Know-How eBooks Benefits Your Kids And How To Get Free Children’s Books Online

To make your child a great reader, you need a great book to have. Yes, and there is no doubt a child is capable of becoming a vivacious reader. Therefore, keeping multiple books on the table or study table is essential. However, it is quite hard to have as many books as he/she can read. Isn’t that the case? Yes, and for that, I have come up with a useful list of the best and easiest ways to get Free Children’s Books Online. You can allow your kids to access these PDF formatted eBooks to keep their reading skills sharpened and see them acquiring knowledge.

What Makes eBooks Great?

There is a lot to understand and consider while getting eBooks online. Children can find many eBooks that are engaging and educating. Sometimes they don’t feel confident with printed books because of too many words per page. But with eBooks, they can change the font size by zooming in and out. To access PDFs is so easy that it becomes fun for children to download and read. The reading becomes convenient according to the devices they use. It looks quite attractive and cool to have eBooks downloaded.

Therefore, after understanding the overview of PDFs and their easiness, I have listed below the list of 10 easy ways to get free children’s books online. You can go through them and let your children access the source of knowledge. So let us begin with it.

Benefits Of eBooks For Children

  • The study of the National Literacy Trust has found that eBooks have a positive impact on children’s reading attitude, behavior, and attainment. It showed positive results across the board. EBooks benefit children the following way.
  • The ability of kids to read improves. It showed results for boys.
  • It also benefits girls in their reading abilities.
  • It also helps students in solving their reading difficulties. It is because the reading of eBooks is cool.
  • EBooks encourage readers a newfound passion for written words. Most readers find it enjoyable to read through technology. It means if you give your children access to PDFs and eBooks, then you can see them becoming reluctant readers. 

Top 10 Ways To Get Free Children’s Books On The Internet:

Before you pick up books, make sure you have chosen the legal source of books and eBooks. New and modern authors have written some books, and you have to read the reviews about those books.

  • Amazon Free Kids EBooks:

Do you know you can access free eBooks for children from Amazon? Yes! You don’t have to pay for children’s books from Amazon. It has more than 3,000 free eBooks on the server specially kept for children.  You have to click on FREE E-BOOKS and download any.

  • International Children’s Digital Library:

ICDL is known as a non-profit organization that is missioned to (Promote Tolerance And A Respect For Diverse Cultures By Providing Access To The Best Of Children’s Literature From Around The World). As per our recommendation, it is one of the best choices. Your children can get more than 4,000 titles from various authors all over the world. These books are in more than 50 languages.

  • Barnes & Noble Free Book EBooks:

You can get numerous Barnes & Noble eBooks for free if you have Nook. As soon as you visit the official website, you can navigate down to find the best-suited books by the age range, user ratings, subjects, and more.

  • Tumble Book Library:

It is another source of free children’s books online. You must check if your local libraries have subscribed to it or not. It targets kids and teens. It allows you to read free books online, and you can access enrichment materials. It helps students with a variety of curriculum-based exercises. You can find this service one of the best options for Special Education and ESL teachers/students.

  • Cloud Library:

None of the libraries is using this beneficial product. It is similar to overdrive. You have to verify your library card number to get access to this app on your devices. It allows you to read and understand the titles online. You can also download them on your devices.

  • Oxford Owl:

Oxford University Press created an award-winning website, Oxford Owl, to help children learning at both home and school. You can register for free and gain access to many of Oxford’s eBooks at no cost.

  • Goodreads:

Is it your favorite site to track TBR that provides access to free children’s books on the internet? Yes. It is an ebook shelf from where you can download your desired eBooks. Many titles can expand your child’s brain and give the required knowledge.

  • Overdrive/Libby: 

From here, you can access free eBooks and audiobooks. There are many libraries and schools having subscriptions to overdrive. If you purchase this service, you can log in with the Libby app or Sora app through a computer or portable device. It asks a few quick questions and allows you to access the knowledge.

  • Storyline Online:

It is the website for children’s literacy that is run by SAG-AFTRA Foundation. This website frequently streams featuring celebrated actors reading include Viola Davis, Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Annette Bening, Lily Tomlin, and Betty White. Each of its eBooks has a specific and supplemental curriculum developed by the credentialed elementary educator. It aims to strengthen the verbal and comprehension skills of English language learners.

  • Open Library:

Open Library updates its collection of links for free books online as it is a part of non-profit internet archives. It has lots of free children’s books online. It includes approximately 20,000 free titles for children with new titles and classics.

Other Ways To Find Children’s Books Online:

Do you think you are still unable to find free children’s books online? Here in this section, I will guide you through some more ways that you can use to download children’s books from the internet. These are some of the websites that can help you. 

  • Teaching History
  • Story Jumper
  • The Rosetta Project
  • Epic
  • MagicBlox

You can also try to subscribe to services like Kindle Ultimate or Scribd as a monthly paid subscription to purchase new books.

Things To Consider Before Giving Access Of eBooks To Your Child:

Each type of reading is good reading.

EBooks Replace Printed Books:

If you think your child does not touch paper books, you can happily hand them access to eBooks. However, you must teach them to balance their reading between eBooks and printed books.

Can eBooks replace printed books?

You have to encourage them to read different formats. You have to motivate them to read printed books, eBooks, listen to audiobooks, comics, magazines, and newspapers. However, you can also give them a choice of their desired materials.

Also, teach them that paper books have some advantages over eBooks. Some studies showed that students reading paper books have higher levels of reading enjoyment.

At What Age Should You Allow Children For EBooks?

Do not forget that PDFs and eBooks have limited the range of published content for children and young people. However, the industry is expanding day-by-day. But some researches proved that allowing children for eBooks and PDFs after 16 is the best way. ( Some people choose to handover eBooks to children under the age of seven, but it is not a wise choice. But some storybooks and gamebooks can be given as eBooks to children at this age.

Screen Time Issues:

If you can not limit the amount of time your child spends on the screen while reading and learning from eBooks or PDFs, it will be undesirable. AAP, American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended a strict timing to allow your child to spend on screen. Two to three hours every day reading eBooks and PDFs is ok. After this time, if your child craves reading, you as a parent must find alternative ways to allow them to read their favorite content.

Screentime At Night:

There are some issues with screens that children use at night. It affects their sleep and eyes. Devices with blue lights like smartphones, laptops, and tablets affect the eyes. Therefore, parents must strictly regulate the use of screens at night to keep their child safe against eye damage and sleep fluctuations.

Final Thoughts:

Have you decided to allow your kids to get their hands on eBooks? In this article, I have concluded with the best and easiest ways to get free children’s books online, and I recommend wisely choosing how to implement the screen time. You must regulate the usage of screens. Otherwise, children will never understand the importance of printed books. Also, too much reading from the screen will damage the eyes and sleeping cycle. Therefore, before allowing your child access to eBooks, you must ensure you have kept the reading time within limits (two to three hours per day). Do not forget to share your reviews and opinions about eBooks and PDFs for children. How do you allow them to access them?

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