7 Ways to Prevent Cataract Naturally

A cataract is a condition which occurs in elderly people mostly. It effectively damages the lens of the eye which leads to a vision problem. It usually occurs due to age, illness or physical trauma. Nowadays, it is also affecting young people as well. The lens of the eye is affected when protein breaks down and gathers together in one spot.

As a result, the vision of the person is obstructed due to this. You will experience a blurry vision or double vision in one eye, your vision might also turn yellowish or your vision might become hazy. It is quite similar to walking in the fog where you can hardly see anything. Elderly people of age 60 and above are mostly affected by it.

Protein which breaks down in the lens gathers together to form clumps which restrict the passage of light to the retina. This, in turn, sends an incomplete and blurry image to the brain and you fail to see through or register what you are seeing. A cataract is the basic level of blindness as lack of treatment will eventually make the patient blind.

In the US, people start experiencing symptoms of cataract from the age of 40 and above. By the time they discover that they are being affected by cataract, they turn 60. A cataract is a slow vision condition which takes years to develop into something dangerous. By the age of 80, most people in the US suffering from cataract lose their vision completely. In this process, a lot of people opt for cataract surgery to remove the clumps.

Surgery is not the only solution for cataract until it is in the most dangerous state. You can avoid surgical procedures and enjoy a healthy vision if you can detect the early symptoms and act accordingly. It is necessary to stay alert once you’ve detected any particular symptom of cataract so that you can stop it before it damages your vision. There are also a couple of natural remedies which will help you reduce the chances of damage caused by cataract.

Causes and Symptoms

As we age, our health condition deteriorates. We lose strength, our bones become weak and so does our vision. Cataract also affects as we age but it also affects young people as well. It is often caused due to eye infection, eye disease, eye injury, and inflammation. Here is a list of symptoms of cataract in both young and elderly people.

  • Loss of distant vision
  • Hazy or blurry vision
  • Double vision in any one eye
  • Chances of seeing glare or halo around lights
  • The difficulty of vision at night
  • Sensitive towards the light
  • Frequent change in eye power leading to changing glasses regularly
  • Losing depth perception
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A cataract affects the patients very slowly, you will experience no pain or any other symptom apart from the above-mentioned ones. Early detection depending on these symptoms can only help you from developing a cataract. Further, it is necessary to go for an eye check-up at regular intervals.

How to Prevent Cataract Naturally?

Here we have listed 7 ways which can help you prevent and cure cataract up to some extent. These are natural remedies and are only effective if the symptoms are detected at an early stage. Usually, cataract can be avoided if you safeguard yourself from an early age. You need to use shades to avoid UV rays, quit smoking, reducing alcohol intake, following a healthy diet, etc. We have briefed about the 7 effective ways to prevent cataract naturally.

1. Improve Antioxidant Intake

A study conducted recently on men and women has shown that people who consume an appropriate amount of antioxidants such as Lutein and Zeaxanthin are more likely to have a healthy vision. These antioxidants are found in leafy green vegetables. It reduces the chances of developing cataract by 18% when compared to other people who don’t consume as many antioxidants as required. Further, antioxidants also help in reducing the clumps caused by damaged lens-fiber proteins.

2. Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega-3 fatty acids help in protecting the lens by shielding it and reduce inflammation effectively. A study conducted on the goodness of omega-3 fatty acids states that people who consume a good amount of omega-3 fatty acids are likely to have a better vision even at the age of 60 and above. Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in oily fishes and flax seeds.

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3. Herbal Medicine

There are a couple of herbal medicines made of turmeric and bilberry which effectively helps in preventing cataract when detected at an early stage. Bilberry is an antioxidant herb and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory compound. When combined, it is a great cure for cataract.

4. Hydration

Staying hydrated is a great way to stay fit and healthy. It helps in eliminating toxins from the body and reduces health issues as well. A dehydrated body is highly prone to get affected by various health conditions. When you drink an adequate amount of water, it detoxifies the body internally as well as externally. It also prevents the damage caused due to breaking down of protein in the lens.

5. Eliminate Stress

There is a connection between high blood pressure and high IOP which can lead to the development of cataract in the eyes. Stress is one great cause of high blood pressure in people of all ages. Apart from this, there is also stress generated on the eyes due to the constant pressure created. This pressure is generally created due to working in front of the desktop, working in mines, factories, etc. The best way to eliminate stress is exercise. You can also plan a vacation to relax and release stress.

6. Reduce Alcohol Intake

Alcohol intake is one of the leading causes of cataract. With time, it develops in a much more lethal condition and affects your health severely. Alcohol not only causes cataract but other severe health diseases such as cancer.

7. Quit Smoking

Another leading cause of cataract is smoking. A cigarette not only causes cancer but also does a lot of damage to your overall health. A huge amount of free radicals are created in the eyes when you smoke a cigarette. An active smoker allows the growth of harmful toxins in the body which eventually leads to several health conditions and cataract is one of them.