Choose These Top 10 Best Hindi Story Books For Edutainment

Are you looking for a children’s story in Hindi? What do you mean by children’s stories? Today’s world is full of smart kids and developing individuals where knowledge of culture, history, morals, and the world is as essential as eating healthy foods. If you are looking for kid’s stories in Hindi, do this guide tutorial as helpful and informative. You can make your children love to get educated with entertaining stories full of entertainment and enjoyment. I will suggest a few books that you can buy to gift Hindi stories to your children. Let us start with this article.

Why Is An Edutainment Essential Through Hindi Story For Kids?

Every child is unique and has a different perspective of life that he or she has developed throughout their life. Most parents give their children exciting stories to read or speak for them. Though, it is essential to keep your kids busy with those entertaining stories. Otherwise, they are not easy to handle, and they can create any situation at any time. 

Therefore, it is always a better option for parents to have a full collection of entertaining stories for their children. However, if you can choose some best stories with lifelong learning of morals with deep understanding and culture, it will be a good idea. Is not that cool? Therefore, you must have a collection of stories that provides edutainment.

In the initial days of growing and learning new things, kids are curious about many things. They love to entertain themselves by listening to children’s stories in Hindi. But, parents can give more than it because they need it. So, stories are the best ways to educate your children while keeping them always entertained and engaged in the story.

What Is Edutainment Through Stories?

The word edutainment itself is an integration of two worlds, Educational & Entertainment. You can say that edutainment is the strategy used in communication to use the power of stories to educate, inform, influence, and teach individuals about social life and responsibilities, and the understanding of this world in a meaningful way. 

As a result, individuals develop themselves as a great member of society and have kindness towards everything with the in-depth knowledge of all the fields. So, there is no doubt you can buy books having edutainment as a key focused point to share knowledge with your children in an entertaining way.

What Makes The Best children’s story in Hindi:

To find out the big collection of hind stories for your kids is not that hard a task. But finding the best stories with educational content and the focused point is somewhat hard for many people. For them, we have prepared this guide tutorial. Any tale that ends with a better emotional experience, and has a moral with a deep understanding of facts, covers the traditions and traditional discussion, covers the culture of a country like India in simple words is the best story for your kids, if you want edutainment through storybooks. 

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Benefits Of Hindi Story Books For Kids:

  • If you have noticed, hind books of kids stories have many stories. Each book has stories to tell, and each tale passes a message to learn for kids.
  • Buying Hindi storybooks for children’s stories in Hindi means to buy a book that covers culture, nature, traditions, ethics, and emotional aspects of various topics.
  • Hind storybooks have used simple language to elaborate the story in a better way.
  • Today in India, many schools have replaced Hindi with foreign languages like Spanish or French. It is a drawback of international board affiliated schools. At this time, Hindi storybooks can compensate for this situation.
  • Hindi storybooks can keep your children in touch with the culture and nature of the country, India.
  • Various publishers recognize storybooks for a children’s story in Hindi. There are many edutaining and popular channels like Nat Geo and Discovery channel available in Hindi. So, hind stories for edutainment is not going to be replaced.

Top 10 Books For children’s story in Hindi:

Keeping all the above-discussed benefits in mind, I have listed ten children’s stories in Hindi. By collecting the books for these stories, you can take care of Indian history, moral lessons, ancient traditional Indian tales to educate your children by teaching ethics and moral values. However, all these stories have not been considered for high moral. It is possible because these stories can give the best reading experience and teaching them moral values and traditions. So, let us start with the list.

Mahabharata Tales:

Maple Press Publisher has published this Hindi storybook for kids 9+ years old. It is not a mythological story, but it is the way of life where all characters are better than any other stories on this list. It tells the struggle for power between cousins. This book teaches life lessons. It teaches about Lord Krishna, who taught about enlightenment. Similarly, it teaches about all types of characters.

Am I Small? Kya Me Chhoti Hu?

Author Philipp Winterberg and Nadja Wichmann have written this storybook for 5+ years, old kids. It is available in Hindi and English. Create Space Publisher has published it. Tania’s question – is she small? She wants steps out to get an answer and meet several animals.

Chacha Chaudhary Comics:

If your kids are 9+ years old, this book is best suited for their age group. This storybook was written in Hindi by Pran Kumar Sharma. This book tells about a man having a sharper mind than the computer. In this book, this man descended straight from Jupiter. They focused on adventures and problem-solving trip with their dog Rocket and Dag-Dag. It is a half machine and half human truck.

Tenali Raman:

Publisher Maple Press has published this storybook for kids 7+ years old. This Hindi book is written to feed the imagination of Indian kids. The character Tenali Raman is the witty, intelligent advisor, and a poet, in the court of King Krishna Deva Raya.

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Ghungrali Jalegi: 

For kids 3+ years old, this Hindi storybook is also available in English and many other Indian languages. The author is Bhakti Mathur, and Tulika Publishers have published this book. Illustrations of this book are eye-catching, and pictures arrest the interests of kids. The story says the king loves Jalebis, and he has dreams of Jalebis.

Baingani Jojo – Purple Jojo: 

This story is available in Hindi, English, and many other Indian languages. Sameera Zia Qureshi has written this book for kids 3+ years old, and Tulika Publishers have published this storybook. It is best suited for beginners. In this story, Jojo, the dog, wakes up with purple or baingani spots on his body. He starts finding the culprit. This story helps in learning to identify the colors.

The Kite Tree/Patang Ped:

Author Avanti Mehta has written this storybook for 7+ years, old kids. Tulika Books has published this book, and you can find this book in both Hindi and English. By reading this Hindi storybook, your kids learn about the changes one has to face in life. The Kite tree changes in all seasons. It raised thousands of questions having colorful answers. This storybook will surprise kids in their early stages of reading books. Select this book to let your kids learn about changes.

Nanhi Kahaniyaan:

It is a set of four stories in Hindi. Sorito Gupto has written this Hindi storybook for 4+ years old kids, and Asmi Booms has published it. This colorful storybook is for beginners. These books have stories with lovable characters. (There are three characters. Ant friends, hens, and dolphins).

Kuttan Aur Tut Te Taare:

For kids with 5+ years old, author Serene Kasim has written this story. You can find it in Hindi and English. Kuttan spots a straight, beautiful, and sparkling line in the sky. Discover the mystery of this sparkling light.

Akbar Birbal Ki Manoranjak Kahaniyaan:

For kids with 7+ years old, Gangaprasad Sharma retold these stories in Hindi. In these stories, king Akbar is in awe of the intelligence of Birbal. It is one of the best storybooks for kids if you want children’s stories in Hindi.

Know More About Story Books In Hindi:

In this list, most books are wonders for kids. For your kind information, Chacha Chaudhary Comics had released its first comic in 1971. It became an instant hit and famous. Mahabharata has inspired books, songs, and poems. Many people in India said these books compete against Spiderman, Famous Five, Asterix, and Archie’s.

Final Thoughts:

Have you understood clearly why do you have to choose Hindi storybooks for edutainment? In this article, I have summed up the top 10 best Hindi storybooks for your kids. They can take benefits of edutainment through these books. Therefore, if you found this article helpful in deciding the best children’s story in Hindi, let us know. Also, share your opinions of you think you should educate your kids with edutaining storybooks.