How to wear saree – step by step guide on the process

Unstitched, beautiful pieces of cloth that call out the panache and elegance of Indian traditions are what a saree is. The garment comes in long length and can be draped intricately around your body. These long cloth pieces come in different forms like silk saree, designer sarees, party wear saree, lehenga saree, Banarasi saree, and many more. But, the challenge is how to wear saree?

People who are accustomed to wearing saree can drape it at ease within a few minutes. However, that is not the case of a beginner or someone who hasn’t worn it much. For such people wearing a saree without losing its beauty and splendor without compromising its ethnicity is undoubtedly a challenge.

But, once you get things right, no other clothing can embrace your beauty and elegance more than a saree. That is indeed why most people prefer saree over different types of clothing.

In this article, the step by step procedure on how to wear saree is detailed. All the saree-lovers and those who wish to wear it correctly shall find this article a perfect reading piece. So, if ever you belong to that category of people or even if you admire saree, this is for you. Read on.

How to wear saree?

The step by step procedure that you can follow to drape a saree perfectly within a short time is in the following excerpts. Once you have followed these steps word by word, you can finally see yourself stunned at your image in the mirror, praising your beauty. You might now be eager to know how to wear saree. Read on.

Step 1: Get ready with your materials

The basic requirements you need to have by your side are listed below.

  • The saree
  • A matching Saree blouse
  • An inner skirt or a long petticoat
  • Safety pins
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Make sure that the above-listed items are within your reach. Once you start the procedure, you shall not move unnecessarily lest it can affect the drapes and kill the beauty at least to a small extent.

Step 2: The fundamentals of saree

Once you have made sure that all the necessary things are beside you, start the procedure confidently.

  1. Sport the saree blouse. You give a thorough check and ensure that it fits you well. Typically, it terminates beneath your bust.
  2. Now, wear a long petticoat or an inner skirt and then your blouse. Wear a Petticoat in case if the fabric of saree is transparent. In other cases, an inner dress would suffice. Note here that the color of saree and that of the innerwear should align well.
  3. Wear shoes with required heel height. Say no to boots or sandals. Say yes to high heel shoes, and it goes well with lengthy fabric.

Step 3: Begin with your saree.

  1. Take the plain end of saree, and on its top corner, make a knot. Now, tuck this knot into the petticoat’s left side.
  2. Take a full three-sixty degree turn oriented in the right to left direction. Make sure that the lower border of the saree terminates just a bit above the floor. Note that the saree exposes only your toes. A little more can cause a beginner to trip over. A little less than this length can lessen the elegance.
  3. Stuff the cloth into the innerwear around the waist.

Step 4: Pleat making

  1. You can see the excess clothing hanging out from the stuffed area. Grasp the saree tightly at one side. Use your pinky finger and thumb for this purpose.
  2. Now stretch the material to the extent that you can hold it between your middle and index finger. It will be approximately 4 inches in width.
  3. By winding the fabric starting from your thumb and ending at your index finger, make the pleats. Go for about 6 to 8 pleats. After you make the desired number of folds, secure it with the aid of a safety pin.
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Step 5: Start draping.

  1. You can now see an excess fabric. Hold that and take a full round in the right to left orientation.
  2. The term pallu refers to the embellishing end of the saree. Hold it and pleat the top margin of your pallu, as explained above.
  3. Please make the necessary adjustments to make it even. Lift the pleated end of the pallu. Take the pallu under the right arm. Set it on your left shoulder.
  4. Allow the saree end to rest underneath your knees.
  5. If you prefer the style in which the pallu falls gracefully over the arms, unfold the pallu pleats and drape it over your shoulder.
  6. Pin the pallu from the inside of your blouse using a safety pin. There are chances that you prick your fingers while pinning. So, you should do it either carefully or take the help of a friend.

How to wear a saree in a modern style?

Modern style saree has a large number of fans worldwide. There are various styles that you can try out to add a pinch of modernity to the elegance of your saree. So, how to wear a saree in a modern style? The different styles hare mentioned below.

Indo-western dhoti pant style

A modern trendy saree can pull off this style well. Put on a dhoti pant and over this drape your saree. Make neat pleats and stuff them tightly in the center of the pants.

Sport it on a crop top

Crop tops are becoming a new fashion statement. It is an excellent substitution for a saree blouse. You can drape the saree whichever way you want in this style.

Try out an inverted drape

If you have an hourglass figure, this style will look stunning on you. Drape it in mermaid style and tight it little below than usual at your waist.

Find a ghagra and layer over it

It resembles a lehenga saree with a little difference.


You have now read in detail on how to wear saree and how a pinch of modernity can give you a stylish, chic look. Follow each step carefully to pop out your eyes in the mirror, unable to believe how gorgeous you look. Pair it with matching Jhumkis/Earrings and Beautiful Bangles. Go for a hairstyle that compliments your look. And yes, you are the best at the party.