Looking After Your Black Hair

Black history month has been and gone, but that doesn’t mean you should stop celebrating your heritage, and the important figures that made their impact within history. Tolook after your Black Hair is essential. With that, black hair month is the perfect occasion to celebrate your culture and embrace your natural hair. What better way to celebrate it than giving your hair some much-needed TLC? Your natural hair deserves some love, so you should look after your Black Hair and embrace it. Once your hair is looking fleek from your amazing hair care routine, you will be ready to rock it and become playful with it.

Don’t feel ashamed, or ready to alter it – nothing is more stunning than someone willing to accept themselves with their natural hair and working it. With an on-point routine, you will feel confident and empowered to show off your locks!

Use Natural Products

Natural products, like on any hair type, will soothe and nourish your hair, but on your natural black hair, will also work wonders. Coconut oil or argan oil will emphasize your hair, it look after your Black Hair and helps keep that texture and shine. Coconut oil in particular soothes your hair when you have used heat-styling products, a little goes a long way – so to avoid an overall greasy look, apply a pea size to your hand and work it in gently. Moisturize the ends of your hair with these natural oils or with a moisturizing serum to prevent dryness and breakage. Your hair will look nourished in no time!

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Avoid Damaging Hairstyles

We love to experiment with our hair and try the latest trending hairstyles. Some are better for your hair than others, that’s why you should avoid using high-stress hairstyles on your natural hair. Tight braids look amazing, but they make your hair brittle and dry – do them too often, and it can cause breakage. There are so many other natural hair-friendly hairstyles you can do to express your style!

Sleep On A Satin Or Silk Pillowcase

Silk or satin pillowcases are softer on your hair and cause less frizz – we love a bit of texture, but the look you get when you sleep on a regular cotton pillowcase is beyond that! Cotton creates snags and rips in your hair, so investing in a smoother surface to sleep on will be worth the effort! If that is not an option, then tying your hair up with a satin or silk scarf before going to bed will keep your hair off the pillow and will prevent damage. (xanax)

Trim Your Hair

Trimming your hair regularly and to look after your Black Hair is the secret to healthy hair, and not one we always follow. Trimming it banishes those dreaded split ends and gives it a new lease of life – basically, your hair can breathe again. By doing this on a regular basis, you will see the changes in your hair’s texture and structure.

Lay Off The Heat Styling Tools

Your hair is a bit temperamental and reacts at the slightest thing – so overusing your much-loved heat styling tools is a no-go. The high temperatures damage and fry your hair. Protect your hair and embrace it – no one likes that frazzled, overused look. And if you just have to straighten your hair (sigh), then at least use a heat protectant spray to prepare and protect your hair!

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 Lay Off The Relaxers

Though it is tempting to apply relaxers to your hair for a more tame ‘fro, they actually weaken your hair, in fact they can be extremely damaging. Or if you need to, look for alternatives with lower amounts of chemicals and therefore lower pH values. Opt for a no-lye relaxer which will be gentle on the scalp and the pH value is much lower, preventing your hair from being damaged by the treatment.

Don’t Overwash And Overbrush It

One of the most important tips we can give you is to not over-wash your natural hair – you can go several days without washing it. Washing it too many times will strip your hair of its natural oils which will make it look malnourished. Over-brushing your hair can have a similar effect – brushing it can cause snagging and breakage.