Know What You Should Have Known Before Perming Your Hair!

Do you want to know how to find perms near me? Please wait. Before finding perms near you, you must have an overall idea about perming your hair. You may have straight hair and want a bunch of curly hairstyles permanently. Or you may want to have other hairstyles and maybe looking for perms to perm your hair. Please wait a minute. I would like you to know the basics of perming and a few things about perming, and ask a few questions to yourself before deciding to perm your hair. You have to consider the following things before getting your hair permed. So, let’s get started without wasting your time!

Overview Of Perming:

Have you heard of modern perms instead of going to 80s perms? We have observed that people can perm their hair effortlessly. However, perms can only work when done by applying chemicals to hair texture for both curls and waves. You may have done traditional hairstyles by wrapping your hair in a rod and putting hair lotion to set curls. Once the hair lotion settles, the stylist rinses it out and dry your hair.

Nowadays, there are new formulas and techniques available to perm your hair. Hairstylists may use something else instead of those rods to curl your locks. It helps to catch the perfect waves. It may also be known as celebrity perming or modern-day perms. However, what you can expect depends on your appointment with the perms.

Things You Must Know About Perming:

If you want to know what you should do after finding perms near me, you must consider a few things that can help you increase your knowledge about perming and its effects. So, go through these points and remember them before visiting perms.

Does Modern Perm Differ From Traditional?

To understand this, you must have known that traditional stylists used plastic perm rods to curls their client’s hair. But you can see some stylists now use fabric instead of using traditional rods. Some others also can prefer rollers or finger waves to curl hair. These are some new techniques that help to create new curls. Thus, women can enhance their natural texture of hair. 

Does Perm Last Long?

Don’t forget that you will have to spend at least two and a half hours at the salon when you want to perm your hair. Once the process is done, the results of perms depend on your hair. Some experts say that results/curl last depends on your hair length. If you cut your hair, I will go, and some people with long hair can have waves at the end of their hair. It may last for six to eight months after getting permed. 

Will Perming Damage Your Hair?

It is a preconception that perming your hair will end up in over-processed, damaged, ridden, and stressed hair. However, experts say it will not result like that if you do it correctly. However, if you do perm on your own, it may surely damage your hair. If you let professionals do it, there is no chance to damage your hair. 

Do not think that all perms are the same, and everyone can perm their hair. People with highlights or highlighted hair can quickly perm their hair. (Xanax) If you perm for color-treated hair on a virgin hair, that may not work. But some perms are now available and are structured to do both.

How To Care And Style Your Hair?

If you have newly permed hair, the best way to style is to air-dry your hair. After that, use a diffuser, and it will enhance your waves. You can also do heat styling using the best flat iron for natural hair, but be careful. While using a flat iron, don’t forget to keep the heat around 300°F to avoid damages. If you hear your hair up to 450°F, all of its hydration will go, and hair will become dry. 

Use Of Tricks To Look Good:

You can also use some tricks to make your perm look better for longer. When your hair is curly, you must use those products specially designed for curly and wavy hair. Do not use other products on your hair.

Things You Should Consider Before Perming Your Hair:

While looking for perms near me, there are some things that you should consider. Otherwise, there are no good results you can see of your efforts. The following points are a must to know before visiting perms near you. 

It Works Only When Your Hair Is In Good Condition:

If you think your hair has been too damaged, then perming your hair is not a better choice. To see better results of perming, you must have good condition hair. Otherwise, curly would not look pretty. If you have treated your hair, colored, or extremely-dried, there is no chance to perm them. 

There Is No Chance For Short Or Layered Hair:

If your hair is short or layered, a perm is not best suited for you. Dry hair and short layered hair can not make you a better candidate for a perm because perming your hair dries it even more. Also, perming short or layered hair might look like a poodle. So, your hair has to be in an appropriate length for the treatment. 

Skip Chemical Treatments (Before & After):

Once you have permed your hair, you can not color your hair for at least 30 days. If you color your hair during this period, you invite damages to your hair. It will weaken hair, and it is advisable not to color hair before or after a perm. 

Modify Your Haircare Routine:

If you think you can continue your hair care routine after getting them permed, then you probably spoil them. You have to change to those products that help to maintain curls, like hairsprays, specific shampoos, conditioners, and any other product. You can research it on the internet.

Perming Your Hair Is A Commitment:

If you think you can quickly fix permed hair, you are wrong. It is not that easy and negligible. You have to commit to taking care well and then decide to treat your hair. You have to consider all pros and cons regarding perming to avoid damages to your hairstyles.

It May Weakens Your Hair:

You can not ignore that perming and coloring your hair weaken your hair, and they are no longer natural hair. If it doesn’t stop you from perming your hair, you can go for it if you think you can maintain it. 

Discuss With The Stylist First:

No matter how much you do research and read about perming your hair, if you are looking for perms near me, you should consult them and discuss with them your hair condition and whether you should perm or not. 

Top 10 Questions To Ask Before Perming Your Hair:

You can find several options to perm your hair, which does not even need a whole day to spend in a salon. Unlike people did in the past. But that is another story, and you have to ask yourself some questions before perming your hair. 

  1. Will you consider perm salon, or you do it on your own? It is easy to manage at home perms and saves your significant amount of money. But for the safety of the hair ad new techniques, you need a perm salon. 
  2. Does your hair have candidature? No matter how advanced is your perming technique, you have to know if your hair has good health to bear the perming process. 
  3. Should you perm your long hair? If you have long and thick hair, it is hard to perm them. There are even requirements to apply rods and chemicals to have to get better outputs.
  4. Does the stylist know everything he should? Before letting him perm, first confirm that he has the appropriate knowledge, expertise, and he knows about how to perm and when to perm.
  5. Is it a commitment? Yes, it is a two to six months commitment. You may research the options available and take time to decide if you should perm your hair or not, and do not make any decisions hurriedly. 
  6. Are your hairs difficult to perm? If you don’t know about this, let your stylist decide it, and don’t make hurry to perm your hair. Know if they are difficult to perm or not.
  7. How to set-up perm with salon? Do not let salons directly perm your hair before interacting and talking about your hair, expectations, their cost, expertise, and the possibility of damage.
  8. Do you have any other options rather than to perm your hair? If you know about damages and are worried, do you have any other options?
  9. What to consider at home? You must have a perm buddy at your place to perm your hair at home. You should trust him/her, and he/she shouldn’t hurt your hair and know everything about it. 
  10. Does perming always work? It may not work every time. Because hormonal factors, birth control pills, and pregnancy can affect the health conditions of your hair. And perming can worsen the situation.

Final Thoughts:

If you are still looking for perms near me and have not done perming, you must consider all the crucial points, which I have mentioned above. Do proper research, understand the process of perming, know your hair condition, and then only take the final decision.

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