All that you want to know about In line Water Filters

Inline filters sit on the water line directly or the appliance and the water passes via the filter before reaching the appliance or tap. Usually used in homes this filtration type is perfect for below-sink installations because of its tiny size. Inline filters can decrease common issues with water such as odor, chlorine taste, and microorganisms providing bottled water tasting water devoid of plastic misuse. The in line water filters are a great option if you want to use your filtered water for not only drinking purposes. It is also ideal for those who do not want to drill a hole in the sink or hire a plumber!

Benefits of inline filter systems

The shop online water filter come with several advantages, some of which are explained below:

  • Save Space

Inline water filters are an extremely efficient and judicious way to filter drinking water. As they are fitted beneath the counter, inline filters save space in the kitchen. Moreover, they improve the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen as they are kept behind the scenes. They are also in use continuously thus there is no need for vacant containers or take action to activate the filter. You can install the inline water filter horizontally. The system can be set-up down the side of the shelf, below the kitchen sink with a stabilizing bracket that helps hold up the end of the water filter cartridge, as it just gets a little heavy when it has water in it. Moreover, a horizontal position saves space below your sink. Of course, you can also set up the inline system vertically if you wish to.

  • Faster Flow

An inline water filter can be used for several other things owing to the fast flow rate. It fills pots and kettles faster. It is suitable if you want to prepare dishes with filtered water. It is also easy to wash your fruits and vegetables with it. You can fit it horizontally or vertically and you can choose any tap you like as it connects to your main kitchen mixer tap.

  • No wastage of water

There is a misconception that an inline system leads to water wastage. However, if you look at the figures, you will see that the inline cartridge eliminates fifty-six thousand liters of chlorine. The standard kitchen uses about 50 % of this quantity in a year. Thus, you have got a considerable amount of water to be used. When you do a wash-up, it is usually tempered with hot water – a blend of hot and cold water. And there are the cost saving benefits as well, it costs less than 1 cent a liter. Thus, you are not actually wasting water and it is not costing a lot for healthy filtered water on tap.

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The other benefit of the inline water filter is that it is fast and simple to install. It can be installed in a horizontal position and there is no need to drill holes and no need to call the plumber.

Types of in line water filters 

An inline water filter works by combining several filtering methods in a single unit, even though different filters vary in the methods they use. The simplest filtering method is a mechanical filter, which removes sediment, dirt, and other particles from the water physically. The filter can be as easy as a fine mesh that grasps large particles or as tiny as a ceramic filter that can trap microscopic particles. Carbon is efficient at soaking up chemicals such as chlorine, so several inline filters use it to confine particles and soak up toxins. The carbon can be in a coarse form or in a block.

Water-softening inline filters use a process of ion exchange that eliminates calcium from the water, so it cannot form scaly deposits within pipes and appliances. The system uses beads of salt that have to be recharged often. A reverse-osmosis filter eliminates dissolved contaminants in your water supply. The water is forced, under pressure, via a semi-permeable membrane that catches particulates, for instance, magnesium, calcium, and others.

As every water filtering method has its strong points, the most complicated inline water filters utilize a blend of methods to make extremely-purified water.

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Setting an Inline Water Filter

Setting up an inline water filter is a simple plumbing job that can be done by any plumber or able DIY fanatic. A new filter usually comes with installation instructions. For an inline filter to offer filtered drinking water at your sink, you need space beneath to house the unit, and it will need to be mounted so that you have access to alter filters periodically. You should check the width of the filter and its mounting before you buy it to ensure your under-sink area is adequately large.

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Replacing Filters

An inline water filter might have multiple filtration components, most of which have a particular replacement frequency. Fortunately, this is just a matter of ordering a new filter and changing it to the old one.

Locating an Inline Filter

You need to place various kinds of inline filters in different places. An under-sink model offers drinking water at your sink. A filter for a coffee machine or refrigerator is fitted amid the water supply and the appliance.

Some devoted inline water filters are meant for the appliance they guard. For instance, some water filters are meant to fit in the drinking water compartment of a refrigerator.

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Smaller Environmental Impact

Another great reason for installing a water filter is you can stop purchasing water in disposable plastic bottles, which is an environmentally-harmful and unsustainable way of consuming water. And besides these environmental reasons, the price of filtering your own water is much lower than purchasing water in single-use bottles every day.

Effectively filtered water from your home will be better than bottled water. Just take a reusable drinking water bottle with you to the gym, school, or work. Or you can also trust this bottled water branding company for the best bottled water.


As you can see from the long list of benefits, investing in in line water filters for your home and family would be a wise decision. It can be excellent for your health and can be beneficial for the environment as well.

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