Five jackets every Indian man should have in his wardrobe

Having a fully functional wardrobe that can match all seasons and occasions all over the year is every man’s dream. Our world is busy and full of parties, events, weddings, short trips with friends. To stand out in the crowd, you need a killer wardrobe that can always turn everyone’s eye two you.

You might think that to be that man in the parties or weddings or any other occasion, and we need to have a wardrobe that is filled with numerous stylish and branded high price range clothing. But in reality, it entirely depends on how you manage and customize your wardrobe intelligently and economically.

All men are more comfortable having a wardrobe that is full of a variety of shirts that are stylish and unique. While that is efficient for summertime yet, they fail to properly have an elegant look in winter because all their stylish shirts are under their jackets or hoodies or pullovers. So, the bright side of having a variety of stylish shirts has gone out of the window.  

Here comes the need to have five essential jackets in your wardrobe that can not only work in the betterment of your look for thousand times but also provides you with numerous mix and matching options that can go with almost every occasion. So, let’s dive in and find out those five essential jackets men should have to have a killer and sexy winter look.

Bomber jackets: 

American pilots who were called bombers used to wear a special kind of coat, which came to know as a bomber jacket. There are different types of bomber jackets based on the materials used, colors, and styling. An essential bomber jacket has a chain in the middle. But other kinds of bomber jackets have buttons in the middle.

Jackets with buttons in the middle are called varsity jackets. American college-goers or college athletes wear varsity jackets. If you are there for a sporty and youthful look. But if you want a classy and mature look, go for essential bomber jackets. That means the coats with chain in the middle.

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Now, if you are buying your first essential bomber jacket, go for the black essential bomber jacket as black is the color that you can wear with any type and color of clothes inside. Then you might opt for a brown bomber jacket. After you have tight black and brown bomber jackets, you may go for navy blue and olive-green bomber jackets. 

Cardigan jackets: 

Some men might find it a kind of feminine-looking coat and will not be pleased with this suggestion. But trust me, my friend, if you can match it up with good chinos and boots, it can give you the sexy and classy look that you can never dream of. Lift your sleeves, your elbow. Pair it with a brown watch, and voila, you would not even identify yourself as you.

Do not forget if you are opting for a cardigan, and there are some basic rules you should follow. Please stick to primary colors like black, grey, or navy blue. Some cardigans come with buttons and some without. It will not keep you much worm. But in indoor events like a wedding in a villa or parties in a club, it is the best choice you can ever have.

Another thing to remember about cardigan, hearing which you might blindly opt for a cardigan that it is insanely cheaper than another kind of jackets. 

Formal jackets: 

Suits fall under the category of the formal jacket. You might go for tailoring suit from a tailor, but remember it is insanely pricy to tailor a suit. If you can afford that price, then it is the best situation. You can make your suit from a tailor.

opt for a navy-blue suit if you are going to tailor an outfit for the first time. But do not worry. If you cannot afford a lawsuit to be made by a tailor, then you can go to suit shopping. It will be less costly, and there will be no compromise with quality.

These are the next era jacket. While a tailor-made suit can only be worn on formal occasions, you can wear this kind of outfit in any informal event. You can pair it with jeans or chinos. Just wear a white or black round neck t-shirt under it, and you will look both classy and insanely hot and sexy.

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Roll up blazers: 

These types of jackets are more or less like formal suits, but you can roll up its sleeves and can give you a fresh look. If you pair it with any solid colored V-neck t-shirt while going to any party, you will stand out from others in that party.

Leather jackets: 

While opting for a leather jacket, you always remember some rules while buying. The first rule is to test whether the jacket is real leather or not. So, you might ask how will you know if the jacket is genuine leather or not. Remember, while buying a leather jacket, try to hold a lighter close to the coat for about thirty seconds. If it does not get burn out, then it is real.

Another test is pressing. When you press any leather jacket, creases will be formed. ( But if you release the press, the jacket will reshape itself. These two are the tests of identifying original leather. If you do not have any leather jacket and trying to buy one, then you must opt for a plain black or brown coat. These two are the essential leather jackets that can go with any type or colored shirt or t-shirt that we can wear under it.

Also, try to look for fancy collars in leather jackets. The more the collar is elegant, the more personality it can bring to you. Again, if you do not want any attention, then you can go for essential leather jackets without fancy collars.

So, guys, why are you wasting so much time? Get up, grab your moneybag, and run for shopping. The winter season is here. Without spending any time, fill your wardrobe with these basic five types of jackets. Once you own these killer jackets, remember your winter wardrobe is prepared for every formal or informal occasion that you can have. You will stand out in the crowd as a classy and sexy one.