Best Ways to Use Lemon For Skin

Do you like lemons? You aren’t the only one who is obsessed with lemons for the skin. While a lot of us enjoy the taste of lemon, it is the health benefits that it has on his. Lemon has a lot of strong ingredients that can play an important role in enhancing skincare. Undoubtedly, lemon happens to be a major part of most of the natural remedies. Being loaded with Vitamin C, a strong antioxidant, lemon works towards fighting all the free radicals and thereby boosts up collagen production in the skin. Apart from vitamin C, lemon also has antimicrobial and cleansing properties.

Some of the prominent ways you can use lemon for enhancing your skin include the following

Clarifying moisturizer

Lemon is mostly used as a clarifying moisturizer for the skin. It has strong antibacterial properties which help to drive out all the harmful bacteria from skin. Apart from that, it also helps to prevent the breakout of bacteria. While you will get a lot of lemon moisturizer in the market, it is better to create a mixture of your own. A combination of lemon juice and coconut water can help prepare the moisturizer. The coconut in the mixture will help to hydrate the skin while lemon juice will add to the glow of the skin. Nonetheless, you may be prone to allergic reactions in the initial stages if you have sensitive skin.

For skin tanning

Skin tanning has often been a problem for many. If you have been suffering from skin tanning issues, you can use lemon and sugar for better benefits. One of the most common reasons for skin problems is growing pollutants. You can drive out pollutants but you can take steps to minimize skin problems. If you want to get back the glow of your skin, you can use a combination of sugar and lemon. To prepare the mix, you need to dip a slice of lemon in fine sugar. Then, gently mix it along your face till the face granules dissolve. This combination will not only help in improving the glow of the skin but will also remove dead skin.

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Prevents Acne

Lemon can play an important role in preventing the breakout of acne, pimples, and blackheads. This is usually because it has acidic and anti-microbial characteristics which remove dirt and oil from the inner surfaces of the skin. Lemon helps tighten the skin which helps you achieve smooth skin.

This is one of the easy mixes to prepare for you will only need lemons and water. You will need to apply the mixture on your face using cotton like a cleanser. However, you should also be applying to the neck for better advantages. Before washing off your face, you need to allow the mixture to settle on your face for at least 10 minutes.

Brighten your skin

One of the most unusual ways to brightening your skin is the combination of aspirin and lemon. The mixture is also referred to as the aspirin mask. It is one of the best ways to clean your entire skin. To prepare the mixture, you need to add a few crushed aspirin tablets into the lemon juice.

You can apply it on your face using cotton, but on applying it to your face, you will feel a tingling sensation. However, let it rest on your face for 15 minutes. The pores will observe the mixture and offer a fresh glow. You will notice the change in your skin within a few minutes itself. Apart from glowing skin, you will also feel your skin to be hydrated.

Better skin tone

Lemon contains citric acid which is responsible for enhancing the skin tone. The citric acid acts like a natural bleaching agent, that helps to reduce pigmentation and dark spots in the skin. This contributes towards improving the skin tone. Rather using the market available face masks, you should prepare to prepare a paste of your own quick effects.

Moreover, the homemade mask is entirely natural, so there won’t be many side-effects as well. All you will need is papaya paste, honey, and lemon juice. Once you have prepared the paste, apply it all over your face and neck. Let it sit for 20 minutes and then rinse it using cold water.

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Blackhead removal

You may not believe it but lemon is actually helpful for removing blackheads. Lemon is rich in citric acid which is one efficient and natural forms of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). You can rub a slice of lemon on your blackhead prone facial area. Allow lemon to settle around blackhead prone areas before rinsing it using water. Lemon would remove blackheads from the pores thereby helping you get clear and younger-looking skin.

Get rid of puffy eyes

All of us are tired of puffy eyes. Puffy eyes can be extremely dangerous for it will always make you look tired and lifeless. Although you may feel that a good amount of sleep can help you get rid of puffy eyes, this may not be it.

You can mix a tablespoon of lemon and tomato juice and apply it around the eyes. This combination can be one of the best ways to help you get rid of puffy eyes. You can let the mixture rest under your eyes for 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

Elbow and knee lightener

Most of us are tired of dark elbows and knees. Lemon is rich in Vitamin C which is one of the natural skin lightening agents. If you are tired of dark knees and elbows, you can rub lemon on the dark areas regularly. Nonetheless, you should allow it to settle on the skin for a few minutes before wiping it off. Moreover, using lemon daily on your dark areas can help lighten the areas.

Lip exfoliator

A combination of brown sugar and lemon can be one of the best ways for exfoliating your skin. Moreover, it is the natural procedure for keeping your lips hydrated. The AHA of lemon will help to remove the dead skin cells of your lips while the sugar smoothens it.

Many people may be allergic to lemon juice. However, to check if you are one of them, you need to ensure that you conduct a patch test. Following all the steps mentioned above thoroughly can be one of the best ways to get rid of dull and dark skin.