How to repair dry hair without trimming?

Do you have extremely dry hair? What do you think is causing it? How to fix it? Don’t you dream of silky, shiny hair? Worry no more, as you are going to experience the best hair in just a few weeks. Learn these easy tricks at home and say goodbye to dry hair in a flick!

To treat issues like dry hair ends, you need to first chalk out the factors behind its cause. You can never come to proper solutions if you do not know the root cause of a problem. That is how nature works, doesn’t it? What do you think can be the root cause? By looking at your dry hair, the obvious thing that pops up in your head is that- it lacks moisture. Bingo! That is exactly the basic culprit behind your dry hair.

The ultimate rule by which your overall health works in peace is that- your body needs to be hydrated, always. Whether it is your digestive functioning, excretion, skin or hair health, you should never remain desiccated. When your body lacks moisture content, all these supportive functions go into a mess resulting in various undesirable health problems.

There can be various factors responsible for dry hair ends. You will learn the factors one by one, along with some amazing home remedies to overcome them.

Why do women have dry hair?


A lot of factors contribute to your dry scalp and hair ends, the major reason being lack of moisture.

  1. When your scalp says, “no moisture here folks!”

If your scalp isn’t producing enough moisture to keep your hair hydrated, you will eventually end up with dry hair. Your hair does not have any mechanism to get natural lubrication. The source for the moisture is your scalp. Now, what is the source of moisture for your scalp? Your body. Your body should be hydrated enough to supply water to your hair follicles, from which your scalp will extract moisture.

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Not just water, your scalp also uses oil for moistening. To provide the perfect lubrication, hair follicles produce certain oils to naturally moisturize your hair roots. Proper moistening and silkiness in your hair give you a perfect lustrous hair look.

With the natural process aging, your hair roots gradually lose the capacity to produce enough oils for lubrication. This leads to dryness of your scalp, which ultimately causes dry hair ends. Dry skin starts peeling off, causing problems like dandruff and hair loss.

  1. The story of escaping moisture.

Every healthy hair strand comes with a protective thin layer of skin called the hair cuticle, or simply ‘cuticle’. This cute sounding ‘cuticle’ is not something to ignore, as it is responsible for keeping your hair moistened. It acts as a shielding weapon in preventing your hair from any damage by sun or rain. Cuticles are made up of multiple layers arranged like a lasagne, to capture and retain moisture within it. When these layers separate from one another and peel off from your hair, moisture starts escaping. So, if oil seeps out from your scalp, you get dry hair- as simple as that!

How your voluntary actions cause dry hair


Apart from the basic moisture content issues, there are other factors as well that can cause dry hair. These factors are mostly the ones that you happily do to your hair, in order to make it look beautiful. Did you know that such temporary actions can eventually lead to permanent hair problems? You often do not think wisely, while trying to beautify your hair texture or styles. Topping that, you fail to take good care of your hair in terms of regular shampooing and washing.

Problems like dry hair can occur when you:

  • Under wash or over wash your hair with strong shampoos, which takes away natural oils from your scalp.
  • Use harsh chemicals and dyes to style your hair.
  • Expose your hair to extreme conditions like sun, rain or dry winds for long hours.
  • Blow dry your hair at excessive heating temperatures for too long, which cause immediate damage to your hair.
  • Use curling irons or hair straighteners very often.
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Home remedies for dry hair


Check out how to cure dry hair problem at home

  1. Add vitamins to your diet

To nourish your body from within, you need to supply it with heavy amounts of nutrients like vitamins and minerals. You may either take vitamin supplements in the form of capsules or include foods rich in vitamins in your diet. Eat foods that are rich in vitamin A, biotin (vitamin H) and vitamin C to keep your hair healthy. As for the minerals, consume foods that supply a good amount of iron.

  1. Eat foods with ample antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids

Include food items in your diet that are rich sources of marine proteins. These proteins help in keeping your hair shinier and healthier, by reducing moisture escape and thinning. You may consider eating oysters, sardines, salmon, mackerel, and tuna for omega-3 supply. Antioxidants help in fighting oxidative stress within your body cells that make you prematurely age. Do keep your hair cells healthy, eat foods rich antioxidants like kidney beans, tomatoes, blueberries, broccoli, and walnuts.

  1. Wash your hair regularly.

Excessive exposure to dust and dirt sweeps away from sebum or moisture from your hair. To retain sebum within the hair follicles, make it a habit to wash your hair every day. Remember not to over wash though. Use mild shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair soft and moist. You may even use hair serum for getting the ultimate hair luster.

How does oiling your hair help fix dry hair?

Use coconut oil on your scalp and hair strands, since it is a natural moisturizer. It fixes damages in your hair by penetrating hair fibers, finally reaching the roots. Even argon oil also helps as an emollient for fixing dry hair. You may even go for other essential oils such as lavender oil and peppermint oil to prevent hair damage and hair loss. Always wash your hair with cold water and keep trimming your hair every 3 months for healthy growth.