Ecobank Mobile App- An Easy And Secure Method To Pay

Are you one of those who finds it tough and unsafe to carry cash all the time? Do you need your money with our all-the-time internet banking stage without conveying actual money? Indeed! At that point, make it conceivable by downloading the refreshed Ecobank internet banking app to your phone. Ecobank mobile app permits you to convey all your cash with you on your mobile and use it whenever the bank covers it. This mobile banking app has brought more prominent solace for its clients, making their monetary exchanges basic and available. 

Presently, all Ecobank clients can appreciate internet banking regarding making installments, checking balances if there should arise an occurrence of expected income, or making sure about your cash from unapproved access and tricksters. Ecobank mobile app additionally fills in as a smaller than normal bank for all with full security and insurance so nobody can take your cash. At the same time, you can serenely utilize it at whatever point you need. 

Activate EcoBank Mobile App Without Going To The Bank 

Eco Bank is one of the main dish of African banks working in different African nations, and it is one of the business banks in Nigeria. Much the same as other business banks in Nigeria, Eco bank additionally has their own mobile banking app that empowers clients to complete many problem-free banking exchanges with their mobile gadget, without the need of continually going to banking corridors for exchanges. 

In the present post, we will be getting you through the best way to set up and initiate an Eco bank mobile app without going to the bank. Right away, as another or existing Eco bank clients who wish to begin utilizing Ecobank mobile app for their banking exchanges, here are simply the means needed to actuate it without going to the bank; 

  • With your telephone, head to the store related to your mobile stage to download/introduce the Eco bank mobile app.
  • After establishment, avoid the main advert page. 
  • On the following page, select nation, language, and information the number related to your Eco financial balance and acknowledge terms and tap on the enact button underneath. 
  • The following page on how you might want to enact, tap and select “Utilizing my check card detail.” 
  • On the container that will spring up, input your ATM card number (the 16 digits number on the front side of the card) and embed the card PIN in the space gave and acknowledged, and submitted 
  • At this point, the app will approve your subtleties and you will get an OTP, sent to your telephone number. 
  • Input the OTP on your mobile number in the space given. 
  • Next is the page to make a 6 Digit login PIN; at that point reemerge the PIN and affirm it. 
  • Finally, after PIN affirmation, you have registered your profile on the app. 
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Yahoo! You have set up an Eco bank mobile app that you can from this time forward dispatch on your gadget, log in with your number and PIN whenever, and complete your tranquil banking exchanges. 

Features of EcoBank Internet Banking App 

  • The most stunning element of this mobile banking app is that you can utilize anyplace to send or get cash in more than 33 different nations in Africa. 
  • It additionally permits you to cover your tabs at a flicker of an eye. The bill installments, however, additionally empowers you to purchase broadcast appointments and mobile information bundles. 
  • If you lost or lost your charge card, you can likewise utilize this web-based banking app to impede or confine the use of your card. 
  • The app makes your life simpler by taking out the requirement for visiting the banks when you need another booklet on check demand. 
  • It permits you to keep track of each exchange, check your reserve funds, and store chronicles on your telephone screen. It additionally permits you to produce your record synopsis whenever or save it as pdf or take its print. 
  • When you download the Ecobank internet banking app-office, you can get each update about your record exchanges and alarms. 
  • At whatever point you visit another area or on an excursion outing to another spot, this app will help you find the closest conceivable ATM and applicable bank office in no time. 
  • Shopping on the web is presently simpler than you might suspect; the app allows you to purchase from chosen shippers money free by checking codes in store, and with the app connected to your Visa or MasterCard, you can, without much of a stretch, make an installment. 

Method to Download EcoBank Internet Banking App for Android and iPhone 

The manner in which you download an ordinary app from your app store is so natural to get the Ecobank app introduced to your gadget and follow these basic advances examined beneath. 

  • Open the play store on your Android telephone or App store on iPhone, and search the Ecobank Mobile App
  • From the query items, click on the blue-hued symbol app of EcoBank and snap-on download. 
  • At the point when the download and installation is done, dispatch it and let it load into your mobile telephone. 
  • The principle page will appear before you where you should enlist as another or first-time client. Make a point to enter your right subtleties and set a solid secret phrase that nobody can figure or identify. 
  • Complete the verification cycle and sign in to your EcoBank mobile banking app by utilizing your enrolled ID and secret key. 
  • The Main Page of this mobile banking app will appear before you, indicating your present record equilibrium and the fundamental heads’ entirety. There, you can undoubtedly explore to perform different errands and to log out from your record
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Register Ecobank Nigeria USSD Code 

Have you found out about the Ecobank USSD code and don’t have the foggiest idea of how to enroll? You have gone to the correct spot because, in this guide, we have subtleties on the most proficient method to enroll Ecobank Nigeria USSD code without a problem. The Ecobank transfer code is mobile banking, where you can get to your Ecobank account without visiting your bank. Subsequent to enlisting, you will send cash, take care of tabs, and top-up broadcast appointments from your financial balance. It is the simplest and most helpful strategy to do your bank exchanges. 

Why register for USSD?

The best part about USSD banking is that you don’t need to be internet-associated. Despite the fact that you live in a distant zone where there is no internet association, you can, in any case, utilize transfer code banking. The Ecobank is facilitating its banking framework, and you don’t need to travel and afterwards stand long bank lines to do essential bank exchanges any longer. Notwithstanding, to get to the help, you should enrol yourself, and here is all you require to realize how to enlist Ecobank Nigeria USSD code. 

What are the things required to register for the Ecobank transfer code?

To enlist for the Ecobank Nigeria transfer code, you ought to guarantee you have the accompanying

  • Mobile telephone for the enlistment 
  • Account with Ecobank 
  • Registered number with Ecobank bank and connected to your record 
  • Debit card 

Those are the principal necessities to enroll for the Ecobank Nigeria USSD code for your mobile exchanges. 

How long does it take to register a transfer code?

It takes around 20 minutes to enlist for the Ecobank transfer code if you have all the prerequisites. Be that as it may, if you visit the bank for enlistment, time will differ if there is a line at the bank or not. Notwithstanding, Ecobank client care will take not over 30 minutes to enlist for USSD banking. 

What should you do if you are not able to register for the USSD code?

Assume you can’t enlist for Ecobank USSD banking, the ideal approach to visit the closest Ecobank for help. On each Ecobank, there is a client care work area to offer help. You can likewise attempt to contact the Ecobank Nigeria client care focus. 


The Ecobank mobile app permits you to make the most of our banking administrations in a few seconds and advantageously on your mobile gadget. The app furnishes you with a simple channel to deal with your record and perform monetary exchanges in the most secure and simplest way. The app gives you admittance to moderate banking administrations anyway anytime. The app additionally gives you admittance to the Ecobank Xpress Account. It is one unified application for all the 33 where Ecobank Operates. At whatever point, any place gets the Ecobank mobile android application and makes regular banking as simple as it might be.