Know To Prepare Time Table Like High School Time Table 2020

Do you want to know how to prepare a High School Time table 2020? Some people argue that preparing a high school timetable is a time-consuming and very long procedure, while others think it is easy and anyone can create and manage the school timetable. Today, in this article, I will guide you through the detailed and quickest procedure of preparing a high school timetable. By reading this whole article, you will get thorough information and points that you can consider while making a high school timetable. So let us begin with this tutorial. 

What Is High School Time table 2020?

In general, the timetable is a schedule. And is a list of specific events and shows when those events are about to happen. In other words, the routine is a plan showing a list of activities and their time of happening. In short, the first and the most important thing to prepare a schedule is time itself. Thus, a high school timetable is used to manage school-related activities and useful to teachers, rooms, students, and other resources. It is a cycle that will repeat every week in the school. 

What Is The Importance Of A High School Time Table?

There is no question about the importance and usefulness of the high school time table 2020. There are some reasons which show its importance to schools, students, and teachers.

  • A high school timetable develops a critical routine for students and staff. Teachers can create schedules for students, and administrators can decide when and where students are going for specific classes and subjects. 
  • It informs and guides students about the time of classes and periods. They can understand the duration of all slots and periods. If there is no school timetable, they can not prepare well.
  • A high school timetable helps to define period lengths, and it will guide students and teachers about the exact time of a specific subject. Administration can distribute enough resources to most curriculum parts. Thus, a school timetable helps to design a curriculum.
  • A well-planed high school timetable reduces confusion for students and teachers. Teachers can plan and maintain their routines and feel comfortable while teaching students

Basic Types Of Time Table:

After understanding the importance of a high school timetable, it is advisable and better to know about different kinds of routines. Here are the types of Time Tables. 

 Class Wise School Time Table:

In this kind of timetable, you can understand the specific time of each class. It tells that which teacher will teach certain subjects. 

  • Games School Time Table:

This school timetable teaches about all games that all classes have at some specific times. Students can also select their favorite games and activities through this timetable. 

  • Teacher Wise School Time Table:

This timetable is quite useful for teachers. It guides about where a teacher goes to teach particular subjects. All teachers of the school must have a copy of the concerned timetable. 

  • Consolidated School Time Table:

In this timetable, all classes are integrated. The principal office of the school and staff room of the school maintain one copy of this timetable.

  • Teachers Free Period School Time Table:

The principal office has a copy of this school timetable. The principal can use this timetable to arrange for substitution if any teacher is absent or not taking classes. 

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How To Create A High School Time Table?

If you run any school or a teacher, you may need to design a well-planned and structured timetable for your school. Here are things to consider before you start preparing a high school timetable. High school time table 2020 took all these to get prepared.

Preparation Of List:

In this list, you have to add information about what things are necessary for day-to-day. There is no need to worry about a type of organization while preparing a full list.

Write Down Tasks:

At this point, you have to list all the tasks that one has to perform. There is no need to worry about how big or small your works are. You require to add them all. 

Analyze Your List:

Once you have successfully added the tasks to your list, it is advisable to check, recheck, and cross-check the allotment you have written down. You have to check their necessity and importance. There will be some corrections that you can perform. 

Use Microsoft Excel Or A Similar App:

High school timetable 2020 was created by Microsoft Excel. You can create a column of time on the left side. Also, make the row of days/week at the top.

Matching Up Tasks And Time:

You can start to match tasks and their times. You can allocate more time to difficult tasks and less time for even easier tasks. 

Flexibility Is A Must:

You have to be flexible while preparing a high school timetable. There may be some changes required, and there is no guarantee for any task that it will be fixed there in your Time Table. At last, you have to print the timetable that you prepare through any software. 

Here Is A Full Process To Prepare A High School Time Table:

We have already given you a basic plot of the high school timetable in the previous section. Now it is time to provide a guide section on preparing time table. Considering a high school timetable consists of three components teachers, classes, and classrooms. It requires to keep in your mind that different teachers teach different subjects. It means the Time Table you prepare should be formal and easy to understand for teachers and students.

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There are some crucial steps involved in preparing a high school timetable. If you miss any of these steps, you compromise with the quality of the Time Table.

First Step:

List Out All Number Of Classrooms And Laboratories:- List out all classrooms, workshops, outdoor areas, teaching areas, laboratories, Gymnasiums, libraries, school gardens, and school halls. 

Second Step:

Note down all limiting factors, like teaching space is only for teaching in classes, not for academic work, examination, or any other type of lessons and learnings.

Third Step:

You have to list all teaching subjects and keep them as core subjects or optimal subjects. Students have to study core subjects. They can opt-out of the optional subjects. 

Fourth Step:

You have to keep in mind that time-allotments decided by the higher authorities should be given priority. In short, the most useful and usual method of classes is teaching for 40 minutes per subject. There are eight periods a day and 40 periods per week. 

Fifth Step:

You have to list the teachers as their names and subjects. It includes the classes they cover, their teaching load per day and week, and maintaining the surplus if teachers are absent. 

Sixth Step:

Collect and maintain the data on students’ references in optional subjects. After that, you have to modify them again, like step five. 

Seventh Step:

Once you have collected all required information to prepare a timetable, start preparing a high school timetable like high school time table 2020. It is advisable to keep teachers’ names short for each subject.

Eighth Step:

Now. If you have finished the creation process of time table, you have to verify all details. Also, verify routine, teacher names, and distribution of periods.

Principles You Should Keep In Mind While Preparing A High School Time Table:

While preparing a high school timetable like high school time table 2020, you need to consider the following principles.


A well-planned and structured timetable focuses on giving responsibilities to teachers teaching various subjects. But you have to keep the teacher’s qualifications a center point while allocating the department. Teachers should have time to rest and suitable for the allocated-subjects. You can only give two departments to each teacher. All teachers should have this justice. 

Type Of A School:

A person should know the type of school (single-gender school or co-educational) while preparing a timetable. You also need to know if the school is in an urban or rural area. These types of considerations have a core impact on preparing time table. 

Difficulties & Importance Of Subjects:

If you allocate time to a specific subject, it should meet the level of difficulties. It also should be according to the importance of that subject. 

Regulation Of The Department:

The duration to teach each subject in one school year is decided by the department of education. Your timetable should follow it.

Final Thoughts:

Did you understand how to prepare a high school timetable? If you want to create your school’s unique Time Table that follows all standards, like high school time table 2020, you can follow all these steps we have plotted above. You can share your opinions about the difficulties and complexities of the high school timetable. If you think preparing a meaningful school timetable is a complex process and maintaining it is an even tough task, these easy steps will surely help you.