is best for your gym look or for catching an early morning or night flight. Keep your makeup light for a gym session, just like your gym apparel brands. If you are applying a foundation, apply a primer first so that your makeup can last longer.

2. Bold Eyeliner

For a bold eyeliner look, you need to first prep your lids. Brush your eyelids using a translucent powder. Avoid using any lotion on the lids, as it can smudge your eyeliner. The commonly used eyeliners are black and brown, that goes well with any hair color and skin tone.  Get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different colored eyeliner like blue, green, or fuschia. They look beautiful too. Using different color shades improves your style quotient by adding more drama to your eyes. You can draw your upper and lower lids with an eyeliner pencil for a smokey eye look. Carry this look by wearing lace corsets inside of a white tee with a denim mini skirt and tennis shoes.

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3. The no-makeup look

5 Pro Make-up Doable Tips For An Eye-Catching Look


We all want that after-facial glow and post on Instagram our #no makeup and #nofilter look. So, here’s the trick for a perfect glow with the little to no-makeup look. Make a good base by applying moisturizer on your skin. You can use the tinted moisturizer like the BB and CC cream. It hydrates and covers the redness or the lines on your skin too. For coverage, use a bronzer or foundation powder. If you have dry skin, add a little oil to your foundation. Your skin will shine, thus, giving the perfect no-makeup look.

4. Neon Lips

Neon lipsticks are very trendy these days. You need to carefully choose the neon lip color according to your skin tone. For example, deep purple will look good with dark skin tone whereas hot pink and blue look good on light-toned skin. Applying bright lip color makes you look so fresh and full of life. Any dress just stands out with neon lips. If you are getting ready for a late night party with friends, pair your regular jeans with heels and lace tops for women. Start applying your neon lipstick from the center and spread it out. A dash of neon lipstick is enough for a bold look. Also, applying a bold lip color means the highlight is your lips. So, keep the foundation, mascara, and eye-shadow simple and light. When applying red lipstick, brushing a little layer of powder on top of it will make it noticeable without being overwhelming. Lipstick stains on your teeth don’t look good. So, before leaving for the party do a quick blotch test and you are good to go.

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5. Colorful Mascara

A must have in every girl’s makeup kit is a mascara. You must have definitely tried the black mascara. It makes your eyelashes look thick and full. Now, add a twist to it by applying colorful mascara. It looks gorgeous. Try to match your mascara with your lip color. Give your office attire a refreshed look by matching your eyeliner with your mascara. Emerald blues, greens, and pinks give a beautiful festive look. You can also mix and match your mascaras. For example, you can first apply your regular black mascara and then apply the poppy pink or blue mascara. This will not be too bright, yet, will give a dramatic look.

For all the above tips, keep one point in mind, if you are highlighting eyes or lips, keep the rest of your makeup subtle. Don’t forget to brush and enhance your eyebrows. Your eyebrows give definition to your face. You can simply fill in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil and you are good to go.

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